AWS Summit Mumbai
May 15, 2019
Bombay Exhibition Center, Mumbai


The AWS Summit brings together the cloud computing community to connect, collaborate and learn about AWS. In this action-packed, one-day event, you can choose from 50+ breakout sessions covering a broad range of topics and technical depth. Attend introductory sessions on new and existing AWS services or participate in sessions that go deep into architecture and code. All sessions will be delivered by subject matter experts from AWS, Partners or expert customers who can share their real-world experiences and lessons learned.
08:00 - 09:15 Registration & Breakfast
09:15 - 09:30 Doors Open & Video
09:30 - 11:00 Opening Note: Conor McNamara, Director, Business Development, APAC, AWS
Keynote Address: Peter DeSantis, Vice President, AWS Global Infrastructure and Customer Support

Keynote Customer Speakers:

Sanjay Mohan, Group Chief Technology Officer, MakeMyTrip
Venkatesh Natarajan, Chief Digital Officer and Senior Vice President – IT, Ashok Leyland
Suhas Devaraju, Regional CIO, Hindustan Unilever Ltd.
11:00 - 11:30 Morning Tea
11:30 - 17:45 Breakout Tracks
  • Track 1: Operate
  • Track 2 : AI/ML
  • Track 3: Analytics
  • Track 4: Security
  • Track 5: Migration 1
  • Track 6: Migration 2
  • Track 7: Media
  • Track 8: FSI
  • Track 1: Operate
  • 11:30 – 12:15 Java Developer’s Journey in Kubernetes Land
    Arun Gupta, Principal Technologist, AWS

    Deploying your Java application in a Kubernetes cluster could feel like Alice in Wonderland. You can keep going down the rabbit hole and don’t know how to make that ride comfortable. This session will explain how a Java application can be deployed in a Kubernetes cluster. The session will focus on how to package a Java application in a docker image, deploy on Kubernetes, induce observability using istio, and perform Canary deployments and A/B testing.

    Products and Services: Amazon EKS
    12:15 – 12:45 FreshWorks Architecture: Running Production AWS OpsWorks workloads on Amazon EC2 Spot Instances with Spotinst
    Pavel Klushin, Solutions Architects, Team Leader, Spotinst
    Pradeep Thangavel, Site Reliability Engineer, Freshworks

    Freshworks is one of the leading customer engagement platforms supporting thousands of businesses worldwide. To support their growing business, Freshworks leverages a variety of AWS services like AWS OpsWorks, Amazon Redshift, AWS Lambda, Amazon RDS, Amazon DynamoDB and lot more. Join this session to get an exclusive look into Freshworks' architecture and how they are able to run their workloads on Amazon EC2 Spot Instance and save ~70% on their compute costs.
    12:45 – 13:45 Lunch
    13:45 – 14:30 Black Belt Tips for Cloud Network Operations
    Vijay Menon, Solution Architect, Amazon

    How you used the AWS platform last year should be different to how you utilize it today. In this session, we will review the new networking features like Amazon Virtual Private Cloud and AWS Transit Gateway. Learn how to architect shared networks, hybrid connectivity and have network observability at scale. Take your Cloud Operations to the next level with the curated set of tips and network perspective in mind.

    Products and Services: Amazon Virtual Private Cloud, AWS Transit Gateway, Amazon Route 53, AWS Global Accelerator, AWS PrivateLink
    14:30 – 14:50 5 Common Technical Challenges and How We Have Solved them with DevOps
    Dhruv Parpia, CTO & Co-Founder, CloudCover

    Learn how customers like, PlayGames 24x7 and others have used advanced services from AWS to optimize and automate their infrastructure on AWS to run at hyperscale.  
    14:50 – 15:35 How to Optimize for Cost Efficiency and Run Lean Architectures Using Amazon EC2 Spot Instances
    Roshni Pary, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, AWS
    Praveen Jayakumar, BD Manager, Amazon
    Sanjeev Jaisawal, VP DevOps, Dream11

    While cost optimization is top priority for all organizations, it often takes the back seat when you do the fire fighting to keep the lights on. In this session, the audience will get advice on the different strategies to optimize the cost of their AWS environments. The session will cover cloud financial management and best practices around Amazon EC2 Spot Instances.

