You can easily get started by enabling the service with a few clicks in the AWS Management Console. You can get started with basic rules to evaluate configurations recorded and specify an optional Amazon SNS topic to receive notifications about compliance of rules and configuration changes. You can also specify an Amazon S3 bucket where you want to the information recorded by AWS Config to be delivered—the service handles everything else. When you enable the service, AWS Config discovers your AWS resources and begins recording configuration changes.  AWS Config also represents the relationships between your resources (e.g., an Amazon EBS volume attached to an Amazon EC2 instance).

After enabling the service, you can access information about the configuration of any supported resource using the AWS Management Console, CLI, or SDKs. You don’t need to worry about installing and maintaining agents for data collection or managing a central configuration datastore.

For details about supported resource types, list of managed rules and more, refer to AWS Config Documentation

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