Amazon DocumentDB free trial

If your organization has never created an Amazon DocumentDB cluster, you’re eligible for a one month free trial. Your organization gets 750 hours per month of t3.medium instance usage, 30 million IOs, 5 GB of storage, and 5 GB of backup storage for free for 30 days. Once your one month free trial expires or your usage exceeds the free allowance, you can shut down your cluster to avoid any charges, or keep it running at our standard on-demand rates. 

Amazon DocumentDB free trial FAQs

Q: Who is eligible for the free trial?

You are eligible for the free trial if your organization has not created an Amazon DocumentDB cluster since 01-24-2022.

Q: What does the Amazon DocumentDB free trial offer?

The Amazon DocumentDB free trial provides free use of 750 instance hours for t3-medium instances (2vCPUs and 4GB RAM), 5GB of storage, 30 million IOs, and 5GB of free backup usage for one month.

Q: Which Amazon DocumentDB instance types can I use for my free trial?

The Amazon DocumentDB free trial is limited to t3.medium instances.

Q: Can I create multiple instances with the free trial?

Yes, you can create multiple t3.medium instances with the DocumentDB free trial. Doing so will will consume your free hours more quickly.

Q: How long is the trial? How many free trial hours do I get?

After your trial starts, your organization will receive 750 free hours for one month across all running t3.medium instances in all regions. If you are running multiple t3.medium instances you may exceed 750 hours of usage. Usage in excess of 750 hours will be billed at the standard On-Demand Rate. See the Amazon DocumentDB pricing page for details.

Q: How do I start the free trial?

You will automatically be subscribed to the trial as soon as you create your first Amazon DocumentDB cluster. You will use a trial hour for each hour your cluster is running. To stop using trial hours, you can either use the start/stop functionality to minimize usage when your cluster is not in use or create a snapshot to restore later, and delete your instance.

Q: Which regions is the Amazon DocumentDB Free Trial not available in?

The Amazon DocumentDB Free Trial is not available in the in the AWS GovCloud (US) regions or the China (Ningxia) region at this time.

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