Amazon EC2 Spot Instances for Startups

Save up to 90% on big data, containers, AI/ML and other fault-tolerant workloads

Many startups turn to the cloud due to zero upfront costs, faster launch times, and scalability, and to spend more time focused on developing their business and product offering. With Amazon EC2 Spot Instances, startups can get to results faster, and accelerate the pace of innovation at their company for a fraction of the cost.

Spot Instances are uniquely positioned to help startups unlock the full potential of the cloud, whether you are looking to optimize costs or reduce time-to-market. Spot Instances are available spare EC2 capacity available at up to a 90% discount over On-Demand pricing. As Spot Instances can be reclaimed by EC2 with a two minute warning, fault-tolerant and stateless workloads like big data, AI/ML and containers are an ideal fit for Spot Instances. Spot Instances are tightly integrated with Amazon EMR, Elastic Container Service, Elastic Kubernetes Service, and SageMaker so running Spot Instances with other AWS services is easier than ever. Learn how you can easily integrate Spot Instances into your existing workloads to do more for less on Amazon EC2.


Reduce time-to-market

Reinvest the cost savings you get from Spot Instances back into your company by hiring more developers or accessing more compute to train your AI/ML models faster.

Extend your runway

By saving up to 90% on compute instances, you can significantly lower infrastructure costs, allowing you to extend the life of your funding.

Build for scale

Due to the operating scale of AWS, you can use Spot Instances to quickly ramp up massive data analysis jobs or optimize the resilience of your web based applications for less cost.


AWS service integrations

AWS has integrated Spot with other AWS services like SageMaker, EMR, ECS, EKS, and EC2 Auto Scaling to make launching Spot simple.

Handling interuptions

With alerts and automation, Spot interruptions are handled seamlessly so customers can focus on building and scaling their business.

Same EC2 infrastructure as On-Demand

With Spot Instances, customers get access to all the same instance types, global scale, and security standards offered by Amazon EC2.

Startups already using Spot Instances

See more examples on the Amazon EC2 Spot Instances Customers page. 


Run Kubernetes clusters for less

Learn how to launch Kuberenetes clusters with EKS and autoscale Spot Instance worker nodes by using Kubernetes Cluster-Autoscaler.

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Optimizing Amazon EMR clusters for cost and scale

Learn how to launch your first Amazon EMR cluster on Amazon EC2 Spot Instances using the Create Cluster wizard.

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Optimizing and scaling machine learning training

Learn how to train AI/ML models faster and for less cost by using Managed Spot Training with Amazon SageMaker.

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Using Fargate Spot to optimize costs for serverless containers

Learn how to run Spot Tasks on Fargate by running them as standalone tasks or in a service, as well as how to handle interruptions.

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Best practices for running Spark applications using Spot Instances on EMR

Learn about best practices on how to scale big data workloads, as well as how to process, store, and analyze big data securely and cost effectively with Amazon EMR and Amazon EC2 Spot Instances.

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Extend your runway with Spot Instances

Learn how you can cost optimize AI/ML, big data and Kubernetes workloads by using Spot Instances with Amazon SageMaker, Amazon EMR, and Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service.

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August 26, 2019

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November 15, 2019

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