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Getting more visibility into GraphQL performance with AWS AppSync logs

Written by Shankar Raju, SDE at AWS & Nader Dabit, Sr. Developer Advocate at AWS. Today, we are happy to announce that AWS AppSync now enables you to better understand the performance of your GraphQL requests and usage characteristics of your schema fields. You can easily identify resolvers with large latencies that may be the […]

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Use the Amplify Console with incoming webhooks to trigger deployments

Written by Nikhil Swaminathan, Sr. Product Manager (Tech) at AWS. The Amplify Console recently launched support for incoming webhooks. This feature enables you to use third-party applications such as Contentful and Zapier to trigger deployments in the Amplify Console without requiring a code commit. You can use headless CMS tools such as Contentful with the […]

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Amplify Framework announces new Amazon Aurora Serverless and GraphQL Transform features for building AWS AppSync APIs

The Amplify Framework is an open-source project for building cloud-enabled applications. Today, we’re happy to announce new features for the GraphQL Transform library, which is part of the AWS Amplify command line interface (CLI). The GraphQL Transform library enables you to quickly deploy scalable AWS AppSync backends for your web and mobile applications. In this […]

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