    Products and Services: Cloud Financials Management and Amazon EC2 Spot Instances  
    15:35 – 15:55

    Breaking Down Monoliths
    Morsalin Billah, Solutions Engineer, Datadog

    Monolithic code bases are not only difficult to maintain, they slow your development teams. As your application grows, the tight coupling of code and teams can bring the progress to a halt. Datadog will share tips for uncoupling and breaking large code bases into microservices.

    15:55 – 16:30 Afternoon Tea
    16:30 – 17:15   Operations as Code: The Agent for IT Transformation
    Vikrant Shanker Yagnick, Head Of Enterprise Support, Amazon
    Francis Pereira, Head of Infrastructure & Systems Engineer, Clevertap

    Managing large-scale production environments can be complex. Things can go wrong and to get an efficient grip on IT operations, you have to learn to manage environment programmatically. Not only you need powerful operational tools, you need to be able to operate them from within your code. In this session, not only we will discuss how AWS services like EC2 system manager, AWS Ops Works and cloud formation that can help you achieve operational excellence by letting you programmatically trigger and manage regular operational tasks, we will also discuss how this is slowly bringing a massive change to the organizational structure of traditional IT organizations.

    Products and Services: AWS CloudTrail, Amazon CloudWatch, AWS Config, AWS Systems Manager
  • Track 2 : AI/ML
  • 11:30 – 12:15 Building Business Outcomes with Machine Learning on AWS
    Barnam Bora, Head AI and ML, Asia Pacific, AWS

    AWS offers different paths for building and deploying scalable ML solutions. This session provides an insight into how AWS customers are building intelligent systems powered by AI and ML. Learn how these services, in conjunction with the large number of complementary AWS technologies, provide a great platform for our customers to build their own AI and ML powered solutions and drive business value. Towards the latter part of this session, hear how customers are deploying their ML on AWS and how they can leverage Marketplace to monetize their models.

    Products and Services: Amazon SageMaker and other AWS AI & ML Services
    12:15 – 12:45 Practical Computer Vision with GluonCV
    Alex Smola, VP, Distinguished Scientist, AWS

    Computer vision is a key tool in the modern deep learning toolbox. In this session we will provide a brief overview of the GluonCV open source toolkit for object recognition, detection, segmentation, and pose estimation. It allows users to get started easily with advanced models such as ResNext, Yolo, SSD, MaskRCNN or SimplePose. The session includes live demonstration of the models and details on how to train them efficiently. Beyond computer vision we will provide a brief introduction to, a novel open source textbook on deep learning, based on Jupyter notebooks, that is fully executable by its readers.
    12:45 – 13:45 Lunch
    13:45 – 14:30 Machine Learning for Every Developer and Data Scientist
    Shyam Srinivasan, Senior AI PMM, AWS
    Anoop Menon, CTO, Redbus

    Machine Learning (ML) offers innovation for every business. Until recently, developing ML models took time and effort, making it difficult for developers to get started. In this session, we will discuss how Amazon SageMaker, a fully-managed services that enables developers and data scientists to build, train, and deploy ML models at scale, overcomes these barriers. We will review its capabilities, including data labeling, model building, training, tuning, and hosting to production. We will also discuss enabling orchestration and automation of ML workflows with less code to write and maintain, using Amazon SageMaker, AWS Step Functions and other third-party libraries. Lastly, we will be joined by Anoop Menon, CTO of Redbus, who will talk through their journey with Amazon SageMaker and especially Automatic Model Tuning for higher accuracy ML models and making the right predictions.
    14:30 – 14:50 Create Smart and Interactive Apps with Intelligent Language Services on AWS
    Vikram Anbazhagan, Director, Product Management, AWS
    Niranjan Hira, Solutions Architect, AWS

