AWS Clean Rooms partners

AWS Clean Rooms partners include leading consulting services and identity resolution providers who can help you integrate clean rooms into your business applications and more easily join data together within each collaboration.


“Support for AWS Clean Rooms gives customers a powerful, collaborative approach to more effective media measurement and planning, fueled by access to new audience insights from key partners. Our continued work with AWS allows LiveRamp’s person-based identifier to be used as a key to connect data and drive more impactful audience modeling and planning for global clients, ensuring they can extend the utility of data safely and securely.”

Katrina Cho, Head of Cloud Partnerships, LiveRamp


“Neustar’s collaboration with AWS Clean Rooms gives customers the ability to resolve identity fragments to actual consumers in the real world and improve their match rates to clean room partners. Together with AWS, we can better enable a privacy-first world with consumer trust at its heart, enhanced by the power of identity.”

Ryan Engle, VP of Identity Solutions, Neustar


“As marketers and advertisers seek to maximize the value of their first-party data across a growing number of consumer touchpoints, our customers want solutions that enable them to effectively and securely interact with their partners. By combining Experian’s identity resolution capabilities with AWS Clean Rooms, customers can securely analyze their collective data to derive deeper insights and deliver more personalized customer experiences.”

Aimee Irwin, Senior Vice President, Strategy & Partnerships, Experian

“In order to enable data-driven brands to achieve more precise targeting and effective measurement, the need for increased data accessibility is paramount. At Habu, we are excited to share the news of our partner solution leveraging AWS Clean Rooms, which helps customers with seamless and automated data collaboration orchestration to deliver relevant customer experiences and accelerate business growth for brands and their trusted partners.”

Matt Kilmartin, Cofounder & CEO, Habu


“Healthcare and life sciences organizations need ways to leverage the power of purpose-fit data to advance research and improve patient outcomes while maintaining the highest standards of data privacy and security. Datavant is a leader in privacy-preserving record linkages across the largest Real World Data ecosystem, reducing the friction and increasing the security in data collaboration, enabling healthcare organizations to easily use our connectivity tools in AWS Clean Rooms."

Tal Rosenberg, President and GM, Life Sciences, Ecosystem and Public Sector, Datavant


“We think that clean rooms are critical to the future of marketing in the changing privacy landscape. The ability to natively share data between partners to quickly understand the impact of their marketing efforts is essential to the future of measurement and to help marketers communicate the value of everything they do. The ability to do that natively within AWS is critical, and AWS Clean Rooms’ ability to accelerate insights to value is an imperative need for data collaboration.”

Neerav Vyas, Head of Customer First North America / Co-Chief Innovation Officer – Insights & Data, North America, Capgemini

Deloitte Digital

“Today, marketers and media companies are increasingly focused on setting a new standard for consumer privacy and solving for the deprecation of advertising identifiers. At the same time, they also know that consumers expect personalized, relevant experiences. With AWS Clean Rooms and its sophisticated data access controls, our clients and their partners are empowered to securely plan, activate, and measure marketing outcomes without compromising on consumer privacy or the security of their data. We see AWS Clean Rooms as a strategic asset for our customers, and we’re delighted to work with clients seeking to accelerate their adoption of AWS Clean Rooms.”

Kelly Leger, Managing Director, Deloitte Consulting LLP


“The digital advertising landscape is in flux, and advertisers and their media partners are increasingly motivated to securely collaborate on their collective first-party datasets. With AWS Clean Rooms' built-in privacy-enhancing data access controls, the industry has a powerful data collaboration tool enabling them to derive deeper insights and ultimately deliver more personalized experiences to consumers.

As an AWS-certified consulting partner, Slalom helps leading advertising agencies, marketers, and publishers leverage AWS Clean Rooms and other AWS solutions with a broad array of clean room analytics and development services spanning strategy, technology, and business transformation.”

Rio Longacre, Managing Director, Global Experience Team, Slalom