Amazon Q Business customers

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AllCloud is a global professional and managed services company providing organizations with the tools for cloud enablement and transformation. Through a unique combination of expertise and agility, AllCloud accelerates cloud innovation and helps organizations fully unlock the value received from the cloud.

"AllCloud faces the common challenge of information sprawl. Critical knowledge for sales and delivery teams is scattered across various tools—Salesforce for customer and marketing data, Google Drive for documents, Bamboo for HR and internal information, and Confluence for internal wikis. This fragmented approach wastes valuable time as employees hunt and peck for the information they need, hindering productivity and potentially impacting client satisfaction. Amazon Q Business provides AllCloud a solution to increase productivity by streamlining information access. By leveraging Amazon Q’s natural language search capabilities, AllCloud can empower its personnel with a central hub to find answers to their questions across all their existing information sources. This drives efficiency and accuracy by eliminating the need for time-consuming searches across multiple platforms and ensures all teams have access to the most up-to-date information. Amazon Q will significantly accelerate productivity, across all lines of business, allowing AllCloud's teams to focus on delivering exceptional service to their clients."

Peter Nebel, CTO, AllCloud

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Alnylam has led the translation of RNA interference (RNAi) from Nobel Prize–winning discovery into an entirely new class of medicines, which has the potential to help people all over the world to live longer, healthier, and fuller lives.

"Amazon Q has the potential to expedite and scale our generative AI initiatives across the entire company. By providing a unified platform to access our data sources, Amazon Q has the power to significantly accelerate our delivery cycles. Amazon Q will empower our teams to swiftly roll out new AI applications, broadening possibilities for exploring diverse use cases and delivering cutting-edge business capabilities. With ACL-aware enterprise connectors and preconfigured RAG orchestration, Amazon Q has the promise to cut through typical impediments that bog down AI projects and technical complexities. This will take our AI initiatives to the next level, ushering rapid innovation and improving business operations."

Murtaza Cherawala, Senior Director of Data Management and AI, Alnylam

Arcanum AI builds AI Assistants for back-office functions and provides managed services for AI solutions, specializing in business profitability workflows. 

“Amazon Q Apps empowers our customers to operate their businesses more efficiently and profitably. We can accelerate software delivery two-fold for our customers while ensuring a secure environment and providing apps that access internal data with Amazon Q Apps. Our sellers can create app prototypes for customers in a single meeting using sample data, and our engineering team can then rapidly build a suitable app from that prototype. Amazon Q Apps is already revolutionizing the way that we do business.”

Asa Cox, Founder & CEO, Arcanum

Availity is the nation’s largest health information network, facilitating over 11 billion clinical, administrative, and financial transactions annually.

“With our developer documentation and code scattered across enterprise data sources, such as Confluence and GitLab, we faced a significant challenge in discoverability and information retrieval. Our previous search capabilities required our teams to engage in time-consuming manual processes, such as reading long documents and code, asking questions in chat channels, and seeking the institutional knowledge. By implementing Amazon Q Business, we have experienced a transformative shift in our ability to access information efficiently across the data sources. Once in production, we estimate an exponential productivity improvement for our user community to find answers to questions and enable a more diverse group of contributors to participate in knowledge sharing.”

Rob Warner, Director of AI Automation Development, Availity

Bayer AG is one of the largest pharmaceutical and biomedical companies in the world.

"We are infusing generative AI into our new Decision Science Ecosystem (DSE) platform to enable data scientists to quickly build, train, and deploy machine learning models for virtually any use case, which is really exciting. By implementing Amazon Q Business across the DSE, we expect to reduce onboarding time by approximately 70% and improving developer productivity by over 30%."

Will McQueen, Head of Global Data Assets, Bayer GA

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Bonterra is technology for the greatest good—helping nonprofits, charitable foundations, and socially responsible companies raise more, give more, and get more for their missions. With leading solutions across fundraising and engagement, strategic philanthropy, and impact management, they’re innovating with a higher purpose: to increase giving to 3% of US GDP by 2033, creating $573 billion more in global impact every year.

"At Bonterra, we drive innovation and operational excellence across multiple teams with Amazon Q by integrating it with Jira to generate performance insights and recommendations, and to analyze AWS issues to generate timely recommendations. These generative AI integrations are not only enhancing our operational efficiency but also driving continuous learning, skill development, and increasing employee productivity within our teams."

Sandy Vann, Senior Vice President of SaaS Operations, Bonterra

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Brightcove is a leading global provider of cloud services for video that help their customers publish and distribute video to internet-connected devices quickly, easily, and in a cost-effective and high-quality manner.

"As the world's most trusted video streaming technology company, providing excellent customer support has always been a top priority for Brightcove. Our customer success team is known for their personal service, earning numerous accolades throughout the years, and as we explore new AI tools to enhance our service even further, we've been able to test and iterate with Amazon Q Business. This new technology has opened additional ways for AI to streamline our workflow for effective and more personalized service. With Amazon Q Business' powerful assistance, our customer success team can tap into the generative AI capabilities integrated into our internal resources to quickly find the right information for our customers and make informed decisions to help them reach their goals."

Scott Levine, Chief Product Officer, Brightcove

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ClearScale designs, implements, optimizes, and manages customized cloud solutions that drive the innovation for customers that need to achieve their business transformation initiatives.

