Amazon EC2 15th Birthday Event

Join us on Twitch for this free virtual event to celebrate the birth of cloud computing
9am PST | 12pm EST, August 23-24, 2021

Join us to celebrate 15 years of innovation

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) opened for limited beta testing in August 2006 and kick started the cloud computing revolution. Now with over 400 instance types, EC2 has radically disrupted how millions of organizations around the world - from startups to Fortune 500 companies - run diverse workloads every day.

Join us for a 2 day live virtual celebration featuring sessions from AWS experts, industry leaders, customers, and partners that have shaped the last 15 years of EC2 cloud innovation.

What to expect

Celebrate 15 years of EC2 streaming on Twitch from August 23rd to 24th to hear from leaders and experts as they share lessons learned and insights from building the world's most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platform.

Executive keynotes

15 years ago, Amazon started a seismic shift in the global technology landscape, and has set the pace for innovation in cloud computing ever since. Hear from the people that started it all, and what we learned along the way.

AWS experts

Get exclusive access to the people who build and operate AWS. Ask questions and learn from EC2 experts including engineers, developers, architects, and technologists.

Deep dive sessions

Explore sessions covering silicon innovation, cost optimization, machine learning, high performance computing, networking, and more.

Best practices

Hear from AWS leaders, customers, and partners about learnings from the past 15 years of technical and business innovation on EC2.

Why attend?

Whether you're new to the cloud or an experienced user, learn from the customers, partners, and AWS leaders that shaped EC2. Get insight into the future of cloud computing and have your questions answered by experts.

Who should attend?

Technologists at all levels can benefit from the sessions, which range from Introductory (100 level) to Expert (400 level). Business decision maker, IT professional, solutions architect, developer, engineer, and system administrator - are all welcome.


Join us for 2 days of keynotes, sessions, and demos from August 23-24.

  • Day 1 - August 23
    • When EC2 launched, cellphones weren’t yet smart and DVDs still arrived in the mail. In this keynote, AWS Vice President, Dave Brown looks back at key milestones in the EC2 journey, learnings from our key customers that every business can benefit from, and how these factors have influenced the services we offer today.

      9am PST
      Dave Brown

      Vice President, Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) at AWS

    • Customers are bringing diverse workloads into AWS at a faster rate than ever before. To run diverse workload with the performance and costs that customers expect, we often have to innovate on their behalf and deliver breakthrough innovations even at the silicon level. For AWS, our foray into silicon design started with the Nitro System, but quickly extended into Graviton processors, and purpose-built inference chips with Inferentia. In this session, we will explore our journey into silicon innovation and discuss some of the thought processes, learnings, and results from our experiences thus far.

      9:40am PST
      Ali Saidi

      Sr. Principal Engineer, Annapurna

    • Amazon EC2 offers the broadest and deepest platform to run workloads ranging from simple web apps to mission critical workloads. Now you can pick from over 400 EC2 instance types to get the best price-performance in the cloud for any workload. Watch this session if you are getting started with EC2 or if you want to understand what instance type choices are right for your workload(s). Learn how to get started with EC2 instance discovery and other tools that simplifies the instance type discovery and selection process.

      10:30am PST
      Roshni Pary

      Sr. Manager, Compute Business Development

    • It’s easier than ever to grow your compute capacity and enable new types of cloud computing applications while maintaining the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) by blending EC2 Spot Instances, On-Demand Instances, and Savings Plans purchase models. In this session, learn how to use the power of EC2 Fleet and AWS Compute Optimizer with AWS services such as Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling, Amazon ECS, Amazon EKS, Amazon EMR, and AWS Batch to programmatically optimize costs while maintaining high performance and availability. Dive deep into cost-optimization patterns for workloads such as containers, web services, CI/CD, batch, big data, and more.

      11:05am PST
      Boyd McGeachie

      Global Head of EC2 Spot GTM at AWS

    • In this session, we walk through the foundations of VPC, PrivateLink, and Transit Gateway. First, we cover build-out and design fundamentals for VPCs, including picking your IP space, subnetting, routing, security, NAT, and much more. We then dive into how you can leverage AWS Transit Gateway to manage your growing number of VPCs and simplify your network. This session will also highlight AWS PrivateLink for private connectivity and VPC traffic mirroring for monitoring your network traffic.

      11:45am PST
      Matt Lehwess

      Principal Solutions Architect at AWS

    • Businesses are adopting machine learning to push the boundaries of what is possible. In this session we will talk about the top AI/ML use cases and how customers are successfully implementing them using AWS and transforming their businesses. Learn about how you can choose from the broadest and deepest portfolio of machine learning services and a range of CPU, GPU, and custom accelerator based ML infrastructure services best suited for your performance and budget needs to accelerate innovation.

      12:25pm PST
      Chetan Kapoor

      Senior Manager - Product Management EC2 at AWS

    • In this session we’ll focus on how Machine Learning and high performance computing are enabling businesses to develop advanced virtual design processes to bring innovative new designs to market faster. We’ll focus on how GPU acceleration, through our Amazon EC2 p4d UltraClusters are bringing about a significant speedup in simulation time and how services like AWS ParallelCluster and AWS Batch are simplifying the deployment of HPC environments. Finally we’ll focus on how deep-learning based ML models are bringing about the potential for an exciting revolution in the way that products are being designed.

