Loggly offers a cloud-based service that mines large amounts of log data in real time and reveals insights you can leverage to produce quality code and deliver a great user experience. Loggly automatically summarizes all of your data to guide your searches. By using Loggly to analyze configuration changes recorded by AWS Config, you can:

  • Quickly discover which resources are being used or changed in your account
  • Track and manage changes across all of your AWS resources supported by AWS Config
  • Troubleshoot issues that are caused by configuration changes
  • Accelerate incident resolution

It’s simple to configure Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS) to send your AWS Config data directly to Loggly via our HTTP/HTTPS endpoint. Loggly automatically parses configuration changes recorded by AWS Config in JSON format so you can easily navigate and analyze those changes using Loggly Dynamic Field Explorer™. This gives you a high level summary of configuration changes and lets you drill down into specific issues without typing even a single search query. For more information about this integration, please see: https://www.loggly.com/docs/aws-config-logging/

Learn more by visiting us at www.loggly.com or follow @loggly on Twitter.

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