"Amazon Q Apps will substantially boost productivity for individuals and teams, enhancing our efficiency through the automation of repetitive tasks involved in creating essential business documents we use daily. It taps into our existing knowledge base of over 13 years of historical data, which informs the creation of these documents. Leveraging the same access controls in the console and the existing roles and permissions across data sources makes adoption fast and seamless. With its powerful yet simple approach, Amazon Q Apps delivers innovation that truly benefits our customers and business."

Jeff Carson, Vice President of Strategy and Solutions, ClearScale

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DAT Freight & Analytics operates the largest truckload freight marketplace in North America, with industry analysts relying on its data for market trends and data insights.

"Leveraging Amazon Q's innovative platform and industry-leading suite of LLMs, DAT supercharges its teams, revolutionizing FAQ handling, content generation, and boosting CSAT scores. This emerging technology empowers engineering with instant Slack-accessible insights, slashing cloud team tickets. Amazon Q paves our innovation path, unlocking functionalities, diving deep into AI insights, and magnifying customer value. Integrating Amazon Q Developer and Amazon Q Business tools transforms workflows and customer service, marking our stride towards excellence. Join us as we embrace this thrilling journey with Amazon Q at DAT Freight & Analytics, setting new benchmarks in innovation and customer satisfaction."

Brian Gill, Chief Technology Officer, DAT Freight & Analytics

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Deloitte is a leading provider of audit and assurance, consulting, financial advisory, risk advisory, tax, and related services.

"Deloitte and AWS have been innovating for more than a decade to help clients solve their most complex business problems. The potential of generative AI has clients across all industries and at all levels talking with us about how they can infuse it into their business processes to unlock greater levels of productivity. Amazon Q is a turnkey solution that delivers a fully functional generative AI–powered solution, purpose-built to work with any business' data. Its enterprise-grade security and privacy controls, along with connectors designed to support a broad range of applications, make it easy for customers to get started." 

Nishita Henry, AWS Alliance Global Chief Commercial Officer, Deloitte

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Deriv offers an expansive range of trade types and boasts over 200 assets across popular markets on its award-winning, intuitive trading platforms. Read the case study »

"We were surprised by how quickly we were able to implement and start using Amazon Q Business. No one thought working with AI would be this easy. Like many businesses, some of our departments have more sensitive information than others, but thanks to the built-in guardrails and the ease of setting up access-control lists in Amazon Q Business, we successfully reduce new employee onboarding time by up to 45% and overall recruiting efforts by as much as 50%, making generative AI available to all of our employees in a safe way."

Arun Venkataraman, Principal Engineer of Operations, Deriv

Druva is the leading provider of data security, helping customers secure data against all threats. The Druva Data Security Cloud delivers air-gapped data protection, data-powered incident response and recovery, and data governance solutions through a fully managed, 100% SaaS platform.

"Amazon Q Apps makes our team more efficient and effective by providing a centralized and standardized way to access our data. Amazon Q Apps helps our Governance, Risk & Compliance team reduce RFP response time by up to 25% by instantly presenting the required data. Our sales team loves how Amazon Q Apps combines data from our customer relationship management (CRM) and marketing content management system (CMS) to instantly help customize written communications. Amazon Q Apps is truly the future of business productivity, and we expect to see significant productivity gains after integrating Amazon Q Apps into more tools."

David Gildea, VP of Product, Generative AI, Druva

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Emumba is a leading provider of AWS and generative AI solutions, offering small, medium, and large enterprises the means to harness the power of AI while adhering to strict ethical AI principles.

"Emumba's experience with Amazon Q for Business is empowering clients to unlock the full potential of their enterprise knowledge. By consolidating diverse data sources and proprietary documents into a unified interface, we are empowering users to seamlessly interact with their information, resulting in a 40-50% increase in productivity. The elimination of tedious manual searches and the ability to simply "chat with data” have revolutionized knowledge retrieval within our clients' organizations. Amazon Q's sophisticated NLP engine ensures accurate query understanding and consistently delivers precise, relevant responses. Its pre-built connectors, intuitive document retriever, and rapid deployment capabilities are proving instrumental in accelerating the end clients' generative AI journey, doubling efficiency and performance while maintaining a high code accuracy, which continues to improve over time. In our experience, Amazon Q is surpassing expectations in both usability and functionality, offering a robust and intuitive solution for businesses seeking to harness the power of their data."

Fahad Munawar Jan, Vice President of Engineering, Emumba

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Hapag-Lloyd is a leading global liner shipping company with global operations across 140 countries.

"At Hapag-Lloyd, we were looking for a way to provide faster and more consistent answers to our employees' questions about internal procedures and operating instructions. Currently, some of these queries are handled through time-consuming chat interactions by our support department. We started to explore Amazon Q Business as an AI chatbot to automate answering these types of queries with near-instantaneous response times of 1–3 seconds per query. We anticipate focusing a portion of our support staff on higher-value tasks, enhancing employee satisfaction through round-the-clock chatbot availability and consistent responses, ultimately leading to cost savings. We selected Amazon Q Business because it is a fully managed service requiring no additional development, has high quality and consistent outputs, and Amazon worked closely with us to further improve the solution. The robust integration capabilities were also a key factor. Amazon Q Business met our need for a mature, trustworthy solution we could quickly launch to solve real operational challenges through AI."

