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Flutter GA Web and Desktop

Amplify Flutter announces general availability for web and desktop support

The AWS Amplify Flutter team is absolutely thrilled to unveil version 1.0.0, which streamlines cross platform app development by adding support for both web and desktop platforms. You can now with a single codebase target 6 platforms, including iOS, Android, Web, Linux, MacOS, and Windows. This update not only encompasses the Amplify libraries but also […]

push notifications launch image

AWS Amplify supports Push Notifications for Android, Swift, React Native, and Flutter apps

June 27, 2024: This blog post covers Amplify Gen 1. For new Amplify apps, we recommend using Amplify Gen 2. You can learn more about Gen 2 in our launch blog post. AWS Amplify is announcing push notifications support for Android, Swift, Flutter, and React Native. Push notifications are an essential component of modern mobile […]

Building Offline first applications with AWS Amplify DataStore – Part 2

Building Offline first applications has been a challenge for developers, which have been relentlessly looking for ways to improve how applications are built. In the first part of this post, I revisited the concept of Offline first applications, some of the main challenges and how AWS Amplify DataStore can solve them. In this post, I […]

Building Offline first applications with AWS Amplify DataStore – Part 1

Developers have been looking for ways to improve how applications are built and the Offline first approach is one example of this quest. In this series of two posts, I will show how AWS Amplify DataStore addresses the main challenges of building Offline first applications. Introduction The development of cloud native applications requires an environment […]

How to create a one-time password authentication flow using Amplify Flutter

AWS Amplify is a set of tools and services that enables mobile and front-end web developers to build secure, scalable full-stack applications powered by AWS. Amplify recently released a new enhancement for the authentication category to allow Flutter developers to set up custom authentication challenges using Amazon Cognito AWS Lambda triggers.  This guide shows how to […]

0.5.0 release notes

NEW Amplify Flutter Release Notes 0.5.0

The Amplify Flutter team is announcing the release of version 0.5.0 of the Amplify Flutter library. Please use this Github repo to inform the Amplify Flutter team about features or issues, or visit the Amplify Discord server under the #flutter-help channel. Highlights Below is a high level breakdown of the features we are announcing with […]