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Omnicom Media Group’s Annalect is a leading marketing services provider that helps brands orchestrate better outcomes using data, technology, and analytics.

“Today it is increasingly challenging for marketers and their partners to collaborate on their collective data assets to deliver personalized customer experiences and measure marketing outcomes. With AWS Clean Rooms, Annalect enables advertisers to collaborate with media partners and advertising companies securely, facilitating planning, activation, and measurement with data access controls to safeguard their data. AWS Clean Rooms supports Annalect’s goal to provide our customers with privacy-enhancing collaboration tools that help drive marketing outcomes more effectively.”

Anna Nicanorova, Chief Technology Officer, Annalect



Fox Corporation is a leading producer and distributor of ad-supported content through its sports, news, and entertainment brands. 

“It can be challenging for our advertising clients to figure out how to best leverage more data sources to optimize their media spend across their combined portfolio of entertainment, sports, and news brands which reach 200 million monthly viewers. We are excited to use AWS Clean Rooms to enable data collaborations easily and securely in the AWS cloud that will help our advertising clients unlock new insights across every Fox brand and screen while protecting consumer data.”

Lindsay Silver, Data and Commercial Technology Senior Vice President, Fox Corporation

Dish Network

DISH Media

DISH Media is a leading TV provider that offers over-the-top internet protocol TV (IPTV) service.

“At DISH Media, we empower brands and agencies to run their own analyses of prior campaigns to allow for flexibility, visibility, and ease in optimizing future campaigns to reach DISH Media's 31 million consumers. With AWS Clean Rooms we believe that advertisers will benefit from the ease of use of these services with their analysis, including data access and security controls.” 

Kemal Bokhari, Head of Data, Measurement, and Analytics, DISH Media



Comscore is a measurement and analytics company that brings trust and transparency to media.

“As advertisers and marketers adapt to deliver relevant campaigns leveraging their combined datasets while protecting consumer data, Comscore’s Media Metrix suite, powered by Unified Digital Measurement 2.0 and Campaign Ratings services, will continue to support critical measurement and planning needs with services like AWS Clean Rooms. AWS Clean Rooms will enable new methods of collaboration among media owners, brands, or agency customers through customized data access controls managed and set by each data owner without needing to share underlying data.” 

Brian Pugh, Chief Information Officer, Comscore

Amazon Ads

Amazon Ads

Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) is a secure, privacy-safe clean room application from Amazon Ads that supports thousands of marketers with custom analytics and cross-channel analysis. Builders can use AMC APIs to create their own offerings, while analysts can interact with a user interface available through the Amazon Ad console.

“Providing marketers with greater control over their own signals, while being able to analyze them in conjunction with signals from Amazon Ads, is crucial in today’s marketing landscape. By migrating AMC’s compute infrastructure to AWS Clean Rooms under the hood, marketers can use their own signals in AMC without storing or maintaining data outside of their AWS environment. This simplifies how marketers can manage their signals and enables AMC teams to focus on building new capabilities for brands.”

Paula Despins, Vice President of Ads Measurement, Amazon Ads



Kantar is a globally recognized data, insights, and consulting company that helps clients understand people and inspire growth.

“At Kantar, we have a complete and unique understanding of consumers globally. We use these insights to help our clients understand what has happened and how they can shape the future. Working with AWS Clean Rooms lets us put our world-class data assets in front of more marketers to help them build highly personalized and relevant customer experiences, all within the AWS cloud with its easy-to-use and built-in privacy-enhancing data access controls.” 

Ted Prince, Chief Product Officer, Kantar


Foursquare is a leading independent location technology company.

"Our clients need privacy-enhancing mechanisms to leverage their first-party data in combination with ad exposure data from their media partners and online and offline conversion data from us without any party having to move or copy data to another. AWS Clean Rooms is a game changing solution to that enables in-place analysis of data on AWS for us our brand clients, and their media partners."

Lea Purcell, VP of Business Development, Foursquare is a leading TV and cross-platform measurement, analytics, and attribution company.

"We are excited to use AWS Clean Rooms and offer our customers the ability to leverage our TV viewership datasets, across 200 US markets, in combination with their own first-party data to power advertising and content measurement and full-funnel attribution. AWS Clean Rooms’ ability to enable in-place analysis from where a client's data resides in AWS, and together with its data protection features, give us and our clients a simple yet secure mechanism to engage in data collaborations that unlock deeper insights we previously couldn't."