    Amazon brings natural language processing, automatic speech recognition, text-to-speech services, and neural machine translation technologies within reach of every developer. In this session, learn how to add intelligence to applications like media metadata analysis, subtitling, and localization with machine learning services that provide language transcription and translation. Watch a live demo on intelligent speech analytics in a customer call center and learn how others are defining and building the next generation of apps that can hear, speak, understand, and interact with the world around us.
    14:50 – 15:35 Practical Solutions for Real-world Business Problems
    Atanu Roy, Specialist Solutions Architect-AI and Machine Learning, Amazon
    Hrishikesh Ganu, Senior ML Engineer, Intuit

    Every business is trying to solve ambitous problems using Machine Learning. In this session we will show you step by step on how to solve two such real-life problems on real-life data. Fraud damages trust and costs businesses and individuals billions annually understand how to build a solution that detect fraud. Similarly predictive maintenance is an imortant concern that the manufacturing industry is trying to solve for some time. Learn how to use a recurrent neural network (RNN) to predict at a given timestep and understand what is the Reasonable Useful Life (RUL) of an engine, given historical reading of sensors. Later in the session, Hrishikesh Ganu from Intuit will take you through how they have built an intelligent Search Tool for their customer care agents using NLP algorithm provided by Amazon SageMaker.
    15:35 – 15:55

    Harnessing the Power of AI/ML for the #NewAge Software Delivery Conveyor
    Abhijit Lahiri, SVP, Chief of Transformation, Tech Mahindra Ltd.

    To deliver disruptions of the future, it is important to obtain an optimum alignment of smart planning and smart development. These will give way to ensuring the engine is enabled for smart infrastructure and support the delivery chain. The session will showcase how the #NewAgeDELIVERY engine is uncovering the power of AI/ML across the software delivery value chain that enables smart planning, development, skilling, and infrastructure.

    15:55 – 16:30 Afternoon Tea
    16:30 – 17:15   Accelerating ML Adoption with Our New AI services
    Praveen Jayakumar, Solutions Architect, Amazon

    Adding to the existing AWS AI services, AWS continues to bridge the gap for developers to build ML solutions. AI Services on AWS don't require machine learning experience. In this session, learn about the new services announced at re:Invent (Amazon Forecast, Amazon Textract and Amazon Personalize) and get a preview of what to expect when building time series models, OCR and recommendation engines.

    Products and Services: Amazon Rekognition, Amazon Lex, Amazon Polly, Amazon Textract, Amazon Forecast, Amazon Personalize
  • Track 3: Analytics
  • 11:30 – 12:15 Modern Data Architectures on AWS
    Craig Stires, Head of Data & Analytics, APAC, AWS
    Karan Agarwal. Senior Engineering Manager, Delhivery

    AWS makes it easy to build and operate a highly scalable and flexible data platforms to collect, process, and analyze data so you can get timely insights and react quickly to new information. In this session, we will demonstrate how you can quickly build a data lake on AWS that ingests, catalogs and processes incoming data and consume it through subsequent visualizations and through exploration by means of SQL.

    Products and Services: Amazon Redshift, Amazon EMR, Amazon Kinesis, AWS Glue, Amazon Athena
    12:15 – 12:45 Real-time Insights with AI to Improve the Customer Experience at Royal Bank of Scotland
    Rohit Chaturvedi, Lead AWS Data for AAPAC and Europe, Accenture
    Jayant Swamy, Chief Data Architect, Managing Director, Data Business Group, Accenture
    Amit Sakhuja, Head of Credit Risk Data and Reporting, Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS)

    Join us for a panel discussion to hear how Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), working with Accenture, used AWS-native data services to dramatically improve its customer experience—increasing availability, stability and performance, and unifying data across the entire platform, resulting in a single “version of the truth,” consistent data sourcing and elimination of data duplication. Attendees will learn how RBS achieved faster time to insight for both real-time as well as operational reporting and reduced total cost of ownership due to the lower cost of storage and compute on AWS.
    12:45 – 13:45 Lunch
    13:45 – 14:30 Building a Modern Data Warehouse: Deep Dive on Amazon Redshift
    Ekta Parashar, Manager Solution Architect, Amazon
    Anand Thakur, Chief Digital Officer, Jubilant Foodworks

    In this session, we will do a deep dive into Amazon Redshift architecture and best practices. We will also cover recent announcements on features and enhancements on the service such as concurrency scaling, elastic resizing, auto analyzing and more.

