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How to Receive Alerts When Specific APIs Are Called by Using AWS CloudTrail, Amazon SNS, and AWS Lambda

Let’s face it—not all APIs were created equal. For example, you may be really interested in knowing when any of your Amazon EC2 instances are terminated (ec2:TerminateInstance), but less interested when an object is put in an Amazon S3 bucket (s3:PutObject). In this example, you can delete an object, but you can’t bring back that […]

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How to Receive Alerts When Your IAM Configuration Changes

Note: This post has been updated to support the recently launched managed policies. As an AWS administrator, you want to know when your security configuration changes. Though some changes are expected, you may want to review unexpected changes or changes made by a privileged user. Fortunately, a newly released combination of AWS CloudTrail, Amazon CloudWatch […]

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An Instructive Tale About Using IAM Best Practices

An interesting blog post came to our attention recently—My $500 Cloud Security Screw-up by Rich Mogull. He describes how he learned to adhere to several important AWS security principles through several unfortunate events.   Mike Pope, senior technical writer for AWS Identity, paraphrases the post here. Rich had inadvertently leaked his AWS access keys, allowing some […]

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