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AWS has everything you need to build faster, run smarter, and grow your games—find out why 90% of the world’s biggest public game companies are using AWS.

Game studios using AWS Game Tech
Epic Games
Gearbox Software
Sony Playstation
Untold Studios

Build your game in the cloud

Reduce downtime and save costs
Reduce downtime and save costs

Improve gameplay and minimize latency with backend infrastructure that’s closer to your players. Decrease operational costs during low-demand periods using serverless architectures and servers with automatic scaling. With AWS’s infrastructure, studios can pay only for the resources they use instead of investing in servers upfront.

Increase productivity and efficiency
Increase productivity and efficiency

Deploy new game features faster, expand capacity to meet player demand, and reduce fraud and cheating. Reduce the amount of building and testing needed to launch your game using automation and managed services that are designed for game workloads. With over 1 million active customers across 190 countries, 24 regions, 77 Availability Zones, studios can have new IT resources available in just a few clicks, increasing agility.

Extend player lifetime value (LTV)
Extend player lifetime value (LTV)

Extend the life of your game and keep innovating with services that help you understand your players and keep them engaged longer. With 175+ services supporting virtually any cloud workload, developers can de-provision servers as needed enabling them to experiment often and fail fast if a game idea doesn’t work.

Enable innovation with a trusted partner
Enable innovation with a trusted partner

Build highly available multiplayer games with global reach, automatic scaling, and intelligent matchmaking. We provide the core staples of technology infrastructure, so studios can focus on developing the engagement with players rather than on infrastructure.

Solutions to help you get started

Backend services that help you to build, store, and scale cross-platform backends with ease.
Developer tools that help you run and measure immersive games that keep your players playing.
Technology that helps you grow your player base and and monetize your games.
Game Production in the Cloud
Create flexible, remote studios.
Game Servers & Networking
Deploy global, secure game servers.
AI & Machine Learning
Analyze data from any source, get faster insights, and make smarter games.
Game Analytics & Big Data
Store, manage, and understand game and player data.

New to AWS Game Tech?

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Learn how game studios are using AWS Game Tech

Epic Games logo

Epic Games is the interactive entertainment company and 3D engine technology provider behind Fortnite, one of the world’s largest games with over 350 million players. Learn how Epic Games is leveraging AWS services such as Amazon EC2 to scale capacity just-in-time and support remote creators.

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Seven Fortnite characters standing in a row in front of a blue background
Still from WB Games video

WB Games uses AWS to capture, ingest, analyze, and action insights to help developers become more agile with their storytelling. 

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Sony Interactive Entertainment racing game

Sony Interactive Entertainment is modernizing its existing infrastructure to remotely render visual images and effects using AWS.

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Gearbox Software
Gearbox Software -  Borderlands 3 image

Gearbox Software was able to handle its largest worldwide launch of millions of concurrent players using AWS. 

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Rovio - Angry Birds Dreamblast

Rovio uses machine learning on AWS to predict and deliver the perfect level of fun for players.

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CAPCOM builds fun games fast with containers, data, and ML.

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Gameloft - LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed

Gameloft built and launched LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed all on the AWS Cloud.

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Scalable Data for Games on AWS

Picking the right data storage solution for your game can be daunting. This guide details how different types of databases can be used for games and how AWS can help you get started.

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Scaling Global Game Servers on AWS

Scaling your game servers to meet the demands of your player base takes strategic architecture and a strong global network. This guide can help you architect more dynamically scalable game servers on AWS.

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Why AWS Cloud for Games?

Learn how to deploy AWS Global Accelerator in front of your game servers to accelerate your player traffic on the Amazon global network.

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Use the Cloud to Scale Your Game Development

Learn which game services need a persistent connection and which can use REST APIs.

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