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AWS Startup Spotlight: CrossChx, Square, JumpCloud, Stem

Here is a quick rundown of recent awards, funding rounds, exits, and other newsworthy accolades for AWS-powered startups over the past two weeks:


CrossChx Raises $15M to Identify Medical Patients and Fix Mistakes in Their Records

Healthcare startup CrossChx, a company that focuses on what it calls “global patient identification” recently announced that it has raised $15M in Series B funding. Congrats to the CrossChx team.


Square Acquires Fastbite to Add Superfast Food Delivery

Last week Square acquired Fastbite, furthering its commitment to competing in the food-delivery segment. Congratulations to both Square and Fastbite!


JumpCloud Raises $3.2M Funding Round

JumpCloud, whose service automates server management tasks from the cloud for DevOps and IT pros, recently raised $3.2M in a Series B round. Well done, JumpCloud team.

stem inc

Power-Storage Startup Stem Raises $12M

Congratulations to Stem Inc., a startup that uses batteries and software to help businesses reduce their electricity bills, on their recent $12M Series C round of funding.

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