Florian Heinemann, Senior Director Data Insights & AI, Hapag-Lloyd

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Intradiem is the only people-first customer service solution that uncovers untapped capacity in the contact center and reallocates that to support customer service teams.

"We’ve integrated Amazon Q Business into our content creation strategy for our upcoming product release. The key challenge is the need to rewrite the entirety of our help documentation in order to align with all of the new product features and requirements. Through Amazon Q, we’ve been able to accelerate the initial content generation process by uploading product requirement documents, style guides, and templates in order to automate the initial crafting of content while still safeguarding our intellectual property. This innovative yet simple out-of-the-box approach has the potential to reduce the time required to generate user-facing content by an estimated 10%–20% while also ensuring consistency and accuracy throughout the content creation process."

Harper Flores, Lead Product Manager, Intradiem

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Persistent Systems is a digital engineering and enterprise modernization provider with over 23,800 employees in 21 countries. With 268% growth since 2020, Persistent is the fastest-growing Indian IT services brand according to Brand Finance.

"Amazon Q Apps has the potential to revolutionize the way we approach generative AI. We can now empower teams to quickly build and integrate applications with a no-code approach, using enterprise data sources while carefully aligning with existing identities, roles, and authorization levels."

Praveen Bhadada, Head of Generative AI, Persistent Systems

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A Premier AWS Consulting Partner, Quantiphi is an AI-first digital engineering company driven to reimagine transformational opportunities for customers. Combining industry experience, cloud and data practices, and AI research, Quantiphi delivers quantifiable business results for its customers.

The adoption of Amazon Q Apps has significantly enhanced our presales operations. It has streamlined our processes and delivered outstanding results. By leveraging Amazon Q Apps' automation capabilities and AI-driven insights, we've experienced a remarkable 20% increase in sales productivity, reducing our presales cycle time by 15% and allowing our teams to concentrate on high-value tasks and deliver superior work quality. Amazon Q Apps has made a huge difference for our business, driving efficiency, fostering innovation, and fueling growth. We eagerly anticipate continued success and benefits from this powerful tool.

Sanchit Jain, D&A Practice Lead, Quantiphi

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REPAY is a leading, highly integrated omnichannel payment technology company modernizing consumer and business payments through convenient, secure, and frictionless solutions.

"We wanted our own generative AI–powered solution to enable employees to analyze internal data faster, but implementing and maintaining our own solution would take time away from other initiatives and product innovations that could deliver more value to customers. With built-in connectors and access to a prebuilt webpage, we were able to quickly integrate our existing custom REPAY Chatbot UI to the Amazon Q implementation within two sprints. Leveraging the Amazon Kendra retriever, we were able to rapidly search and index different private data sources to provide accurate and timely information to our internal users. Amazon Q's simple, intuitive interface makes it easier for teams across the organization to sort through and analyze information, allowing them to get work done faster. Equipped with the power to gather and act on information rapidly, our employees can make more informed decisions while focusing on higher value tasks."

David Guthrie, Chief Technology Officer, REPAY

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Sterling is a leading provider of background and identity services, helping over 50,000 clients create people-first cultures built on a foundation of trust and safety.

"To further enhance the background and identity verification experience for our clients and their candidates, we are exploring Amazon Q, a new generative AI digital assistant, with the goal of optimizing information search and dissemination to empower our people. So far, we are impressed with the Amazon Q capabilities and are anticipating that tools like this one will increase efficiency for our team, improve speed for our clients, and reduce friction in our candidate experience."

Ivneet Kaur, EVP, Chief Information Technology Officer, Sterling

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Smartsheet is an enterprise software as a service (SaaS) offering for collaboration and work management, present in nonprofit organizations, small businesses, and 85% of Fortune 500 companies around the globe. 

"Amazon Q Business is streamlining knowledge management and accelerating employee productivity at Smartsheet. Previously, it was too difficult for our 3,300 employees to find the information they needed across public help documents, training courses, and hundreds of all-employee Slack help channels. Now, employees can simply tag @AskMe in any Slack channel, ask a question, and Amazon Q will instantly give them an answer. We have consolidated our organizational knowledge into a single AI engine to give our workforce immediate answers, significantly boosting employee productivity. Our CEO uses Amazon Q Business to obtain answers and conduct research, getting the information that he needs without interrupting an employee's workflow. We accomplished all of this in a couple of weeks and without writing a single line of code, all while respecting existing identities, roles, and permissions. Additionally, our engineering teams use Amazon Q to summarize incident statuses, identify action items, access API documentation, and troubleshoot technical issues more efficiently, so they can focus on delivering exceptional products to our customers."

Bani Bedi, Senior Vice President, Corporate Development and Strategy, Smartsheet

Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc. is a subsidiary of Sony Group Corporation. Founded in 1968, it oversees domestic and international music production, distribution, and artist management.

