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Register and attend the webinar: Best practices for Amazon S3 Security with S3 Access Management tools and S3 Block Public Access

Update (4/27/2023): Amazon S3 now automatically enables S3 Block Public Access and disables S3 access control lists (ACLs) for all new S3 buckets in all AWS Regions.

Register now to join us for an online AWS Tech Talk to cover S3 security best practices on August 26 from 1:oopm to 2:00pm PT. This is a level 300 tech talk where we will go deep on the technical aspects of Amazon S3 security. We will focus on S3 Block Public Access to keep your data private, now and in the future.

At AWS, security is our top priority and Amazon S3 is designed first and foremost to protect your data. Attend this tech talk to hear about the different management tools you can use to restrict access to sensitive objects stored across your data lake. We also review the different encryption options available to S3 data lake customers.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand how Amazon S3 is designed to protect your data
  • Learn the different management tools to restrict access to sensitive objects
  • Learn how to use S3 Block Public Access to enforce “no public access” policy for a bucket, group of buckets, or an entire account

Register now for the webinar on August 26.

See you there!