Tom Keaveney, President,



Amperity is one of the leading customer data platform (CDP) providers that helps companies put customer data to work to improve marketing performance, build long-term loyalty, and increase revenue. 

“Brands are increasingly hampered by a lack of external data to enrich their view of customers and are looking for strategic differentiation through second-party data collaboration. In working with AWS Clean Rooms’ easy-to-configure and privacy-enhancing data access controls within their clean room capability, Amperity can enable customer-centric organizations to securely connect across boundaries to grow the value and reach of their strategic data collaboration.”

Derek Slager, Chief Technology Officer and Cofounder, Amperity


MiQ is a programmatic media partner for marketers and agencies.

“As the media landscape continues to fragment with new channels, players, and platforms, marketers turn to MiQ to future-proof their digital campaigns with innovative first party data strategies. Solving for these challenges calls for a technology toolset that supports interoperability between marketers, ad technology firms, data providers, and media companies without compromising on consumer privacy. With AWS Clean Rooms, MiQ clients and partners can collaborate securely using a robust set of privacy enhancing capabilities that will help us to deliver rich, data-driven customer experiences and measure campaign effectiveness across touch points as our industry continues to evolve.”

Abhishek Chakraborty, Senior Global Product Manager for Data Clean Rooms, MiQ


mParticle is an Al Customer Data Platform that powers the entire marketing stack with real-time customer data.

“Data clean rooms can help solve the challenge of collaborating with external business partners and analyzing combined datasets — while also helping protect sensitive information and reducing the sharing of raw data, but they are often difficult to build and require significant development time and resources. AWS Clean Rooms changes that. As a Customer Data Platform, we're excited to partner with AWS to make it easier, faster and more secure to get customer data into the clean room, so companies can collaborate and create the most personalized customer experiences.”

Jake Dell'Aquila, Vice President of Partnerships, mParticle


Media.Monks is a digital-first operating brand that connects content, data and digital media and technology services across one global team.

“As the industry shifts to a first party data strategy, our customers and partners alike are looking for ways to effectively collaborate and foster deeper partnerships without compromising on privacy. AWS Clean Rooms is enabling frictionless, privacy-enhancing data collaboration to generate new insights and activation use cases for our advertisers natively in the AWS cloud where the data lives."

Scott Yacko, SVP of Data Science, Media.Monks

Treasure Data

Treasure Data was built to radically simplify customer data management and help brands use all of their customer data to improve campaign performance, achieve operational efficiency, and drive business value with connected customer experiences.

“Our clients have a fundamental need to better understand their customers’ buying journeys while better protecting their data. AWS Clean Rooms will enable our customers to easily collaborate with partner datasets to gain richer and timely insights into their marketing and advertising investments.”

John Baudino, Vice President of Partnerships and Channels, Treasure Data


Azerion is a global digital entertainment and media platform that aims to improve how brands digitally engage with their audiences.

“Our advertisers want to be able to plan, activate, and measure their campaigns to maximize effectiveness without compromising the security of their customers' data. With AWS Clean Rooms, our advertisers can securely collaborate with us without moving or exposing their data, enabling us to partner more deeply and focus on driving real business outcomes.”

Sebastiaan Moesman, Chief Revenue Officer, Azerion

Zeta Global

Zeta Global is a cloud-based marketing technology company that empowers brands to acquire, grow and retain customers.

“We view AWS Clean Rooms as a promising, privacy-first technology that enables enterprises to improve consumer intelligence and experiences. This technology is especially relevant in today’s landscape that calls for increased consumer protections and the expectation of more personalized customer experiences. Considering the scale that AWS brings, we are excited to be an early participant in the development and adoption of AWS Clean Rooms.”

Neej Gore, Chief Data Officer, Zeta Global


HUMAN is a cybersecurity company that safeguards enterprises and internet platforms from sophisticated bot attacks, fraud, and account abuse.

“With AWS Clean Rooms, advertisers, publishers, and advertising technologies can securely collaborate on their collective datasets without sharing or revealing their data beyond where it lives in the AWS cloud. At HUMAN, we look forward to supporting our customers and partners as they leverage AWS Clean Rooms.”

Jay Benach, General Manager of Media Security, HUMAN

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