"At Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc., our cybersecurity team utilizes Jira for website threat detection and incident response ticketing. By integrating Amazon Q Business and Jira, new employees gain visibility into prior projects and documents, such as configuration diagrams, and its related ticket resolution activities, enabling them to address new issues and security reviews with enhanced efficiency and accuracy. Amazon Q Business will help us increase employee productivity and reduce resolution response times dramatically. In particular, the way Amazon Q reads and explains the AWS configuration diagram makes it feel like we’re talking with a mature solution architect. In the future, we would like to connect Amazon Q but to multiple resources to respond to inquiries from internal users, eventually be able to accept inquiries from over 1,400 websites’ external users."

Yusuke Tashiro, Digital Trust Department Vice President, Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc.

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Sun Life is a leading international financial services organization providing asset management, wealth, insurance, and health solutions to individual and institutional clients.

"Together with AWS, we're leveraging generative AI to help our people work more efficiently and deliver superior digital experiences to our clients. Adopting Amazon Q Apps will enable our teams to build secure and seamless solutions that create value and differentiation across our business. For example, empowering our teams with access to Amazon Q Apps in just a few clicks will streamline the creation and sharing of applications tailored to their respective needs."

Laura Money, EVP & Chief Information and Technology Innovation Officer, Sun Life

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Tactical Edge AI is an enterprise partner specializing in unleashing high-impact business value for enterprises using data, generative AI, machine learning (ML), and advanced analytics on the cloud. 

"Optimizing our customer relationship management (CRM) and sales platforms integrations was a key priority for us this year at Tactical Edge AI. The main challenge we faced was enhancing our CRM capabilities, specifically to personalize user interactions more effectively and predict sales trends with greater accuracy. Amazon Q Business helps us leverage generative AI–driven analytics and insights, enabling real-time decision-making that was not feasible before. This has directly translated into a 40% increase in user engagement and early improvements in our sales forecasting capabilities, contributing to increased user satisfaction and sales performance metrics."

Elizabeth Jones, Cloud Alliance Manager, Tactical Edge AI

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Trek10 is a systems integrator and managed service provider, specializing in leveraging modern cloud architectures to help businesses generate revenue.

"One common challenge our clients face is the amount of investment in training and research that goes into building the expertise that results in reliable and effective sales. Trek10 leverages Amazon Q Business to provide team members with the knowledge they need to accelerate the buying process, gain trust by backing up recommendations with data, and close the deal by demonstrating the value of the product to customers more quickly. Amazon Q Business is helping our clients answer tough questions, reduce employee training time, and close more deals, while ensuring the safety and security of their data."

Andy Warzon, Chief Technology Officer, Trek10

Virgin Pulse logo

Virgin Pulse is a global digital-first health, wellbeing, and navigation company that motivates millions of people to get and stay healthy, empowering them to make everyday lifestyle choices and important health decisions in a dynamic, ultra-personalized way.

"Our worldwide employee base is highly collaborative across dispersed locations and creates a lot of content, whether for our health and wellbeing platform, our clients, our marketing initiatives, or internal needs. Bringing generative AI into our system and platform to unify search capabilities and take action on the results is a game changer. With Amazon Q and Amazon Bedrock, we can deliver a highly secure and personalized experience for our workforce that saves them time and hassle—accelerating their ability to change lives for good."

Amit Jain, Chief Technology Officer, Virgin Pulse

Volkswagen Logo

Volkswagen is exploring Amazon Q to increase employee productivity by looking at ways to build reports, connect with confluence and local systems to enable better collaboration, and build reports faster.

"Volkswagen innovates not only on its products, but also on how to boost employee productivity and increase production throughput. Volkswagen is testing the use of Amazon Q to streamline employee workflows by potentially integrating it with existing processes. This integration has the possibility to help employees save time during the assembly process, reducing some processes from minutes to seconds, ultimately leading to more throughput."

Till Gloger, Head of Digital Production Platform Region Americas, Volkswagen Group of America

Amazon Q Developer customers

Ancileo logo

Ancileo insurance SaaS provides secure and customizable enterprise technology solutions for insurers, re-insurers, brokers, and affinity partners.

"Ancileo is using Amazon Q to supercharge our developers by helping them understand existing code base and troubleshoot directly in their IDE. This allows our team to reduce time to resolve coding-related issues by 30%. Even our architects use it to help find the best solutions to specific problems based on context. We have been so impressed that we are now integrating ticketing and documentation with Amazon Q to speed up onboarding and allow anyone in our company to quickly find their answers!" 

Sylvain Dutzer, CTO, Ancileo

Availity logo

Availity is the nation’s largest real-time health information network.

"Availity is the nation’s largest real-time health information network. "Amazon Q Developer is a valuable tool that has enhanced our efficiency and enabled us to deliver high-quality code consistently across multiple projects. Amazon Q Developer has been instrumental in boosting code quality across our organization and helping Availity maintain its high security standards."

Rob Warner, Director of AI Automation Development, Availity

BlackBerry logo

BlackBerry, a marquee Canadian brand known for enterprise software in cybersecurity and IOT has harnessed the power of generative AI to increase developer productivity and transform business outcomes.

"At BlackBerry many of our teams are using Amazon Q Developer to accelerate our development work and improve our colleagues' and customers' experiences. Our development velocity has increased because of Amazon Q’s code suggestions and remediation capability. Amazon Q Developer has transformed the speed, agility, and quality of our software development lifecycle."

Jesse Harold, Chief Information Officer, BlackBerry

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bolttech is an international insurtech offering a technology-enabled ecosystem for protection and insurance products across more than 35 markets in North America, Asia, Europe, and Africa.

