AWS CodeArtifact

Secure, scalable, and cost-effective package management for software development

Get 2 GB of storage per month

with the AWS Free Tier

Store and share artifacts across accounts, with appropriate levels of access granted to your teams and build systems.

Reduce overhead from setup and maintenance of an artifact server or infrastructure with a fully managed service.

Only pay for software packages stored, number of requests made, and data transferred out of Region with pay-as-you-go pricing.

How it works

AWS CodeArtifact allows you to store artifacts using popular package managers and build tools like Maven, Gradle, npm, Yarn, Twine, pip, NuGet, and SwiftPM. CodeArtifact can automatically fetch software packages on demand from public package repositories so you can access the latest versions of application dependencies.

Diagram shows how AWS CodeArtifact pulls application dependencies from public artifact repositories, manages access and policies across accounts in your organization, and allows you to pull application dependencies while AWS CodeBuild publishes artifacts back to your repositories.
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Use cases

Fetch software packages on demand

Configure CodeArtifact to fetch from public repositories such as the npm Registry, Maven Central, Python Package Index (PyPI), and NuGet.

Publish and share packages

Securely share private packages across organizations by publishing to a central organizational repository.

Approve packages and audit usage

Build automated approval workflows with CodeArtifact APIs and Amazon EventBridge, with visibility into your packages using AWS CloudTrail.

Use and publish packages in automated builds

Pull dependencies from CodeArtifact in AWS CodeBuild and publish new versions of your private packages secured with IAM.

How to get started

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Start using CodeArtifact

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