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Now Available: Amazon Cloud Directory—A Cloud-Native Directory for Hierarchical Data

Cloud Directory image


Today we are launching Amazon Cloud Directory. This service is purpose-built for storing large amounts of strongly typed hierarchical data. With the ability to scale to hundreds of millions of objects while remaining cost-effective, Cloud Directory is a great fit for all sorts of cloud and mobile applications.

Cloud Directory is a building block that already powers other AWS services including Amazon Cognito, AWS Organizations, and Amazon QuickSight Standard Edition. Because it plays such a crucial role within AWS, Cloud Directory was designed with scalability, high availability, and security in mind (data is encrypted at rest and while in transit).

Cloud Directory is a managed service: you don’t need to think about installing or patching software, managing servers, or scaling any storage or compute infrastructure. You simply define the schemas, create a directory, and then populate your directory by making calls to the Cloud Directory API. This API is designed for speed and scale, with efficient, batch-based read and write functions.

To learn more about Cloud Directory, see the full blog post on the AWS Blog.

– Mahendra