AWS Chatbot is an interactive agent that makes it easy to set up ChatOps for AWS in your Slack channels or Amazon Chime chat rooms. With AWS Chatbot you can receive alerts and run commands to return diagnostic information, invoke AWS Lambda functions and create AWS support cases, so that your team can collaborate and respond to events faster.

Receive notifications

Use AWS Chatbot to receive notifications about operational incidents and other events from supported sources, such as operational alarms, security alerts, compliance issues, or budget deviations. Setting up notifications in the Chatbot console is fast and easy, simply choose the channel(s) or chat room(s) you want to receive notifications and then choose which Amazon Simple Notification Service topics should trigger notifications.

Retrieve diagnostic information

AWS Chatbot supports read-only commands for most AWS services, making it easy to retrieve diagnostic information about your AWS resources from Slack on desktop and mobile devices. Your teams can analyze and respond to events faster by retrieving diagnostic information in real-time, in a centralized location. You can also initiate workflows by invoking Lambda functions or create AWS Support cases with a simple command from Slack. AWS Chatbot commands use the already-familiar AWS Command Line Interface syntax.

Pre-defined AWS Identity and Access Management policy templates

AWS Chatbot provides chat room-specific permission controls through AWS Identity Access Management (IAM). AWS Chatbot’s pre-defined templates makes it easy to select and quickly set up the permissions you want associated with a given channel or chat room.

Supports Slack and Amazon Chime

You can add AWS Chatbot to your Slack channel or Amazon Chime chat room in just a few clicks.

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