AWS Game Tech Landing Zone

A single destination designed to help game developers to get started and onboard to the cloud with AWS.

AWS Game Tech Landing Zone benefits

Receive a personalized onboarding plan including:

Quick start guide

Recommended content and ebook that help inform the best service and workloads to fit your game genre, platform, and AWS experience. Work alongside AWS to explore, develop, and achieve business outcomes with the quick start guide.


Training and certification

Validate technical skills and cloud expertise to grow your career and business with educational insights, resources, and certifications. Explore role and industry-based AWS technology skills and certifications and apply them to scenarios unique to game development.

AWS Credits

AWS Credits

Build, test, and manage your game infrastructure on AWS from pre-production through live operations with up to $10,000 in AWS credits* automatically applied to your AWS account to help cover your AWS service usage.

*AWS Credits are subject to the AWS Promotional Credit Terms & Conditions.


  • Q: What is Landing Zone

    Today we are launching Game Tech Landing Zone, a central location for developers to get the information and resources they need to accelerate their game development on AWS.  Landing Zone consolidates various Game Tech support and credit programs under a single umbrella to support customers with solving common technical challenges such as mitigate cloud adoption costs, deploying game servers in the cloud, creating analytics pipelines and solutions, and cloud migrations. With Landing Zone, developers have access to credit programs and specialized cloud knowledge from AWS experts to guide them through every stage of their cloud journey from early development through launch and beyond. 

  • Q: Who is eligible for the Landing Zone program?

    This program is initially available to all Game Tech customers located in the NAMER region with or without an AWS account. You can create a new AWS account ID through Landing Zone if you don’t have an existing one created. In the near future we intend to expand this program to all other regions including LATAM, EMEA, and APAC. 

  • Q: Why should I use GT Landing Zone?

    Use Game Tech Landing Zone if you’re looking for help with game servers, analytics, or migrating to the cloud. Whether you need support using one of AWS Game Tech’s managed services or you’ve chosen to use the AWS primitives directly, you can get help through Landing Zone. Through Landing Zone, you’ll be connected to AWS experts to help review your  architecture, get you ready for launch, integrate you’re a specific AWS service with your game, or find the right solution or your use case, Landing Zone is made to connect you to the resources you need to succeed.  We are starting with a core set of use cases, but plan to add new services offerings as they are launched.

  • Q: How do I use my AWS credits?

    No action is required from you to activate your AWS credits. AWS credits offset eligible AWS Services fees and charges incurred during or following the billing cycle in which you receive the credits.

  • Q: What’s not covered by AWS credits?

    AWS credits cannot be applied to any fees or charges for Amazon Mechanical Turk, Ineligible AWS Support, AWS Marketplace, Amazon Route 53 domain name registration or transfer, any Services for mining for cryptocurrency, or any upfront fee for any Services such as Savings Plans and Reserved Instances (collectively, “Ineligible Services”). Any other service not listed in  the AWS Billing and Cost Management Console is not covered by AWS credits.

Two steps to get started with AWS Game Tech Landing Zone

Sign up for an AWS account

Sign up for an AWS account

Create a free AWS account and starting building game workloads in the cloud today. Already have an AWS account? Great -- you'll need to find your account ID for the next step by logging into the AWS console.

Fill out your application

Fill out a Landing Zone application

Apply for AWS Game Tech Landing Zone in minutes. We'll ask you more about your studio, AWS experience, and games so we can put together your personalized onboarding and support plan.