AWS for Canada’s Nonprofit Sector

Cost-effective technology that drives impact and innovation

Across Canada, the nonprofit and charitable sector is moving to the cloud—hosting data and delivering services over the web, instead of on office-based servers. The benefits are clear: Organizations reduce their IT costs, keep their data safer, and become more data-driven.

From large credit unions to small community groups, tens of thousands of nonprofits and non-governmental organizations worldwide use AWS to increase their impact and advance their mission. Whether you’re working to upgrade your donor-facing website, looking to streamline your IT spending, or planning to deliver services at scale, AWS is here to help. From the first day of your cloud journey to the roll-out of your cloud-first strategy, our team of nonprofit experts supports you to make simple, cost-effective changes that can transform your organization. 

Introduction to AWS for Nonprofits and NGOs

What's new

Making the World a Better Place with the AWS Cloud

Nonprofits need affordable innovation in order to deliver sustainable impact. In this e-book, discover how Canadian and international NGOs are leveraging cloud-based, innovative technology to solve complex challenges and deliver better citizen services.

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New from Imagine Canada & AWS: No-cost, on-demand cloud training for your organization

Designed for Canadian nonprofits, this workshop teaches you how to drive cloud transformation across your team. Sessions are hosted by Imagine Canada & AWS, with insights from nonprofit TakingITGlobal.

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Amazon Connect helps Canadian nonprofits deliver better contact centre services

In this on-demand webinar, learn how nonprofits like BCAA are using Amazon Connect’s contact centre solutions to reduce costs, meet unpredictable demand, and create better experiences for customers and agents.

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How the Coast Capital Savings credit union uses AWS to deliver better member services

At AWS Canada’s public sector summit, nonprofit Coast Capital shares its  digital transformation story in a session titled "Stories From the Frontline: The Triumphs, Gotchas, and Benefits Realized When Migrating to the Cloud."

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Getting started

Launch your first workload by choosing one of four pathways

Get started with AWS faster by choosing one of four pathways. Each pathway includes a webinar and dedicated content pack to get you started.

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AWS and TechSoup: Getting started with AWS Promotional Credit

The AWS Credit Program for Nonprofits provides access to AWS Promotional Credit, which help nonprofits implement cloud-based solutions to help meet their goals, without the upfront investment of physical infrastructure.

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Leverage the latest cloud technologies to build a resilient organization

Find out how AWS can help your organization develop a resiliency plan to make sure operations can continue, regardless of disruption. Join our webinars and download our guide to building organizational resilience. 

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Get to know the AWS Cloud Cost Optimization Center

Whether you're already on AWS or planning to migrate your first workload to the AWS Cloud, you can use these cost optimization tools to improve automation and save on your cloud deployment.

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AWS programs for nonprofits

Cloud Credits for Research

AWS Cloud Credit for Research

The AWS Cloud Credit for Research program supports organizations that seek to accelerate their research outcomes through high-performance computing, allowing them to focus on science—not servers.



AWS Credit Program for Nonprofits

The AWS Credit Program provides access to $2,000 USD in AWS Promotional Credit, enabling eligible nonprofits to implement cloud-based solutions and meet their mission goals without upfront investment in physical infrastructure.



Cost savings

AWS’ pay-as-you-go model makes it easy to reduce your IT costs: You can scale up or down as traffic changes, and ramp up capacity on a temporary basis, at a fraction of the cost.

Donor outreach and fundraising

AWS’ low-cost, scalable infrastructure helps nonprofits manage donor outreach and fundraising more efficiently while paying for only what they use. Less money spent on IT means more money to focus on social impact.


AWS’ open data and research initiatives aggregate information that helps nonprofit organizations solve the world’s most pressing problems, together.

Security and compliance

The AWS Cloud is built to help even the most security-sensitive institutions meet donor data privacy and security requirements.

Case Studies

Over 10,000 nonprofits and non-governmental organizations use AWS to increase their impact and advance their mission.

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AWS aligns with your mission

Businesses across Amazon invest in the nonprofit community. Explore the links below to learn about how these businesses are catering to nonprofits, building programs, and increasing social impact.