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Get more done faster

CodeWhisperer generates code suggestions ranging from snippets to full functions in real time in the integrated development environment (IDE) based on your comments and existing code. It also supports CLI completions and natural-language-to-bash translation in the command line.

Supercharge development with expert assistant Amazon Q

Amazon Q is an interactive, generative AI–powered assistant available in the IDE with CodeWhisperer that gives you expert guidance through a simple conversational interface. Use Amazon Q in the IDE to:

  • Explain your code: Start a conversation with Amazon Q to understand your project code, all through natural dialogue.
  • Transform your code: Upgrade and migrate your application to the latest language version in minutes.
  • Get personalized code suggestions: Ask and Amazon Q can provide suggestions for adding unit tests, debugging, optimizing code, and more.

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Code with confidence

CodeWhisperer can flag or filter code suggestions that resemble publicly available code. Get the associated open source project's repository URL and license so that you can more easily review them and add attribution.

Enhance code security

Scan your code to identify hard-to-find security vulnerabilities and get code suggestions to help remediate the identified issues. Generative AI–powered code suggestions are tailored to your application code, so you can quickly accept fixes with confidence and focus on higher-value work.

Use your favorite tools

CodeWhisperer fits the way that you work. Select from 15 programming languages, including Python, Java, and JavaScript, and your favorite IDEs, including VS Code, IntelliJ IDEA, Visual Studio (Preview), AWS Cloud9, the AWS Lambda console, JupyterLab, and Amazon SageMaker Studio, and your favorite CLIs including macOS Terminal, iTerm2, and the built-in VS Code terminal.

* In this example, after creating a private customization, 'AnyCompany' developers get CodeWhisperer code recommendations that include their internal APIs and libraries.

Customize CodeWhisperer for even better suggestions

You can customize CodeWhisperer to generate more relevant recommendations by making it aware of your internal libraries, APIs, packages, classes, and methods, significantly accelerating development.

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A giant leap forward in developer productivity

57% faster

27% more likely to succeed

Amazon ran a productivity challenge during the preview, and participants who used CodeWhisperer were 27% more likely to complete tasks successfully and did so an average of 57% faster than those who did not use CodeWhisperer.

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