"At bolttech, we have been looking to remove redundant and manual tasks from our software development cycle so we can increase our speed of going to market. Amazon Q has revolutionized our development workflows, streamlining code documentation and code generation processes. With Amazon Q Developer, we've been able to reduce the time spent on updating code documentation files by a staggering 75%, freeing up valuable development time. Additionally, generating comprehensive DocStrings for Python code development, a task that was once tedious and time-consuming, now takes mere seconds with Amazon Q, resulting in a 90% time savings. Our developers can now focus more on coding and multitasking without significant distractions. Based on our evaluation, Amazon Q has not only increased our developer productivity but has also contributed to improved overall code quality and faster delivery velocity."

Harmit Singh, Group Head of Advanced Product Engineering, bolttech

Curious Orbit Cloud Consulting logo
"By integrating Amazon Q into our daily workflows, we've streamlined processes in our business and significantly increased developer productivity. Amazon Q helps us create CloudFormation templates and custom Lambda functions for our customers more efficiently, reducing customer response times by 20%. Using Amazon Q in the IDE saves our team from searching online for coding answers and can give us an answer in seconds. It's like sorcery—our team feels it is a fantastic tool for productivity!"

Brett Gillett, Founder and CEO, Curious Orbit Cloud Consulting, Inc.

Datapel Systems logo
"We have seamlessly integrated Amazon Q Developer into our development workflow since its inception. The introduction of this extension to our IDE has proven to be a considerable boon. Noteworthy is the discernible reduction in time spent by our development team searching for pertinent information and consulting external resources. By embracing best practices, we have unlocked a plethora of possibilities for our platform. This is particularly beneficial for our team members who are relatively new to AWS programming, as it steers them towards inadvertently opting for Lambda, DynamoDB, and similar services instead of deploying tasks using alternative technologies. The onboarding process for new team members lacking prior experience in cloud computing has become notably smoother. They can now deploy serverless projects within a matter of days, achieving a remarkable efficiency improvement of at least 70%. Looking ahead, we are eager to expand this integration to encompass data retrieval from our code repositories and knowledge base."

Yazid Yahya, Product Development, Datapel Systems

DAT Freight and Analytics logo
"Leveraging Amazon Q's innovative platform and industry-leading suite of LLMs, DAT supercharges its teams, revolutionizing FAQ handling, content generation, and boosting CSAT scores. This emerging technology empowers engineering with instant Slack-accessible insights, slashing cloud team tickets. Amazon Q paves our innovation path, unlocking functionalities, diving deep into AI insights, and magnifying customer value. Integrating Amazon Q Developer and Amazon Q Business tools transforms workflows and customer service, marking our stride towards excellence. Join us as we embrace this thrilling journey with Amazon Q at DAT Freight & Analytics, setting new benchmarks in innovation and customer satisfaction."

Brian Gill, CTO, DAT Freight & Analytics

Eviden logo
"With Amazon Q Developer, we successfully mapped out relevant use cases and accelerated the roadmap for adoption. In some of our projects, we are already seeing developer productivity increase between 20%–40% for cloud-native application development and approximately 20% increase in delivery velocity. Amazon Q Developer has helped us increase productivity among the development teams, improve overall code quality, and incorporate security early in the project lifecycle."

Michael Liebow, Head of Eviden Cloud Business, Atos Group

Safe Software logo
"We make extensive use of Lambdas, API Gateways, and EventBridge to create, terminate, and perform automated housekeeping or our EC2 and RDS resources. With Amazon Q, we can not only ask for suggestions about how best to achieve a task, but also then get help writing the code as well. Amazon Q knows the function calls and parameters, so I don't have to remember them. This is particularly useful for new team members as well as those like myself who aren't using the tools on a daily basis. Amazon Q has helped us cut the initial development time by as much as 25% for new integrations and automations.
When I want to do something quickly using the CLI, I ask Amazon Q. It's quicker than the normal search methods that I used to use. Amazon Q knows all the ways to make use of the many tools that AWS provides. Because we are now able to accomplish more, we will be able to extend our automations into other AWS services and make use of Amazon Q to help us get there."

John Lees, Sr. IT Engineering Manager, Safe Software, Inc.

Leon Grosse logo
"At Léon Grosse, we use Amazon Q as a productivity tool for our software development team. The tool allows us to stay focused on our code by avoiding the need to exit the IDE to consult documentation or code examples on the web. It's quite impressive to see how the tool surfaces suggestions for our function code and comments just when we've forgotten it, all in a format consistent with the rest of our code."

Aurélien Andrey, Direction du Système d’Information, Léon Grosse

Metal Toad logo

Metal Toad is a leading AWS Consulting Partner specialized in data, artificial intelligence, and ML.

"Metal Toad is using Amazon Q to accelerate development of our software projects. Projects using it have already seen velocity increase by 20%–30% over two sprints. Amazon Q has helped us to identify and fix critical bugs easily and quickly. Our Sr Engineers and architects are also using it to accelerate the development of new features. We are excited to see its continued benefits across our entire software development lifecycle."

Nathan Wilkerson, VP of Engineering, Metal Toad

National Australia Bank logo

National Australia Bank is one of the largest financial institutions in Australia.

