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Amazon S3 LIfecycle

Snowflake streamlines data management and improves processing times using Amazon S3 Lifecycle

APN Partner Snowflake enables organizations to transform, integrate, and analyze their data. Running on AWS has helped them to keep up with a rapidly scaling customer base since 2012 (22% YoY total customer growth as of January 2024). With more customers comes more data, and efficient data management to manage operational overhead and cost is […]

Amazon S3 Storage Lens featured image

DoorDash saves millions annually using Amazon S3 Storage Lens

DoorDash connects consumers with their favorite local businesses in more than 25 countries across the globe. A born-in-the-cloud company, DoorDash hosts the majority of its infrastructure, including its commerce platform, on AWS. This platform powers the ecosystem of customers placing orders, merchants fulfilling orders, and dashers performing deliveries. DoorDash’s platform was built to achieve the […]

Amazon S3 Object Lock

Maintaining object immutability by automatically extending Amazon S3 Object Lock retention periods

Protecting against accidental or malicious deletion is a key element of data protection. Immutability protects data in-place, preventing unintended changes or deletions. However, sometimes it isn’t clear for how long data should be made immutable. Users in this situation are looking for a solution that maintains short-term immutability, indefinitely. They want to make sure their […]

Amazon S3 featured image 2023

Creating a simple public file repository on Amazon S3

Organizations often need to store and serve various types of static content, such as data sets, archives, and file repositories, on the web. This content is typically accessed by end-users for research and analysis purposes or general content distribution. However, presenting this content in a user-friendly and easily browsable manner can be a significant challenge, […]

AWS Transfer Family Featured Image

Implementing least privilege access in an AWS Transfer Family workflow

Architecting secure data transfer workloads is critical for today’s businesses. Customers need to be sure that each end user can only access the minimally appropriate set of files and folders once authenticated to AWS Transfer Family. There are multiple Identity and Access Management (IAM) roles necessary when designing these authentication and access controls, and customers […]

Trellix accelerates on-premises research data migration with AWS Snow Family

Trellix is a global company redefining the future of cybersecurity. The company’s open and native extended detection and response (XDR) platform helps organizations confronted with today’s most advanced threats gain confidence in the protection and resilience of their operations. Trellix’s security experts, along with an extensive partner ecosystem, accelerate technology innovation through machine learning (ML) […]

S3 on Outposts

Achieving consistent time to first byte latencies with Amazon S3 on Outposts

With the rise in data sovereignty and privacy regulations, organizations are seeking flexible solutions that balance compliance with data sovereignty regulations and the agility of the cloud. For example, to comply with data sovereignty regulations, users in the financial and healthcare industries need to deploy applications on premises and store data locally. To provide the […]

AWS DataSync Featured Image 2020

Replicate objects Using AWS DataSync with Amazon S3 compatible storage on Snowball Edge

Users have successfully leveraged Amazon Web Services (AWS) Snow Family to transfer petabytes of data between on premises and AWS Regions since its launch in 2015 with the AWS Snowball device. Increasingly, users are not just migrating data with the AWS Snow Family but now are using AWS Snowball Edge Compute Optimized devices to host […]

S3 cost optimization

Enhance savings for read-heavy workloads with Amazon S3 Bucket Keys

Organizations continue to grow their data lakes in the cloud as they build out new and innovative analytics, machine-learning, and generative AI workloads. At the same time, these workloads often access data that requires compliance with stringent data security and privacy standards. These compliance frameworks typically specify additional requirements for encryption at-rest, which leads customers […]

AWS DataSync Featured Image 2020

Migrating Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Object Storage to Amazon S3 using AWS DataSync

Users face challenges in their digital transformation journey involving the migration of data across various platforms, on-premises file systems, and other cloud services. When using other cloud providers, scenarios arise where the seamless transfer of data becomes essential. Whether executing a one-time data transfer or integrating it into a scheduled workflow, minimizing business downtime is […]