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Build your knowledge on the cloud, discover AWS products and services, and develop the skills you need to build, deploy, and operate your infrastructure and applications. AWS Summit Online ASEAN sessions, presentation decks, demos and more content from are now available on-demand.

Hear from AWS subject matter experts and gain insights from customers who have successfully built solutions on AWS across Southeast Asia. Whether you are new to the cloud or an experienced user, look forward to learning something new when you access AWS Summit Online ASEAN on-demand.

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Keynote & 100+ Sessions

Tune in to sessions that best fit your organisational and learning needs, across a range of topics featured below.

Explore Partner Solutions

Access AWS Partner sessions across topics such as AI/ML, migration, security and more, to find the right partners to support your organisation.

Training & Certification

Tune in to express trainings, get started with AWS Certification and accelerate your learning on the cloud with AWS.

Builders’ Zone

Get hands-on and deep dive into architecture and code. Gain insights from demos on AWS AI/ML, IoT, data and analytics services and more.


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Join Santanu Dutt (Head of Technology, ASEAN, AWS) and Conor McNamara (Managing Director, ASEAN, AWS) as they talk about how customers in ASEAN and across the globe are using AWS to transform their businesses. Learn how the concept of Cloud everywhere is leading current innovations pervasively across industries, and enabling customers to constantly adapt to challenges and seize new opportunities. Discover how you can harness the power of the data in your organisation, discover its untapped potential, and put it to work to gain business advantage.

Keynote Speakers

Santanu Dutt

Santanu Dutt, Head of Technology, ASEAN, AWS

Santanu Dutt is the Head of Technology, ASEAN, based in Singapore. He is responsible for educating companies and cloud enthusiasts on AWS service offerings and architectural best practices to build scalable and resilient applications on the AWS Cloud. Prior to this, he was Head of Solutions Architecture for AWS in India, where he was also the founding employee of this team.

Santanu is a long-tenured Amazonian (>11 years at AWS), and is passionate about helping partners and customers, from startups to enterprises, to get the most out of the cloud. As a regular speaker at a series of global premier industry-wide events, he evangelising on Digital Transformation, Culture of Innovation alongside Cloud solutions - Big Data, Serverless, Microservices, Analytics, Machine Learning and more.

Santanu has a Bachelor’s Degree in Electronics with over 19 years of experience in the Tech industry, including working in the US and UK before relocating to Singapore 6 years ago.

Conor McNamara

Conor McNamara, Managing Director, ASEAN, AWS

Conor McNamara joined Amazon in 2014 and is currently the Managing Director of ASEAN at Amazon Web Services (AWS), where he works with customers and partners across Southeast Asia as they innovate, scale, and transform their businesses via the AWS Cloud. As part of this mission, he is passionate about upskilling and enabling builders across the region as a pathway to unlocking accelerated social and economic growth for our diverse ASEAN community.

Conor has held several leadership positions during his time at AWS. He previously served as the APAC Head of Business Development, where he led the incubation of new AWS Services and Industry capabilities in the Asia Pacific region, while actively championing the rapidly evolving needs our APAC customers.

He also previously led the AWS India business, where he focused on enabling and growing the local customer and partner community following the launch of the first AWS India region.

Martha Sazon

Martha Sazon, President and Chief Executive Officer, Mynt

Martha Sazon is the President & CEO of Mynt, which operates GCash. She was previously Senior VP at Globe as Head of the Broadband Business. With more than 20 years of experience in various industries like food, OTC drugs, personal care and telco, she is highly experienced in transforming organisations and businesses. In her 12 years in Globe, she led various businesses such as postpaid mobile, SMB and broadband. She has pioneered and executed breakthroughs, all anchored on addressing important customer needs such as the customisable plans in postpaid, introducing tech solutions for SME’s, even creating a new industry category in prepaid via the highly successful Globe Home Prepaid Wifi, while building agile and digital capabilities.

Martha attended and finished IMD and INSEAD executive programs and has a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration and Accounting (Cum Laude), from the University of the Philippines, Diliman.

Nikhil O.J. Eapen

Nikhil O.J. Eapen, Chief Executive Officer, StarHub

Nikhil is Chief Executive and Executive Director of StarHub, with 20 years of experience in global ICT, working with senior executives to drive growth and make synergistic investments in infrastructure, enterprise communications and technology. With the Executive team, Nikhil leads StarHub’s transformation and competitiveness, creating value for all stakeholders.

Previously, he was Deputy CEO of ST Telemedia and President & Group CEO of ST Telemedia’s Infrastructure Technology, where he led corporate development activities across its communications, data centres and technology holdings, most recently building and acquiring cloud-centric platforms in IT, cybersecurity and enterprise software. Nikhil also previously served as a member of StarHub’s Board Strategy Committee.

Before joining ST Telemedia, Nikhil was a Citigroup investment banker for over 18 years (HK, NY, SEA). From 2008 to 2015, he was MD & Head of APAC Technology, Media & Telecommunications Corporate & Investment Banking at Citigroup, leading capital markets and M&A transactions across SEA, Greater China, India and the US.


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Financial Services
Discover how FSIs/fintechs are using AWS services to launch digital customer experiences, modernise core systems, and more.

Industry Solutions
Be inspired by AWS customer success stories across industries, such as Retail, Manufacturing, Telco and more.

Security & Compliance
Explore ways to leverage AWS security solutions to establish your own security and governance practices, to move fast while staying secure.

Learn how cloud technologies and design patterns can help you solve your biggest architectural challenges.

Let's Build on AWS
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Hear how public sector organisations are using the power and speed of AWS to drive innovation through technology.

Discover how AWS user groups and community heroes leverage AWS services across topics like serverless, containers and more.

AWS Cloud Skills
Take your cloud learning journey to the next level with Express Trainings, tips on how to get AWS Certifications.

AWS DeepRacer
Get started with Reinforcement Learning and accelerate your team’s machine learning journey with AWS DeepRacer.