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Biotech Companies at Re:Invent 2019 Demonstrate How Cloud Computing Helps Turn Science Fiction Into Reality

During re:Invent 2019, the AWS Health Care/Life Sciences team hosted its second Biotech Forum at the Encore Hotel in Las Vegas for a crowd of around 200 biology, chemistry and cloud leaders. Attendees were treated to an afternoon of sessions that revolved around the ideas of how cloud computing helps turn science fiction into reality.

Talks were organized into two main topics: Computational Biology and Chemistry for Drug Discovery and Development, and Machine Learning in Biotech R&D. Speaking on the latter topic were Maze Therapeutics, Variant Bio, and Relay Therapeutics. Speaking on the former were Celsius Therapeutics, and Inflammatix.

Please watch the individual sessions for Relay Therapeutics, Maze Therapeutics, Variant Bio, Inflammatix, and Celsius Therapeutics below: