Amazon DocumentDB (with MongoDB compatibility) resources


Developer Guide»

Provides a conceptual overview of Amazon DocumentDB and provides instructions on using the various features with both the console and the command-line interface (CLI).

AWS CLI Reference»

Describes the command line interface for Amazon DocumentDB (with MongoDB compatibility) in detail. Provides basic syntax, options, and usage examples for each command.

What's new

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Best practices

AWS Training and Certification Course: Learn about the benefits and technical concepts of Amazon DocumentDB and how to get started.

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Best Practices: Learn best practices for working with Amazon DocumentDB by reading our best practices documentation.

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Getting Connected: Learn how to connect to Amazon DocumentDB using several different languages.

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Scripts & Tools

Amazon DocumentDB Compatibility Tool

Assess the compatibility of a MongoDB application by using the application’s source code or MongoDB server profile logs.

Amazon DocumentDB Data Migration Utilities

Perform high-speed migration of existing data and ongoing changes from MongoDB to Amazon DocumentDB.

Amazon DocumentDB Index Migration Tool

Migrate indexes from an existing MongoDB application to Amazon DocumentDB.

Amazon DocumentDB Global Cluster Failover Automation Tool

Perform an automated failover of an Amazon DocumentDB Global Cluster.

MongoDB Oplog Review Tool

Analyze the MongoDB Oplog to determine the number of insert/update/delete operations at the collection level.

Amazon DocumentDB Blog posts and articles


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AWS Online Tech Talks & Virtual Workshops

What’s new with Amazon DocumentDB (with MongoDB compatibility)
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Using Transactions with Amazon DocumentDB (with MongoDB compatibility) 4.0

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DocumentDB Insider Hour | Episode 20 | Performance Insights (35:37)

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Amazon DocumentDB Deep Dive
Zulily drives shopping with Amazon DocumentDB and Kinesis Data Analytics
Migrating Databases to Amazon DocumentDB
What's New in Amazon DocumentDB


Amazon DocumentDB Demos
Amazon DocumentDB - Create Cluster
Amazon DocumentDB - Connect & Query
Amazon DocumentDB - Cluster Operations
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