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Farming’s Future is Already Present in Australia

These are not the times to try and dance around the realities of what it takes (and costs) to run a startup, says Emma Weston, CEO and co-founder of Sydney, Australia-based AgriDigital. AgriDigital straddles the worlds of farming and fintech, offering a platform for buyers and sellers of commodity crops like grain and cotton to do business with more speed and transparency. It’s exactly how Weston and her farming co-founders, are building their startup. With several companies under their belts, Weston and the leadership team have found that they have more committed and less anxious colleagues when everyone knows the financial situation of AgriDigital (it’s good). It’s hard enough building a startup in the best of times, but in today’s climate when your team is under enough stress, it’s better to keep everyone informed. Weston walks us through how she and her co-founders came to that conclusion, why meditation is something everyone not just startup CEOs — but especially them — should practice, and how a slow-cooker is making all these days spent with her family a boon rather than a burden.