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Accept an ANDB Addendum for all accounts within your AWS Organization

For customers who use AWS to store or process personal information covered by the Australian Privacy Act 1988, I’m excited to announce that you can now accept a single AWS Australian Notifiable Data Breach Addendum (ANDB Addendum) for all accounts within your AWS Organization. Once accepted, all current and future accounts created or added to your AWS Organization will immediately be covered by the ANDB Addendum.

My team is focused on improving the customer experience by improving the tools used to perform compliance tasks. Previously, if you wanted to designate several AWS accounts, you had to sign in to each account individually to accept the ANDB Addendum. Now, an authorized master account user can accept the ANDB Addendum once to automatically designate all existing and future member accounts in the AWS Organization as ANDB accounts. This capability addresses a frequent customer request to be able to quickly designate multiple ANDB accounts and confirm those accounts are covered under the terms of the ANDB Addendum.

If you have an ANDB Addendum in place already and want to leverage this new capability, a master account user can accept the new AWS Organizations ANDB Addendum in AWS Artifact today. To get started, your organization must use AWS Organizations to manage your accounts, and “all features” need to be enabled. Learn more about creating an organization.

Once you’re using AWS Organizations with all features enabled and you have the necessary user permissions, accepting the AWS Organizations ANDB Addendum takes about two minutes. We’ve created a video that shows you the process, step-by-step.

If your organization prefers to continue managing ANDB accounts individually, you can still do that. It takes less than two minutes to designate a single account as an ANDB account in AWS Artifact. You can watch our video to learn how.

As with all AWS Artifact features, there is no additional cost to use AWS Artifact to review, accept, and manage individual account ANDB Addendums or the new AWS Organizations ANDB Addendum. To learn more about AWS Artifact, please visit the AWS Artifact FAQ page.

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Adam Star

Adam joined Amazon in 2012 and is a Program Manager on the Security Obligations and Contracts team. He enjoys designing practical solutions to help customers meet a range of global compliance requirements including GDPR, HIPAA, and the European Banking Authority’s Guidelines on Outsourcing Arrangements. Adam lives in Seattle with his wife & daughter. Originally from New York, he’s constantly searching for “real” bagels & pizza. He’s an active member of the Washington State Bar Association and American Homebrewers Association, finding the latter much more successful when attempting to make friends in social situations.