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Back up your Microsoft 365 estate with Veeam and Amazon S3

Users of productivity software and collaboration services such as Microsoft 365 want to protect their data and often tell us that data durability is one of their highest priorities. With the recent increases in reported cyber incidents, increasing data resilience against threats such as ransomware and other events that may compromise data durability is key. […]

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How London Stock Exchange Group migrated 30 PB of market data using AWS DataSync

London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG) has 30 PB of Tick History-PCAP data, which is ultra-high-quality global market data that is based on raw exchange data, timestamped to the nanosecond. An additional 60 TB is generated every day. LSEG sought to migrate their data from Wasabi cloud storage, LSEG was looking for a new solution to […]

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Temporarily block data transfers between AWS Regions in Amazon S3

Certain organizations may experience unexpected or outlier cross-region data transfer charges and require time to identify which of their systems or workloads are initiating them. In such cases, it may be useful to temporarily block data transfers to within a particular region. This temporary restriction can prevent further unwanted charges and allows time for audit […]

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Transfer customer managed SSE-KMS encrypted objects across AWS accounts and Regions using AWS DataSync

Update (7/12/2024): Post updated to clarify that you must use a fully qualified Amazon Resource Name (ARN) when specifying your customer managed KMS keys. Some organizations have requirements to manage their own data encryption keys, both in general and during data transfer processes. In addition, when considering data transfer solutions (not just for encrypted data), […]

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Faster restores on Veeam using Amazon S3 Glacier Flexible Retrieval and S3 Batch Operations

Storing multiple copies of data is often an enterprise data protection best practice and a critical part of backup and recovery solutions. The ability to quickly recover or restore data – often from backup copies in cost-effective archive storage – is critical to minimizing potential downtime or operational disruptions in disaster recovery (DR) scenarios such […]

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Implementing least privilege access in an AWS Transfer Family workflow

Architecting secure data transfer workloads is critical for today’s businesses. Customers need to be sure that each end user can only access the minimally appropriate set of files and folders once authenticated to AWS Transfer Family. There are multiple Identity and Access Management (IAM) roles necessary when designing these authentication and access controls, and customers […]

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Enhance savings for read-heavy workloads with Amazon S3 Bucket Keys

Organizations continue to grow their data lakes in the cloud as they build out new and innovative analytics, machine-learning, and generative AI workloads. At the same time, these workloads often access data that requires compliance with stringent data security and privacy standards. These compliance frameworks typically specify additional requirements for encryption at-rest, which leads customers […]

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Streamline data management at scale by automating the creation of Amazon S3 Batch Operations jobs

Over time, Enterprises may need to undertake operations or make modifications to their data as part of general data management, to address changing business needs, or to comply with evolving data-management regulations and best practices. As datasets being generated, stored, and analyzed continue to grow exponentially, the need for simplified, scalable, and reproduceable data management […]

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Automate post-recovery actions using Amazon Elastic Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery (DR) and business continuity planning (BCP) are critical activities for any organization. During DR operations, after workloads are restored in the DR site, there are a series of steps and activities, such as application configurations and validations, that must be properly orchestrated and coordinated among many teams and functions in order to ensure […]

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Automate object processing in Amazon S3 directory buckets with S3 Batch Operations and AWS Lambda

Data, the lifeblood of any modern organization, is rarely static. For high-performance applications and workloads, enterprises need the ability to run operations on massive amounts of data, including modifying the data as is necessary for each use case, to further accelerate processing. This could include modifying uploaded images with a watermark, changing the bitrate of […]