Quantum solutions built on AWS

Deliver quantum solutions to your customers with Amazon Braket

Solution Providers worldwide have built specialized services on Amazon Braket to help customers explore quantum computing. Combine Amazon Braket with other AWS services to build solutions that leverage hybrid quantum/classical systems and high-performance computing to help meet customer needs.

AWS Braket

Amazon Braket

Leverage the convenience of Amazon Braket to access multiple simulators and the largest range of quantum hardware in a pay-as-you-go manner. Easily submit standalone quantum tasks or build your own hybrid workloads through a single interface.

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Power of AWS

Power of AWS

Building quantum solutions on AWS uses the same infrastructure that powers some of the largest cloud-based solutions in the world. Utilize features such as Hybrid Jobs to leverage AWS classical resources in conjunction with quantum hardware.

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Partner resources

Partner resources

Collaborate with AWS in a host of partner programs, such as AWS Activate, the Quantum Computing blog channel, Credits for Research, and other joint marketing opportunities.

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Featured solutions built on Amazon Braket
Agnostiq logo


"As a new and promising computing paradigm, quantum computing introduces new operational complexity. Amazon Braket & AWS make it possible for tools like Covalent to empower clients to iterate, deploy and scale their high performance & quantum computing applications with minimal effort."

CEO, Oktay Goktas

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Good Chemistry

"Amazon Braket, combined with massively scalable HPC and AI services on AWS cloud, provides a one-stop source of leading-edge computing for our quantum chemistry offerings, Tangelo and QEMIST Cloud, which are set to revolutionize how drugs and materials are designed."

Dr. Arman Zaribafiyan, Co-founder and CEO – Good Chemistry

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“Working with AWS, we have integrated Amazon Braket with QuantumPath® to help global customers simplify the development of quantum algorithms in hybrid classical/quantum software systems.”

Guido Peterssen, Founder and COO - aQuantum

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Classiq Technologies

Classiq Technologies

"With Amazon Braket, (we are) delivering to customers a flexible solution for creating, deploying and executing pure-quantum and hybrid quantum/classical solutions on a wide range of quantum computers."

Nir Minerbi, Co-founder and CEO - Classiq

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"Amazon Braket ... enables us to build robust and scalable hybrid quantum classical solutions in a short amount of time, and allows our customers to securely execute large scale simulations..."

Benno Broer, Chief Commercial Officer - PASQAL SAS

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"qBraid provides quantum software developers with the most streamlined access to quantum resources, allowing them to learn, build, and deploy quantum solutions on cloud. With a wide variety of services and a spectacular customer service, AWS has enabled us to build such a scalable and secure one-stop SaaS platform to democratize quantum computing at a tremendous pace."

Dr. Kanav Setia, Co-founder and CEO – qBraid

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QC Ware

QC Ware

"Building on AWS allowed QC Ware to leverage Amazon Braket and Amazon EC2 to offer a highly performant, secure, scalable, and impactful platform to customers."

Matt Johnson, CEO - QC Ware Corp.

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Quantum Computing Inc.

"QCI's partnership with AWS ... furthers our goal to democratize quantum computing for non-quantum experts, eliminating expensive, lengthy, complex programming."

Robert Liscouski, Chairman, CEO - QCI

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"AWS and Amazon Braket provide the foundation for hybrid compute services to deliver cutting edge solutions to customers across industry verticals."

William Hurley, CEO - Strangeworks

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Quantum solutions on AWS

Get access to millions of AWS customers looking for innovative products for their most demanding compute problems through the AWS Marketplace.

D-Wave Leap Quantum Cloud Service

The Leap™ quantum cloud service delivers immediate, real-time access to Advantage™ quantum computers and quantum hybrid solver service.

QuEra Bloqade

An efficient software-based emulator for the Hamiltonian dynamics of neutral-atom quantum computers.

Toshiba Simulated Bifurcation Machine

A set of classical solvers to efficiently obtain approximate solutions for large combinatorial optimization problems expressed as ISING, MAXCUT and MAXSAT problems.

Get access to millions of AWS customers looking for innovative products for their most demanding compute problems via Marketplace Channel Programs. Learn more about quantum solutions on AWS Marketplace here

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Start your academic quantum research on Amazon Braket with support from the AWS Cloud Credit for Research Program.

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