Charges for using AWS Data Exchange depend on the actions you take. See below for details.

Subscription fees

For each product, on its product detail page, you can see a list of prices varying by subscription durations that are set by the data provider. When subscribing, you pay upfront the price associated with the subscription along with applicable sales taxes.

Storage fees

AWS Data Exchange charges customers to store data you load to the service. We measure your storage usage in “Byte-Hours” which are added up at the end of the month to generate your monthly charges. We charge less where are our costs are less, and prices are based on the size of data and the region, as shown below.

Pricing example

As an example, if you had a data set in US East (N. Virginia) containing 100GB for all 31 days of a given month, and published another 100TB to that data set with 16 days remaining in the month, you would have accumulated 42.3 quadrillion Byte-Hours of usage ([100GB x 31 days x (24 hours/day)] + [100TB x 16 days x (24 hours/day)], which equals $1,217.89 in monthly storage charges (at $0.023/GB/month). 

Tiered fulfillment fees

AWS Data Exchange charges data providers Tiered Fulfillment Fees (TFF) for revenue collections made by AWS for all new subscriptions to their data products. With Bring Your Own Subscription (BYOS) feature, data providers can migrate and fulfill pre-existing subscriptions with AWS customers at no additional cost.

Data transfer fees

Standard S3 rates apply when importing or exporting assets across regions. If you export assets via signed URL, standard transfer rates to the internet apply. See Amazon S3 Pricing Policies for details.

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