AWS Cost and Usage Reports Features

Dive deeper into your AWS cost and usage data

Why AWS Cost and Usage Reports?

The AWS Cost and Usage Reports (CUR) contains the most comprehensive set of cost and usage data available. You can use Cost and Usage Reports to export your cost and usage data to an Amazon S3 bucket that you own. You can receive exports that break down your costs by the hour, day, or month, by product or product resource, or by tags that you define yourself. AWS delivers the export to your bucket at least once a day as either a CSV or Parquet file. You can process the export using analytics tools, such as Amazon Athena or Amazon Redshift, or spreadsheet applications, such as Microsoft Excel. You can also create visualizations of your CUR using business intelligence tools, such as Amazon QuickSight, to share insights with your teams.

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The AWS Cost and Usage Reports (CUR) provides cost and usage data with a wide range of time granularities, including hourly, daily, and monthly.

The AWS Cost and Usage Reports (CUR) enables you to view your cost and usage data at the individual resource-level for hourly, daily and monthly granularities which is essential for cost allocation and optimization activities within your organization.

Split cost allocation data enables cost visibility for all Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS) tasks, AWS Batch jobs and Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) pods across your entire consolidated billing family (payer and linked accounts). Once activated, split cost allocation data automatically scans for ECS tasks and EKS pods. It ingests the telemetry usage data for your container workloads, prepares the granular cost data for the current month, and makes it available in your cost and usage report or data export.