Game Live Operations

Infrastructure to operate a live game that keeps players engaged and growing.

Keep players engaged

Build with a managed backend
Integrate with a fully managed backend service built on AWS that makes it easy to build, optimize, and scale game backend features, reducing time to market. When your game hits it big, AWS can scale to meet the volume and velocity of the data generated—all while paying only for what you need.
Understand your players
Understand, grow, and retain players by making better design decisions with LiveOps and Game Analytics solutions. Track player and game data and optimize marketing campaigns based on data-driven analysis to maximize cost and success.
Extend player lifetime value (LTV)
Extend the life of your game and keep innovating with content that keeps players engaged and growing. Experiment often and learn fast if a game idea doesn’t work, and keep players coming back for more with continuous updates and fresh content.

Custom-Built LiveOps solutions for games

Explore solutions by use case

Game Backend as a Service

Production teams can configure and deploy game service backends to reduce development time while ensuring they can scale with changes in player traffic.

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AWS services

AWS provides the broadest selection of analytics services that fit all your data analytics needs and enables organizations of all sizes and industries to reinvent their business with data. From data movement, data storage, data lakes, big data analytics, log analytics, streaming analytics, and machine learning (ML) to anything in between, AWS offers purpose-built services that provide the best price-performance, scalability, and lowest cost.

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SageMaker Canvas provides a visual point-and-click low/no-code tool your analytics team can use to generate player behaviour insights, LTV and Churn predictors with ML.

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Analyze millions of images and videos within minutes to keep your community safe and reduce the volume of user generated content your team needs to manually review.

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Customer stories

See what some of our game development friends and customers have to say about AWS Game Analytics solutions. 


SundayToz Increases Game Scalability and Stability by Migrating to AWS

By migrating to AWS, SundayToz was able to optimize costs while still achieving scalability and stability. SundayToz can now focus on maximizing the user experience by posting a regular server maintenance notice in the game rather than stopping the service.

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SundayToz scales its game portfolio and migrates from on-premise to AWS

Innovate with key industry partners

Discover purpose-built AWS for Games solutions and services from an extensive network of industry-leading AWS Partners who have demonstrated technical expertise and customer success in building solutions on AWS.


AccelByte provides extensible, customizable, and scalable solutions that help you get started quickly. We’re there for you every step of the way.

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AcceleratXR is the easiest and fastest solution to build the next generation of online and multi-player experiences at massive scale.

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Easy-to-adopt platform works directly inside the Unity editor. Scale fast and easily add social, commerce & content management features to your game.

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Cockroach Labs

CockroachDB on AWS is built to survive massive increases in traffic, support millions of players in real-time, and deliver a flawless experience.

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Code Wizards

We're your co-op partner to make backend services easy. Whether you need game servers, liveops, scaling or multiplayer then we're your player 2.

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Epic Online Services

Epic Online Services is a free, open and modular set of online services for game development on any Engine, any Store, any Platform

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Heroic Labs

Nakama is an open-source scalable multiplayer game server and social backend solution that lets you focus on building games, not infrastructure.

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Honeycomb provides observability into complex and unpredictable systems so high-performance engineering teams can better understand how players experience their code.

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Sumo Logic

Slow games suck. Sumo Logic accelerates issue identification and troubleshooting with automated service maps and dashboards to ensure a great player experience.

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Building a game has different challenges compared to many applications. Find AWS documentation and game-specific samples, reference architectures, and more to help build games in the cloud.