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The future of web development: AWS Amplify’s Code First Approach

The future of web development: AWS Amplify’s Code First Approach AWS Amplify‘s new code-first developer experience is contributing to shaping the future of web development. This approach emphasizes building with an app-first mentality, focusing on the seamless DX while leveraging the power of AWS services. By adopting this approach, developers can create robust and scalable […]

Create a Fullstack, Sample Web App powered by Amazon Bedrock

In this post we will walk you through creating a fullstack, sample web app that uses Amazon Bedrock to create generative AI-powered application features and user experiences. Your sample app will include: A React frontend web application, built with Amplify UI components, that supports both end user chat interactions with Amazon Bedrock foundational models, and […]

Accessing resources in a Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) from Next.js API Routes

Accessing resources in a Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) from Next.js API Routes

Developers often need to access resources deployed inside of a Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) from Next.js applications deployed to AWS Amplify Hosting. An Amazon VPC can enable enterprises to launch resources in an isolated virtual network; however, developers may find it challenging to connect frontend applications to call APIs and databases within the Amazon […]

The CTO’s Guide to building fullstack applications with AWS Amplify

The CTO’s Guide to building fullstack applications with AWS Amplify

As CTO, you are responsible for overseeing your engineering team’s technology strategy and guiding decisions around frameworks, architectures, and infrastructure. Choosing the right technology stack is crucial for building robust, scalable applications while maximizing developer productivity. This blog post will explain why building fullstack applications with AWS Amplify’s new code-first developer experience (Gen 2) should […]

Social graphic launching AppSync GraphQL API for Amazon Aurora database

Build a GraphQL API for your Amazon Aurora MySQL database using AWS AppSync and the RDS Data API

Today, we’re excited to announce that AWS AppSync now makes it easier for customers to create GraphQL APIs based on the the tables of their existing MySQL and PostgreSQL databases running on Amazon Aurora clusters configured with the Data API. When building APIs for existing databases, developers typically have to build an interface that accurately […]

Featured image on how to connect GraphQL API to existing MySQL and PostgreSQL databases

Create a GraphQL API for any existing MySQL and PostgreSQL database

We’re excited to announce a new capability that makes it easy to build scalable, secure GraphQL interfaces over your existing relational databases with AWS Cloud Development Kit (CDK). Provide the AWS Amplify GraphQL API CDK construct with your database credentials stored securely in AWS Systems Manager Parameter Store as a SecureString, and start authoring your […]

Frontend web and mobile guide to re:Invent 2023 with image of expo

The frontend web and mobile app developer’s guide to AWS re:Invent 2023

ICYMI – AWS re:Invent is only a week away! We can’t wait to join thousands of builders in person and virtually for another exciting event. Don’t forget to register here. In this blog post, we’re highlighting the most exciting sessions for technology leaders and frontend, full-stack, and backend developers. Sessions span intermediate (200) through expert […]

6 New AWS Amplify Launches for Frontend Developers

Today, the AWS Amplify team has six brand new launches to share with you — all addressing common requests from our community. In this post, we’ll share improvements to our documentation site, Next.js 14 support, custom authentication providers, React Native social sign in, and UI components. New documentation site Head over to to check […]

Amplify Hosting Wildcard Subdomains

Wildcard Subdomains for Multi-tenant Apps on AWS Amplify Hosting

AWS Amplify Hosting is excited to announce the general availability of wildcard subdomains when using a custom domain with your Amplify application. This is critical for developers that are building personalized user experiences in their Software as a Service (SaaS) or multi-tenant platforms. This new capability is available for any application deployed to Amplify Hosting […]

Building fast Next.js apps using TypeScript and AWS Amplify JavaScript v6

We are excited to announce the general availability of v6 of the AWS Amplify JavaScript Library. This release has many of the most asked for improvements and features that you, our community, have been asking for. This release provides substantial reductions to bundle size, improved TypeScript coverage and typing support, secure runtime token support, and […]