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Our Military Commitment

AWS is committed to helping address high rates of veteran unemployment through our partnership with government and veterans organizations. We, along with other divisions of Amazon, have created a number of programs focused on providing employment resources, educational access and wellness programs aimed at helping veterans transition to successful lives after their years of service.

As part of our commitment, Amazon has committed to hiring 25,000 military veterans and spouses, a number of whom will join us in AWS, by 2021. Additionally, we committed to providing AWS training to 10,000 active duty service members, military veterans and spouses through our AWS Educate program, offering them a path to AWS certification.


Amazon's Military Commitment

Meet the military community at Amazon and learn about the opportunities available for veterans and military spouses.

The Amazon Technical Apprenticeship

The Amazon Technical Apprenticeship creates pathways to careers in cloud computing for military veterans.

In 2016, Amazon made a public commitment to hire and train military veterans and spouses. But our dedication to those who have served goes back further than that. We understand that many qualities that are foundational to military service align well with our culture and Leadership Principles. Hiring transitioning military, veterans and military spouses is not only the right thing to do, it’s good business.

At Amazon Web Services, we’ve developed a number of programs focused on engaging the military community, helping them gain valuable AWS technical skills and develop successful careers here. Our recruiting teams engage military members, veterans and spouses through referrals, organizations and events to identify candidates whose skills align to open positions. Our skill gap training and apprenticeship programs - in partnership with state and federal government, veterans organizations and educational institutions - help transitioning service members and spouses develop skills to prepare them for AWS software development, support and data center operations roles.

Once military community members join AWS, there’s a robust network of veterans, family members and supporters here to assist them through our Amazon Warriors affinity group. This organization provides an internal network for those who have served, and offers career development and social programs to help veterans and family members who are transitioning into our workforce succeed.

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