Amazon Q Business customers

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Alnylam has led the translation of RNA interference (RNAi) from Nobel Prize–winning discovery into an entirely new class of medicines, which has the potential to help people all over the world to live longer, healthier, and fuller lives.

"Amazon Q has the potential to expedite and scale our generative AI initiatives across the entire company. By providing a unified platform to access our data sources, Amazon Q has the power to significantly accelerate our delivery cycles. Amazon Q will empower our teams to swiftly roll out new AI applications, broadening possibilities for exploring diverse use cases and delivering cutting-edge business capabilities. With ACL-aware enterprise connectors and preconfigured RAG orchestration, Amazon Q has the promise to cut through typical impediments that bog down AI projects and technical complexities. This will take our AI initiatives to the next level, ushering rapid innovation and improving business operations.”

Murtaza Cherawala, Senior Director of Data Management and AI, Alnylam

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Deloitte is a leading provider of audit and assurance, consulting, financial advisory, risk advisory, tax, and related services.

"Deloitte and AWS have been innovating for more than a decade to help clients solve their most complex business problems. The potential of generative AI has clients across all industries and at all levels talking with us about how they can infuse it into their business processes to unlock greater levels of productivity. Amazon Q is a turnkey solution that delivers a fully functional generative AI–powered solution, purpose-built to work with any business' data. Its enterprise-grade security and privacy controls, along with connectors designed to support a broad range of applications, make it easy for customers to get started.” 

Nishita Henry, AWS Alliance Global Chief Commercial Officer, Deloitte

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Gilead Sciences, Inc. is a biopharmaceutical company that has pursued and achieved breakthroughs in medicine for more than three decades, with the goal of creating a healthier world for all people.

"Gilead's use of generative AI on AWS has led to faster innovation and productivity gains. By leveraging Amazon Q, we will be able to generate insights and accelerate analysis of large amounts of Gilead data across our enterprise. Based on our evaluation, Amazon Q provides a faster way to create generative AI solutions by streamlining connections to our data sources, automating complex tasks, such as managing vector stores, and quickly surfacing relevant insights on demand. For life sciences organizations like Gilead, the productivity benefits unlocked by generative AI solutions on AWS like Amazon Q are exciting."

Kevin Cox, Chief Cloud Architect, Gilead

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REPAY is a leading, highly integrated omni-channel payment technology company modernizing consumer and business payments through convenient, secure, and frictionless solutions.

"We wanted our own generative AI–powered solution to enable employees to analyze internal data faster, but implementing and maintaining our own solution would take time away from other initiatives and product innovations that could deliver more value to customers. With built-in connectors and access to a pre-built webpage, we were able to quickly integrate our existing custom REPAY Chatbot UI to the Amazon Q implementation within two sprints. Leveraging the Amazon Kendra retriever, we were able to rapidly search and index different private data sources to provide accurate and timely information to our internal users. Amazon Q's simple, intuitive interface makes it easier for teams across the organization to sort through and analyze information, allowing them to get work done faster. Equipped with the power to gather and act on information rapidly, our employees can make more informed decisions while focusing on higher value tasks."

David Guthrie, Chief Technology Officer, REPAY


Sterling is a leading provider of background and identity services, helping over 50,000 clients create people-first cultures built on a foundation of trust and safety.

“To further enhance the background and identity verification experience for our clients and their candidates, we are exploring Amazon Q, a new generative AI digital assistant, with the goal of optimizing information search and dissemination to empower our people. So far, we are impressed with the Amazon Q capabilities and are anticipating that tools like this one will increase efficiency for our team, improve speed for our clients, and reduce friction in our candidate experience.”

Ivneet Kaur, EVP, Chief Information Technology Officer, Sterling

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Virgin Pulse

Virgin Pulse is a global digital-first health, wellbeing, and navigation company that motivates millions of people to get and stay healthy, empowering them to make everyday lifestyle choices and important health decisions in a dynamic, ultra-personalized way.