"At NAB, teams across the bank are excited about how generative AI can transform our work, and we've found a great solution in Amazon Q Developer, a powerful generative AI–powered tool for our engineers and developers. The tool has seamlessly integrated advanced generative algorithms and tools into our development process, delivering unparalleled benefits like completing tasks faster, increasing productivity, and minimizing repetitive actions. So far, our developers have accepted 50% of the code suggestions made by Amazon Q Developer, and that number continues to increase as we scale. We look forward to seeing how Amazon Q Developer will continue to empower and inspire our engineers to upskill their technical expertise, delivering better service for customers."

Andrew Brydon, Executive Chief Engineer, National Australia Bank

NCS logo

NCS, a leading technology services firm in Asia Pacific, partners with governments and enterprises to advance communities through technology.  

"At NCS, we deliver large-scale enterprise software solutions by harnessing the collective strengths of specialized teams across diverse countries, languages, and cultures with varying delivery maturity. We needed a tool that could streamline repetitive tasks, enabling our people to focus on pursuing high-value outcomes. By seamlessly integrating Amazon Q Developer with cross-functional teams, including business analysts, architects, and engineers, this game-changing tool has unleashed a wave of efficiency and productivity across our entire value chain. With Amazon Q Developer, our business analysts can now easily and quickly build user stories and summarize insights using natural language. The impact of Amazon Q Developer has been nothing short of transformative, delivering time savings of around 28% and propelling our company's productivity to new heights. This has enabled us to deliver high-quality solutions to our clients faster, enhancing their competitiveness and driving business growth."

Yap E Fang, Partner for Cloud and Digital Architect, NCS

Netsmart logo

Netsmart is a leading technology provider for community-based care, offering a comprehensive platform that encompasses electronic health records, services, and solutions. 

“The demand for community-based care in our market has grown exponentially, and one way to meet this demand is through technology like Amazon Q Developer that can help fuel efficiency and innovation. Amazon Q Developer can transform the way our engineering team approaches research, design, and coding. Since using Amazon Q Developer, our team has seen a strong code suggestion acceptance rate of 35%. This has allowed our engineers to efficiently generate high-quality code and documentation, implement new features, which can accelerate development cycles, and significantly reduce manual effort. We are excited about the impact of Amazon Q Developer on our development processes."

Paul Snider, VP of Engineering, Netsmart

Novacomp logo

Novacomp provides a diverse range of IT products and services while specializing in quality assurance automation, software testing services, and nearshore outsourcing.

"Modernizing applications at Novacomp has historically been a time-consuming task that is often deprioritized against other development initiatives. Our team turned to Amazon Q Code Transformation agent to help upgrade a project running in Java 8 to Java 17 with over 10,000 lines of code. This is a task that would typically take an expert over two weeks to manually complete, but Amazon Q seamlessly modernized our project in a matter of minutes. Since adopting Amazon Q across our organization, we have realized a 60% decrease in average in our tech debt."

Gerardo Arroyo, CTO, Novacomp

Persistent Systems logo

Persistent Systems is a trusted digital engineering and enterprise modernization partner, helping their customers with deep technical expertise and industry experience.

"At Persistent, we have been using Amazon Q Developer’s code transformation capability to quickly reduce our tech debt. As per our compliance/security standards, we had to migrate an internal function application that was originally built on Java 8 to Java 17. By using Amazon Q, the migration effort was completed in 4 hours versus our expectation of 24 hours, resulting in a productivity gain of approximately 83%. This has helped us leverage the additional features, including enhanced security of Java 17 in a time-bound fashion." 

Vijesh Rangaswami, Chief Architect - GenAI COE, Persistent Systems

Pragma logo

Pragma, a leading AWS Partner in the LATAM market, has been actively utilizing the code transformation capability of Amazon Q to streamline application modernization for their clients.

"At Pragma, we understand the challenges associated with maintaining and upgrading legacy code bases. Our team has successfully migrated real Java microservices from Java 8 to Java 17 for clients using Amazon Q Code Transformation, and the results have been exceptional. In our experience, manually migrating a single microservice of such size would typically consume around three days of dedicated effort. However, with Amazon Q code transformation, we have reduced that timeframe to a mere 20 to 60 minutes. This incredible efficiency gain has empowered our team to deliver superior value to our clients, while simultaneously reducing technical debt and accelerating their digital transformation journeys." 

Nicolas Archila, Chief Technology Innovation Officer, Pragma

Ryte logo
"Leveraging Amazon Q into our development workflow at Ryte has transformed the way we design, build, and enhance within our development workflows. Our developers have seen a significant leap in productivity, achieving results in half the time previously required for some cases and more efficient learning curves at the first-time use of AWS services.
This acceleration doesn't just mean faster output. It has improved the quality of our software, enabling us to deliver excellent new features to our clients with greater efficiency. Amazon Q empowers our teams to focus on innovation and excellence, and will definitely stay on top of our VS Code IDE!"

Danny Linden, Managing Director, Ryte Vietnam (

Slalom logo

Slalom is a next-generation professional services company that has been an AWS Partner since 2010.