    Products and Services: Amazon Redshift
    14:30 – 14:50 Enterprise Data Lake on AWS - Creating a Competitive Advantage with Data
    Ranjith Kuppala, Director Cloud Engineering, Searce

    A lot happens between data in silos to near real-time insights, the less the technology or a platform gets in the way, the higher the ability to turn data into insights. Enterprises and startups alike are moving towards building a single source of truth - Data Lake. Learn how organizations are able to ingest real-time and batch data from various data sources to a central repository that allows data discovery, availability and enables multiple analytical use cases.
    14:50 – 15:35 Need for Speed - Build a Real-Time Stream Processing Pipelines on AWS
    Ninad Vidyadhar Phatak, Big Data Solutions Architect, Amazon
    Ashwini Dulam , Principal  Engineer, Intuit

    AWS provides multiple ways to ingest and process real-time data generated from sources such as IOT devices, logs, websites, mobile apps and more. In this session, we will go through the streaming services and understand how they can be stitched together to create a real-time stream processing pipeline on AWS.

    Products and Services: Amazon Kinesis
    15:35 – 15:55

    Building a Database for the Future with MongoDB Atlas
    Vivek Singh, Sr Solutions Architect, MongoDB

    It is critical to select a forward-looking approach to how you organize, use, and enrich your data in the cloud. In this session we will discuss how MongoDB Atlas on AWS – a cloud-managed MongoDB service – allow you to build confidently without worrying about setup and configuration, database management, high-availability, patching, monitoring, backups, and operations for your distributed database.

    15:55 – 16:30 Afternoon Tea
    16:30 – 17:15   Building Serverless Analytics Pipelines with AWS Glue
    Raghu Prabhu , Sr Business Development Manager, AWS
    Anurag Jain, CIO, Bajaj Housing Finance Limited
    Aniruddha Adak, National Manager, DataMart and Analytics, Bajaj Housing Finance Limited

    Organizations today gain insights from a growing number of data sources including structured and unstructured data. In this session, we will introduce the key features of AWS Glue such as data cataloging and transformation capabilities. We will also discuss  how to build scalable, efficient, and serverless ETL pipelines using AWS Glue.

    Products and Services: AWS Glue
  • Track 4: Security
  • 11:30 – 12:15 Top Cloud Security Myths - Dispelled!
    Dhruv Singhal, Head of Technology, Amazon

    In this session, we cover the most common cloud security questions that we hear from customers. We provide detailed answers for each question distilled from our practical experience working with organizations around the world. This session is for everyone who is curious about the cloud, cautious about the cloud, or excited about the cloud.

    Products and Services: AWS Security Services
    12:15 – 12:45 Pragmatic Container Security
    Tejas Sheth, Cloud Security Architect, Trend Micro

    Containers accelerate development. They address the very real challenge of application packaging and delivery. Thanks to containers, teams can quickly and reliably deploy their applications in a variety of environments.
    But solutions always come with a cost. Containers simplify the developer experience by pushing complexity down into the infrastructure. This shift requires a change in the security approach in order to preserve the advantages containers bring. In this session, we will use practical examples to understand the security strategy and tactics you need to continue to accelerate development while meeting your security goals no matter where you are deploying containers.
    12:45 – 13:45 Lunch
    13:45 – 14:30 Automating Security Event Response - From Idea to Code to Execution
    Premal Gandhi, Solution Architect, Amazon
    Nirbhab Barat, Assistant VP DevOps, Lenskart

    With security-relevant services such as AWS Config, Amazon VPC Flow Logs, Amazon GuardDuty, Amazon CloudWatch Events and AWS Lambda you now have the ability to programmatically wrangle security events that may occur within your AWS environment including prevention, detection, response, and remediation. This session covers the process of automating security event response with various AWS building blocks, taking several ideas from drawing board to code and gaining confidence in your coverage by proactively testing security monitoring and response effectiveness before anyone else does.