"Our worldwide employee base is highly collaborative across dispersed locations and creates a lot of content, whether for our health and wellbeing platform, our clients, our marketing initiatives, or internal needs. Bringing generative AI into our system and platform to unify search capabilities and take action on the results is a game changer. With Amazon Q and Amazon Bedrock, we can deliver a highly secure and personalized experience for our workforce that saves them time and hassle—accelerating their ability to change lives for good."

Amit Jain, Chief Technology Officer, Virgin Pulse


Wunderkind is a leading digital marketing platform that delivers performance marketing and advertising solutions to brands, publishers, and advertisers.

"We have an unbelievable amount of proprietary data, but it's difficult looking across our multiple data 'silos' to find the right answer and distill the information into quick, actionable insights. Adding Amazon Q as a topline layer over our various content and data repositories brings a whole new level of efficiency to our customer success and marketing teams. Based on initial estimates, we expect the time spent on content discovery alone to be reduced by over 30%, which empowers our success team to service clients faster, and with better accuracy. It also jump-starts the creation of sales and marketing content, such as email drips, whitepapers, and ad copy. With Amazon Q, we anticipate the ability to accelerate the content creation process by nearly 50%, allowing us to shift our attention to scaling the personalization of content instead of spending time on the laborious task of creating materials from scratch."

Richard Jones, Chief Revenue Officer, Wunderkind

Amazon Q Developer customers

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Curious Orbit Cloud Consulting, Inc.

"By integrating Amazon Q into our daily workflows, we've streamlined processes in our business and significantly increased developer productivity. Amazon Q helps us create CloudFormation templates and custom Lambda functions for our customers more efficiently, reducing customer response times by 20%. Using Amazon Q in the IDE saves our team from searching online for coding answers and can give us an answer in seconds. It's like sorcery—our team feels it is a fantastic tool for productivity!"

Brett Gillett, Founder and CEO, Curious Orbit Cloud Consulting, Inc.

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Ryte Vietnam (

"Leveraging Amazon Q into our development workflow at Ryte has transformed the way we design, build, and enhance within our development workflows. Our developers have seen a significant leap in productivity, achieving results in half the time previously required for some cases and more efficient learning curves at the first-time use of AWS services.
This acceleration doesn't just mean faster output. It has improved the quality of our software, enabling us to deliver excellent new features to our clients with greater efficiency. Amazon Q empowers our teams to focus on innovation and excellence, and will definitely stay on top of our VS Code IDE!"

Danny Linden, Managing Director, Ryte Vietnam (

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Léon Grosse

"At Léon Grosse, we use Amazon Q as a productivity tool for our software development team. The tool allows us to stay focused on our code by avoiding the need to exit the IDE to consult documentation or code examples on the web. It's quite impressive to see how the tool surfaces suggestions for our function code and comments just when we've forgotten it, all in a format consistent with the rest of our code."

Aurélien Andrey, Direction du Système d’Information, Léon Grosse

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Safe Software, Inc.

"We make extensive use of Lambdas, API Gateways and EventBridge to create, terminate, and perform automated housekeeping or our EC2 and RDS resources. With Amazon Q, we can not only ask for suggestions about how best to achieve a task, but also then get help writing the code as well. Amazon Q knows the function calls and parameters, so I don't have to remember them. This is particularly useful for new team members as well as those like myself who aren't using the tools on a daily basis. Amazon Q has helped us cut the initial development time by as much as 25% for new integrations and automations.
When I want to do something quickly using the CLI, I ask Amazon Q. It's quicker than the normal search methods that I used to use. Amazon Q knows all the ways to make use of the many tools that AWS provides. Because we are now able to accomplish more, we will be able to extend our automations into other AWS services and make use of Amazon Q to help us get there."

John Lees, Sr. IT Engineering Manager, Safe Software, Inc.


"With Amazon Q Developer, we successfully mapped out relevant use cases and accelerated the roadmap for adoption. In some of our projects, we are already seeing developer productivity increase between 20%–40% for Cloud Native Application Development, and approximately 20% increase in delivery velocity. Amazon Q Developer has helped us increase productivity among the development teams, improve overall code quality, and incorporate security early in the project lifecycle."

Michael Liebow, Head of Eviden cloud business, Atos Group