"At Slalom, we have been utilizing Amazon Q Developer to address customers’ challenges and deliver actionable results. By using Amazon Q Developer, not only are we seeing between 30%–50% productivity gains for our customers, we have seen three times faster migration to AWS Cloud Development Kit in some cases, opening up new opportunities for migration and modernization for our customers. We are excited that the roadmap promises even further innovation and accelerated business value. Amazon Q’s focus on privacy and security as it relates to safeguarding our customer data makes it easier for our customers to trust generative AI usage and feel secure about their data." 

Mukesh Kumar, President of Global Technology, Slalom

Switchboard MD logo
"Our team has found that transitioning between different programming languages (specifically Node, Python, and SQL) with varying syntax rules can be challenging. Amazon Q has helped us harmonize our logic across these languages—enabling newer team members to contribute to development work while freeing up more experienced team members to focus on other tasks. Thanks to Amazon Q, we have been able to reduce our time to deploy new features for our products by 25%." 

Munaf Noorani, VP of Architecture and Integration, Switchboard, MD

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"Amazon Q has been an accelerator for our development team. It fits right into our PyCharm workflow, making it easy to use. We can ask Amazon Q for code improvement suggestions or about AWS infrastructure, and it lends a hand right in the IDE. Since we're an AI-focused AWS Partner, we also rely on Amazon Q to review the prompts we create for language models. As we're coding, Amazon Q can take a look at our prompts and offer recommendations to make them even better. This helps us deliver top-notch AI products faster and ensures our customers get the most effective AI solutions." 

Lance Dofflemyer, CEO/Founder, Tech 42

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"Temus is delighted with the widespread benefits of Amazon Q across our development cycle. Amazon Q's built-in privacy and security made it easier for us to adopt generative AI safely and quickly. Our commitment to building the state-of-the-art Natural Capital Monetization (NCM) Platform for Laconic, a leading global provider of integrated Environmental Intelligence Services, has been remarkably empowered by Amazon Q. Its capabilities have enabled us to boost our development efficiency by an average of 35%. By leveraging Amazon Q's robust suite for code generation, code scanning capabilities, and efficient bug fixing protocols, we've not only accelerated development timelines but have also markedly improved our code quality. The security scans, in-depth code explanations, and intelligent code suggestions provided by Amazon Q have been invaluable, ensuring our code is not only functional but also secure and maintainable."

Rahul Hukku, Director, Cloud Engineering, Temus

Amazon Q in QuickSight customers

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aCommerce is the leading end-to-end ecommerce enabler in Southeast Asia that helps global brands to achieve their ecommerce goals. After evaluating different analytics solutions to provide their users with an intuitive interface to create custom analytics and improve the scalability of their data products, VP of Data & Analytics Leena Chanvirach chose Amazon Q in QuickSight.

"We wanted a product offering that would allow us to utilize LLM in the analytics domain and at the same time have an enterprise-grade data security with controlled data access at the user level that our developers could seamlessly embed in our application that has complex authentication requirements." Chanvirach informed, "Embedding Amazon Q in QuickSight for Q&A provides these capabilities out of the box. We use custom themes to provide a unified visual experience to our customers in the web portal and the row-level security feature to restrict data access based on the user logged in. The serverless architecture offered by Amazon QuickSight helped us jumpstart and complete the POC in significantly less time [we took about a month] and scales automatically to new customers. aCommerce is now ready to launch the capability of chat analytics in their web portal that will enable all subscribed users to find actionable market insights through a simple Q&A exchange."

Leena Chanvirach, VP of Data & Analytics, aCommerce

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"With Anthology Illuminate, our goal is to truly democratize institutional decision-making for educational institutions, putting insight directly into the hands of the person best placed to act upon it, without relying on an intermediary expert. By embedding Amazon Q in QuickSight into Anthology Illuminate, we can provide access to integrated, campus-wide data reporting and visualization into an institution's common workflows. QuickSight's newest generative BI capabilities bring more comprehensive self-serve analytics to institutional decision-makers regardless of their data skills."

Steve Bailey, Director of Product Management, Analytics at Anthology

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The BMW Group is a global manufacturer of premium automobiles and motorcycles.

"Here at BMW, our regional specialists are focused on optimizing inventory throughout our supply chain," said Christoph Albrecht, Data Engineering and Analytics Expert at BMW Group. "They get regular requests from stakeholders like our board members or supply chain specialists to create new dashboard views for them to analyze the latest trends. QuickSight’s new Amazon Q–powered authoring experience is a huge time saver to create calculations without stopping for reference, build visuals fast, and then refine the visual presentation for a precise experience, all with natural language. The regional specialists can impress our business users with a quick turnaround and they can make critical decisions more quickly."

Christoph Albrecht, Data Engineering and Analytics Expert, BMW Group

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Clinigence Health is an innovative, values-driven company focused on providing advanced analytics to our clients to meet the challenges in today's healthcare system. "Our clients need to provide the highest quality of care at the appropriate cost to their organization," said Lawrence Schimmel, M.D., Chief Medical Officer at Clinigence Health.

"With Amazon Q in QuickSight, we can identify insights and trends within data in minutes, a process that previously took hours. By embedding these generative BI capabilities into our new QMX platform, which ingests health data and makes it available to decision-makers and care givers, Amazon Q in QuickSight has given our users the opportunity to ask their own questions using natural language. This is a groundbreaking innovation in our space, making data readily available to workers at all levels of the organization, not just those with experience in analytics and data reporting. Amazon Q in QuickSight will enable all of our users to perform their jobs more efficiently and accurately, ultimately improving patient outcomes."