    Products and Services: Amazon CloudWatch, AWS Config, Amazon VPC Flowlogs, Amazon GuardDuty, AWS CloudTrail
    14:30 – 14:50 Modern Trends in DDoS
    Gaurav Mallawat, Solutions Engineer, Cloudflare

    In an increasingly interconnected world—secure, private, and reliable online connections have never been of more importance. In this session, we will discuss the security threats facing anything connected to the Internet with a focus on the latest DDoS trends. Cloudflare’s global any cast network supports nearly 10 percent of all Internet requests worldwide. With this, Cloudflare has insights into some of the biggest attacks and active threats facing the Internet. We will cover the types of attacks Cloudflare sees, the scale and increasing complexity of DDoS, and more—and finally, share how to prevent these acts by securing all online connections.
    14:50 – 15:35 Data *Localization* and Protection: Encryption, Availability, Resiliency & Durability
    Lalit Kumar, Solution Architect, Amazon
    Nithin R, CISO, Bajaj Housing Finance

    Protecting data means ensuring confidentiality, integrity, and availability. In this session, we will discuss the full range of data protection capabilities provided by AWS along with a deep dive into AWS Key Management Service (AWS KMS). Learn about data protection strategies for ensuring data integrity and availability using AWS native services that provide durability, recoverability, and resiliency for customer data on AWS. In addition, learn how to define an encryption strategy to protect data cryptographically, including managing AWS KMS permissions, defining key rotation and best practices for using the AWS Encryption SDK with AWS KMS for custom software development.

    Products and Services: AWS KMS, AWS CloudHSM, AWS Certificate Manager
    15:35 – 15:55 Accelerate Your Cloud Operations (DevOps) Team via Governance Automation
    Nathan Wallace, Founder & CEO, Turbot

    In this session, we define enterprise cloud governance and explain its role in achieving security, compliance, and architecture best practices. Using real-world case studies from Fortune 100 enterprises, we demonstrate how governance automation is being used to accelerate and elevate the role of Cloud Operations (DevOps), all while increasing visibility and control for the enterprise. This session is brought to you by AWS partner, Turbot.
    15:55 – 16:30 Afternoon Tea
    16:30 – 17:15   AWS Security and Compliance for Highly Regulated Industry
    Manikandan Chandrasekaran, Solution Architect, Amazon
    Sandeep Arora, Head-Delivery for GTS India, Verizon

    This session provides an advanced discussion of AWS’ Financial Services Compliance program. In regulated Industry, AWS is used by banks, Insurance, FinTech, government and other regulated industry. The session is targeted at business decision-makers, risk, compliance, and audit professionals within financial institutions, and is a mix of current global industry trends, AWS’ point-of-view on the future of the industry, and best practices for a successful cloud compliance strategy and regulatory requirements. We will also share customer success stories, HDFC Life, Bajaj FinServ, GE Healthcare, Novartis and how they adopt AWS while meeting regulatory and compliance obligations highlighted.

    Products and Services: AWS Security Services 
  • Track 5: Migration 1
  • 11:30 – 12:15 Migration - State of the Union
    Sundar VG, Principal Enterprise BD, Amazon
    Kalpana B Sampat, Sr. EVP & COO, DHFL Pramerica Life Insurance Company

    In this session, you will see how Enterprises in India are rapidly increasing the adoption of cloud as a catalyst for transformation and to create a culture of innovation and speed. The session will also share insights and best practices from AWS global and regional experiences that will help enterprises migrate core applications and learn about the processes and technologies for hybrid deployments including AWS Landing Zone and AWS Migration Hub.

