AWS CloudShell

Command line access to AWS resources and tools directly from a browser

AWS CloudShell is a browser-based shell that makes it easy to securely manage, explore, and interact with your AWS resources. CloudShell is pre-authenticated with your console credentials. Common development and operations tools are pre-installed, so no local installation or configuration is required. With CloudShell, you can quickly run scripts with the AWS Command Line Interface (AWS CLI), experiment with AWS service APIs using the AWS SDKs, or use a range of other tools to be productive. You can use CloudShell right from your browser and at no additional cost.

AWS CloudShell - Access a Linux terminal in your browser with a single click (2:07)


No extra credentials to manage

CloudShell inherits the credentials of the user signed in to the AWS Management Console, so there's no need to spend extra effort managing credentials locally.

Automatically updated

CloudShell provides a fully managed Amazon Linux 2 environment that has the recent versions of popular tools already installed and updated. You don't need to patch the environment or update the pre-installed tools.

No cost

CloudShell provides you with a browser-based shell to run scripts and commands. It includes 1 GB of persistent storage per Region at no extra cost to you. You only pay for the AWS resources you use with CloudShell to create and run your applications.


With 1 GB of persistent storage per Region, you can store scripts, files, configuration preferences, and additional tools in your home directory. You can begin working immediately, without customizing your environment every time you use the shell.

How it works

How AWS CloudShell works

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