Lawrence Schimmel, M.D., Chief Medical Information Officer at Clinigence Health

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GoDaddy helps millions of entrepreneurs globally start, grow, and scale their businesses.

"Amazon Q in QuickSight allows us to ask our data contextual business questions without having to constantly rely on ad hoc dashboards. For example, now we can much more easily discover and drill into anomalies in business performance across the company," said Ed Sarausad, Senior Director, Data & Analytics, at GoDaddy. "This shift not only streamlines our processes, but also elevates our analytical capabilities. What excites us most is the opportunity to unlock insights with profound, previously unasked questions. That allows us to respond more swiftly and with greater depth, enhancing our data learning journey."

Ed Sarausad, Senior Director, Data and Analytics, GoDaddy

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Mindex is a leading provider of enterprise software development and cloud services and creator of SchoolTool, the most trusted K-12 Student Information System in New York State. Serving over 400 districts, SchoolTool sits on a wealth of data that has historically been siloed at the district level. We have reimagined our data and analytics offering for SchoolTool using AWS.

"QuickSight Q is a truly innovative offering, bringing to bear the power of gen AI to make dashboard developers more efficient and democratizing the ability to create new insights direct to nontechnical users. This will enable an exponential increase in the volume and speed at which insights to inform regional and district-level student success can be delivered, unleashing the true value in student data that has previously been hamstrung by resource availability and the requirement of highly specialized skill sets."

Michael Terzis, Chief Product Officer, Mindex

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Showpad is a leading provider of sales enablement solutions.

"At Showpad, we wanted to give users more ways to discover and explore data while keeping the user experience simple and intuitive", informed Jeroen Minnaert, Chief Architect and Head of Data at Showpad. “"With Amazon Q in QuickSight, we're able to give our customers the ability to query data without the need for a complex user interface or the need to know SQL. Integration to our app took just a little over a week, and we were able to customize the experience so it blends seamlessly into our experience. We’re already hearing from customers thrilled with this new experience and are looking ahead to additional Amazon Q capabilities we’ll be able to add in the future."

Jeroen Minnaert, Chief Architect and Head of Data, Showpad

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Traeger Grills is a leading provider of smokers, grills, and barbeque products.

"Our business is constantly evolving and developing new data needs, which led us to create and update dashboards and reports," said Corey Savory-Venzke, Vice President of Customer Experience at Traeger Grills. "QuickSight enables our operations teams to deliver data to users across a variety of use cases, from distribution center forecasts to reporting Amazon Connect call center metrics. QuickSight Q has shown us the power of natural language experiences to accelerate data work by helping our business users get insights instantly. We are excited to see the additional generative BI capabilities for authors because they can raise our speed to respond to these changing business needs to a new level. Natural language experiences like these are fundamentally changing the way people work."

Corey Savory-Venzke, Vice President of Customer Experience, Traeger Grills

Amazon Q Individual Users

"Utilizing Amazon Q has been a game-changer for me. It's not just about efficiency; it's about unlocking new avenues of development and delivering exceptional user experiences."

Madhu Kumar, AWS Hero

“In my role as a solutions architect, the time where I actually code is getting rare. However, hands-on experience in building modern cloud applications is a crucial part in helping development teams navigating AWS. Amazon Q is the always-on and always-there pair programmer that helps me to become a better solutions architect. Amazon Q supports me in a variety of tasks, ranging from architectural trade-off analysis, solution design, up to building proof of concepts and cleaning up my messy code."

Christian Bonzelet, AWS Community Builder

"I tend to have a 'conversation' with Amazon Q after I make some architectural decisions to be sure that everything I've thought of is covered. A good example would be to see if there's an ability for an AWS service to ingest a real-time message, and if there is, I get all the relevant documentations handy that I can drill through quickly. This is a huge time-saver as I do not need to start a docs search. And, if I do, I often get false positives because I used the wrong keyword or the system isn't familiar with the context of my asks."

Rob Koch, AWS Hero

"Amazon Q is more like HQ for error resolution and quick help while building either on my VS Code or AWS Console that has saved me a ton of time digging through docs or solution guides as it's completely trained on Amazon/AWS knowledge base."

Jones Zachariah Noel, AWS Hero

"I use Amazon Q Developer on a daily basis to increase my productivity at work. I find it so much quicker to generate infrastructure as code to add new functionality whilst building prototypes, create the application code to integrate with new AWS services, and help explain code I have not seen before. I use Amazon Q to achieve this whilst I stay solely within the IDE, keeping me focused on the task at hand, and preventing the distraction that happens when switching between different browser windows and other documentation."

Matt Lewis, AWS Hero

"Amazon Q Developer has been a game changer for me as a builder. Whether I'm coding in Rust, Go or TypeScript, Q delivers quality code suggestions in place directly from my IDE. I have found it to be especially helpful when working with libraries or patterns that I don't use often as it quickly provides multi-line output. Ultimately, using Amazon Q Developer accelerates my process, saves me time and helps me ship safer and faster." 

Benjamin Pyle, AWS Community Builder