    Products and Services:
    AWS Migration Hub, AWS Control Tower, Migration Readiness Assessment and Planning
    12:15 – 12:45 VMware: The Fastest Path to Hybrid Cloud
    Narayan Bharadwaj, Senior Director, Product Management, VMWare Cloud on AWS

    Enterprises are rapidly adopting hybrid cloud strategies to take advantage of both on-premises and cloud services. However, moving applications to the cloud can be difficult and time-consuming, often taking months. VMware offers solutions that customers are using to migrate hundreds of applications to the cloud in a few days. Additionally, VMware solutions simplify day 2 operations by providing consistent infrastructure and operations across on-premises and public cloud services. Come to this session to hear how VMware is helping enterprises migrate applications to the cloud, extend their data centers to the cloud, deploy cloud-based disaster recovery solutions and modernize their applications with the power of VMware and AWS cloud services.
    12:45 – 13:45 Lunch
    13:45 – 14:30 Deploy, Scale and Manage your Microsoft Workloads on AWS
    Giriraj Daga, Senior Solutions Architect, Amazon
    Anand Kuppuswamy, V.P. Service Reliability Engineering, Qwikcilver Solutions Pvt Ltd.

    We start our session by discussing why customers want to deploy Microsoft Windows applications on AWS. We will talk about reference architectures and best practices for implementing Microsoft products and technologies including Active Directory, SQL Server and .Net in the AWS cloud. We will conclude with best practices for managing and monitoring Microsoft technologies on AWS.

    Products and Services: AWS Managed Microsoft AD, Amazon EC2, Amazon RDS
    14:30 – 14:50 Migrate with Power of Containers
    Pramod Veerannagari, Senior Director, Cloud Services, Hitachi Vantara
    Chaithanya Yambari, Director, Research and Infrastructure, Knolskape

    Migrate your applications to container based architecture.  Scale and support thousands of users cost effectively with confidence. Learn how to automate deployments with zero downtime.
    14:50 – 15:35 The New Normal for Mission-Critical SAP Workloads
    Harpreet Singh, Principal Solutions Architect, AWS
    Balaji Rengachari, CIO, Tata Global Beverages Ltd.

    In order to increase business agility, drive transformation and reduce costs, enterprise customers are moving their entire SAP landscapes to AWS. Examples of enterprise customers running their core businesses on AWS include Jubiliant Foodworks, LTI, Tata Global Beverages Ltd. and Brigade Group. In this session, you will hear why thousands of customers are running SAP workloads on AWS and understand how AWS helps Fortune 500 companies migrate and transform their environments and accelerate greater innovation with AWS.

    Products and Services: SAP on AWS
    15:35 – 15:55

    Active/Active Redis For Your Multi-Site Project
    Shahar Biron, Solution Architect, EMEA Redis Labs

    Come and learn how CRDT based Redis can become an integral component in your multi-site project. From automated Disaster Recovery through user session, continuation over geographies using Redis in a Blue/Green SW deployment cycle, multi geography global service and more.

    15:55 – 16:30 Afternoon Tea
    16:30 – 17:15   Accelerating your Cloud Migration with VMware Cloud on AWS
    Aarthi Raju, Principal Solutions Architect, AWS
    Narayan Bhardwaj, Senior Director for Product Management, VMware

    Customers are using VMware Cloud on AWS to accelerate cloud migrations, deploy hybrid architectures and replace their DR environments. VMware Cloud on AWS brings a new dimension of hybrid cloud and mixed architecture to many customers, offering the opportunity for augmenting and evolving existing and legacy applications. Learn how VMware Cloud on AWS can help build a lower-risk and iterative transformation approach to your traditional applications and data in a hybrid environment.  We will also share best practices to protect and scale your workload by natively integrating AWS services such as AWS Direct Connect, Amazon S3, Amazon RDS, and Amazon Elastic Load Balancing. This session will help you bring your entire IT landscape closer to your digital innovation goals.

