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The 10 Most Viewed Security-Related AWS Knowledge Center Articles and Videos for November 2017

The AWS Knowledge Center helps answer the questions most frequently asked by AWS Support customers. The following 10 Knowledge Center security articles and videos have been the most viewed this month. It’s likely you’ve wondered about a few of these topics yourself, so here’s a chance to learn the answers! How do I create an AWS […]

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How to Encrypt and Decrypt Your Data with the AWS Encryption CLI

You can now encrypt and decrypt your data at the command line and in scripts—no cryptography or programming expertise is required. The new AWS Encryption SDK Command Line Interface (AWS Encryption CLI) brings the AWS Encryption SDK to the command line. With the AWS Encryption CLI, you can take advantage of the advanced data protection […]

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How to Help Protect Sensitive Data with AWS KMS

AWS Key Management Service (AWS KMS) celebrated its one-year launch anniversary in November 2015, and organizations of all sizes are using it to effectively manage their encryption keys. KMS also successfully completed the PCI DSS 3.1 Level 1 assessment as well as the latest SOC assessment in August 2015. One question KMS customers frequently ask […]

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