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How FORMULA 1 uses AWS DataSync and AWS Storage Gateway for backup and archiving

Hi there. My name is Martynas Juras and I am a Cloud Engineer for FORMULA 1. FORMULA 1 is one of the world’s most recognizable sports series, reaching every corner of the globe. We showcase FORMULA 1 racing around the world via our own in-house broadcast. As we produce our own broadcast, we have to […]

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Using Veeam with AWS Storage services to store offsite backups

Many customers are using Veeam Backup & Replication to protect their on-premises infrastructure and want to reduce the amount of physical backup infrastructure that they need to purchase and maintain. They also want to ensure that their backups reside in highly durable, cost effective storage. AWS Storage services such as Amazon S3, AWS Storage Gateway, […]

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Recovering from a disaster using AWS Storage Gateway and Amazon S3 Glacier

In the 1960s, a steel box changed the world. The welded steel cargo container may be one of the dullest inventions in history, but you are surrounded by its benefits each and every day. Before the 1960s, items were individually loaded onto a cargo ship and removed when the ship arrived at its destination. This […]

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Escaping the pain of physical tape management with AWS Storage Gateway

As customers continue their cloud journeys, they want to shrink or eliminate their on-premises infrastructure and use the cloud for their growing business needs. This enables customers to achieve more scalability, flexibility, and agility, all while lowering costs and simplifying management. Moving to the cloud is a strategic business decision that gives you more control […]

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