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Catch Up: TwitchCon 2018 Developer Day Keynote

The second annual TwitchCon Developer Day brought together thousands of developers to share and discover ways to build tools, engage audiences, and grow businesses on Twitch. Over 600 developers gathered at the event in San Jose, with another 24,000 concurrent viewers from the Twitch community spectating from around the globe at the height of the broadcast.

If you missed the keynote, or would like to relive the action, you can watch the video on-demand now. Look back at how developers have been able to build, grow, and monetize through Twitch over the last year, and get a sneak peak into some big announcements of what’s still to come:

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Ellie Lawson

Ellie Lawson

Ellie Lawson a Sr. Marketing Manager at AWS, responsible for engagement and storytelling with AWS leading cloud innovators. She comes from a background in industry marketing, with a special focus in games and media & entertainment technology.