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Automotive industry insiders: Join us at CES 2020

Accelerate into the future of mobility. Join the Amazon Automotive team from January 7-10 at CES 2020 in Las Vegas!

CES is the global stage for innovation, drawing in nearly 170,000 attendees and more than 4,500 exhibitors from 160 countries.

Automotive technology is one of the most prominent topics at CES, attracting executives and business leaders from global manufacturers, suppliers, startups, and automotive technology companies.

Our presence at CES 2020 will be interactive and immersive, and attendees can find us in the Vehicle Technology section – located in the North Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center.

The Amazon Automotive exhibit will demonstrate how AWS, Alexa Auto, and other Amazon businesses help automotive customers and partners build intelligent, personalized products and services across the customer journey.

Attendees will experience immersive demos focused on connected vehicles and mobility, autonomous vehicles, and digital customer engagement. We’ll be showcasing how Amazon enables the digital transformation for the automotive industry today to achieve the future of mobility.

Here’s a quick guide for automotive industry insiders attending CES 2020:

  • Visit the Amazon Automotive booth (#5616) in the North Hall
  • Get an immersive demo showcasing the future of mobility with a personalized, intelligent in-vehicle experience using AWS and Alexa Automotive
  • See a vision of the future for automotive retail with a major luxury automaker
  • Stop by the AWS Automotive Solutions area for customer and partner solutions enabled by AWS Machine Learning, IoT, Edge Computing, and other services
  • View two high-profile vehicle displays demonstrating current and future Alexa Auto implementations
  • Experience the Alexa Smart Home and Smart Garage

Hope to see you in Las Vegas!

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Mark Dipko

Mark Dipko

Mark is the Head of Worldwide Marketing for the Automotive Industry at AWS. He has 25 years of automotive industry experience covering development engineering, corporate and brand strategy, marketing, advanced product development, and innovation. Mark holds a BS in in Mechanical Engineering, MS in Automotive Engineering and MBA in Marketing. His passion is combining customer insights and emerging trends with brand and business strategy to create new and innovative products and solutions.