AWS Databases for Games

Whether it’s leaderboards, virtual goods, or even cheat detection, players generate a ton of data that needs to be processed, stored, and accessed in real-time.

Purpose-built and battle-tested

Built for games

Choose from AWS's portfolio of 15 purpose-built databases that support diverse data models and allows you to build use case driven, highly scalable, distributed games.

Available and secure

Built for mission-critical game workloads, AWS Databases offer high availability, reliability, and multiple levels of security including encryption at rest and in-transit.

Performance at scale

Start small and scale as your game grows. Purpose-built databases are optimized for the data model you need, enabling your game to scale and perform better at 1/10 the cost versus commercial databases.

Fully managed

Focus on building your game while AWS continuously monitors your clusters to keep workloads up and running with self-healing storage and automated scaling.

Featured use cases for AWS Databases

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  • Build a turn-based game

    Build a turn-based game

    Create a two-player, turn-based game with push notifications.

    How to build a turn-based game with Amazon DynamoDB and Amazon SNS

    To build a turn-based game, you need to save the state of an existing game and notify players at various points in a game. You notify them when a player invites them to a new game, when it is their turn to play, and when a winner has been decided. You can use Amazon DynamoDB and Amazon SNS to handle these needs for a turn-based game. Amazon DynamoDB is used to store the state of an existing game so that it persists between turns. Amazon SNS is used to notify players at key points in the game.

    Services used to build a turn-based game

    Service Purpose
    Purpose in inventory system for games
    Learn more about this service
    Amazon DynamoDB
    Fully-managed, NoSQL database that provides lightning-fast performance at any scale
    Store game state that persists between turns.


    Amazon DynamoDB webpage

    Amazon SNS
    High-volume messaging service that allows for pub/sub functionality as well as messaging directly to SMS, email, or mobile applications
    Notify players when it's their turn to play.


    Amazon SNS webpage

    AWS Cloud9 Cloud-based integrated development environment (IDE) that lets you write, run, and debug your code with just a browser Provision development environment so you don't have to install files or configure your laptop


    AWS Cloud9 webpage

    Amazon Cognito Identity management for your applications Authenticate a player's identification.


    Amazon Cognito webpage

    AWS Lambda Run code without thinking about servers
    Updates client when there are changes in user data.


    AWS Lambda webpage

    Amazon API Gateway Build, deploy, and manage APIs
    Uses websockets for updates to a player's inventory.


    Amazon API Gateway webpage

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