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Video: How Ergatta Partnered with AWS to Develop and Launch the Future of Game-based Fitness

Sometimes it feels like we’re all searching for the same, elusive thing: a fun workout. Luckily, some people are not just looking for it—they’re creating it. “My other co-founders and I wondered why we had so much trouble making a consistent fitness routine,” says Prasanna Swaminathan, co-founder and CTO of Ergatta. “So we thought back to what made us fit growing up. And that was playing sports—it was having fun. We felt being more like a game removed the need for having more of a structure there.”

Enter the Ergatta Rower, a game-based connected rower designed to feel more like playing a sport than attending a gym class. Composed of a rowing machine and a screen made to fit unobtrusively in your living room, the machine is sleek and visually appealing while allowing customers to connect to a broader community.

Like many startups before them, the team behind the Ergatta Rower turned to AWS to help them develop and launch their product. “We knew that AWS would be catering to companies of all life cycles—from early iteration to alpha to beta to launching and scaling,” says Swaminathan. “We knew that there would be help to make sure that we were looking at the right products, looking at the right services, and building things in the right ways.”

Watch the video above to learn more about the co-founders’ journey, including how they’re utilizing AWS’s guidance, services, tools, and technology to build the future of game-based fitness.