      1:10pm PST
      Neil Ashton

      Principal CFD Specialist Solution Architect at AWS

      Simon Dodman

      Principal Aerodynamicist at Formula 1

      Varun Ramakrishna

      Director of Perception at Aurora

  • Day 2 - August 24
    • Enterprises are adopting the AWS Cloud at a rapid pace to reduce costs, become more agile, and innovate faster. While most workloads can be easily migrated to the cloud, some workloads remain on premises or in edge nodes due to low-latency, local data processing, or data residency requirements. Customers want to run their workloads using the same infrastructure, services, APIs, and tools across all environments—from the cloud to on premises to edge nodes. In this session, learn how AWS is reinventing hybrid by extending AWS to virtually anywhere customers need it, from on-premises locations to large metro centers to 5G networks.

      9am PST
      Joshua Burgin

      General Manager, AWS Outposts

      Tiffany Wissner

      Director of Product Marketing for Compute and Infrastructure

    • What are the tangible ways to make hybrid cloud real and drive business value? Join this session to understand the full spectrum of hybrid use cases that AWS Outposts, AWS Wavelength, and AWS Local Zones empower. For each use case, you will also learn from real-world examples how AWS hybrid solutions have helped our customers accelerate digital transformation, improve IT productivity, and differentiate their services and end-user experiences.

      9:45am PST
      Mike Davis

      Business Development - AWS EC2 Outposts

    • Enterprises are increasingly looking to use the same AWS infrastructure, services, APIs and tools for workloads that need to run on premises or in co-location spaces. In this session, you will hear Tipico, a leading iGaming operator who offers safe, secure digital and mobile betting entertainment, dive deep into how they architect and deploy AWS Outposts for a truly consistent hybrid experience. We will also walk you through what’s new with AWS Outposts and demonstrate how you can spin up EC2 instances on Outposts, connect Outposts to other AWS services in AWS Regions, and build & deploy applications with a consistent CI/CD pipeline across hybrid environments.

      10:35am PST
      Rob Czarnecki

      Principal Product Manager, AWS Outposts

    • AWS hybrid connectivity solutions link your on premises and AWS cloud networks together in order to support a wide range of hybrid use cases. Join this session to learn how AWS Direct Connect, AWS Site-to-Site VPN, AWS Transit Gateway, the AWS global network, and other networking services give you tools to meet the requirements of real-world use cases—whether you are connecting to AWS services running in the cloud, on your premises, or at the network edge.

      11:20am PST
      Jamie Wenzel

      Sr. Solutions Architect

    • In this session, you will learn how to architect, build, and deploy applications at the edge using AWS hybrid and edge computing services. We will walk you through the steps of deploying a high bandwidth Media Streaming application to AWS Wavelength Zones on a 5G network. We will also walk you through the steps for deploying a real-time online game closer to your end-users in large metro areas using AWS Local Zones. You’ll learn about the fundamentals of distributed edge applications, 5G MEC (mobile edge compute), use cases, and reference architectures.

      12:05pm PST
      Saravanan Shanmugam

      Globbal Lead Solution Architect for Edge Computing, AWS

    • Developing Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) for today’s vehicles and Autonomous vehicles of the future is a promising, but challenging endeavor across multiple functional dimensions including technology, compliance, reliability, security, and capital investments. Learn how AWS is helping accelerate ADAS and AV development with global hyper scale infrastructure and the latest in technology offerings. Hear from Aurora, an industry leader with a vision to transform mobility, on their experience developing the Aurora Driver, an L4 autonomous driver system, on AWS.

      1pm PST
      Vijitha Chekuri

      Autonomous Business Development Leader at AWS

      Varun Ramakrishna

      Director of Perception at Aurora

    • Developers and data scientists are leveraging machine learning and building increasingly large and complex ML models to solve their organization’s biggest problems. This is driving up the cost to train and deploy these models at scale. In fact, running ML models in production can account for up to 90% of ML infrastructure costs. Attend this session to learn how AWS Inferentia powered Amazon EC2 Inf1 instances that deliver high performance and the lowest cost ML inference in the cloud. Learn how Amazon Advertising deployed their ML inference on EC2 Inf1 instances with minimal code changes and saved 71% on their inference costs.

      1:45pm PST
      Yashal Kanungo

      ML Applied Scientist II at Amazon

      Christian Amadasun

      Senior Technical Product Manager at AWS

    • Digital Twins represent an exciting new technology that businesses are adopting to make better operational and strategic decisions in industries such as automotive, aerospace, manufacturing, healthcare, life sciences, energy, power & utilities, and other industrial operations. Digital Twins require the convergence of at-scale computing, new modeling methods, spatial computing (3D/AR/VR), and IoT connectivity. In this session, we will discuss how AWS can help scale your Digital Twin journey and hear from Siemens Energy on how they are developing Digital Twin solutions on AWS for their operations.

      2:15pm PST
      Adam Rasheed

      Senior Manager, Autonomous Computing at AWS