    Products and Services: VMware Cloud on AWS
  • Track 6: Migration 2
  • 11:30 – 12:15 Building A Mass Migration Program - Moving Through Vision to Experiment and Scale
    Peter Jahnke, AWS Enterprise Service Manager, AWS
    Paul A Roney, General Manager Technology Platforms, NAB (National Australia Bank)

    National Australia Bank has publicly stated its intent to transform technology and operations investing a further $1.5B over the next 3 years. A major element is a mass migration of applications to cloud to help unlock the cost, risk and agility benefits and enable their teams to deliver better customer outcomes. In this session, you will hear how NAB formulated their strategy, why NAB partnered with AWS, lessons learned through its journey to the Cloud and how this shift has brought value to both its employees and customers and will continue to yield gains to its business.

    Products and Services: AWS Professional Services
    12:15 – 12:45 Tech Talk: Cloud Data Management with Veeam, N2WS and AWS
    Sandeep Madhiraju, SAARC Cloud Architect, Veeam Software

    Moving backups to the cloud and managing data protection across on-premises and cloud environments can be challenging. Veeam enables data protection and portability to the AWS Cloud with enterprise-class backup and disaster recovery for Amazon EC2, Amazon RDS, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon EBS. In this tech talk, we will demo how to backup, restore and protect both on-premises and AWS instances with NEW Veeam Availability for AWS and NEW Veeam Cloud Tier –which integrates native S3 object storage support into Veeam’s flagship Availability Suite product.
    12:45 – 13:45 Lunch
    13:45 – 14:30 Which Database is Right for your Application
    Chandra Munibudha, Solutions Architect, Amazon
    Omprakash Kourav, Technology Architect, EarlySalary

    Choosing the right persistence layer for your application is important. In this session, we will walk you through the available choices for databases and compare their pros and cons. Expect to walk away with a simple flowchart that can help you decide on the right database for your applications.

    Products and Services: Amazon RDS, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon Neptune, Amazon Quantum Ledger Database (QLDB) 
    14:30 – 14:50 Application Modernization and Migration : Prepare for Cloud, DevOps and Modern IT Models
    Tripti Sapna Singh, Senior Specialist Solution Architect, Red Hat

    IT must evolve to stay ahead of demands, as new mandates have impacted everything from development process to application architecture and infrastructure. Get the most out of your existing apps and establish a practice for continuous modernization with these three patterns: Lift and shift, augment, and rewrite. Evolving toward cloud-native app development is multidimensional. It impacts culture, processes, architecture—essentially your entire organization. That’s why cloud-native adoption is a journey of gradual yet fundamental shifts, representing a cycle of change that can be challenging to embrace. Join us for this session to find out how RedHat can help to embark on the journey of Cloud, DevOps and modern IT methodologies.
    14:50 – 15:35 Best Practices for Migrating Databases to the Cloud
    Ashok Sundaram, Solutions Architect, Amazon
    Ketan Popat, Staff Database Engineer, Intuit

    Database migration is a complex, multiphase process which usually includes assessment, sizing, database schema conversion (if you are changing engines), script conversion, data migration, functional testing, performance tuning and many other steps. In this session, we take an in-depth look at homogeneous and heterogeneous database migrations to AWS, including migrations to Amazon Aurora. We also discuss migration best practices, performance and cost optimization and how the AWS Database Migration Service and the AWS Schema Conversion Tool can help accelerate migrations.

    Products and Services: AWS Database Migration Service, AWS Schema Conversion Tool, Amazon RDS, Amazon Aurora
    15:35 – 15:55

    Solving Customers’ Enterprise Data Management Challenges
    Rohit Kawalay , Sr. Manager, Product Management, Enterprise Data Protection and Compliance, Veritas
    Anup Malichkar, Sr. Technology Architect, Veritas

    Veritas is helping 100’s of customers along their journey to cloud, leveraging our large install base and existing trust with 86% of Fortune 500 customers. We are helping our customers overcome their challenges in their Cloud Journey:

    • High Availability and Resiliency solutions for your mission-critical applications (SAP, TIBCO, Amdocs) within AWS – AZ to AZ and Region to Region
    • Enterprise-ready, DR (Failover, Failback) and Workload migration solutions to AWS
    • Efficiently moving their Backup and Long term retention data to AWS
    • Effectively backing up ‘Cloud-native’ Saas data in the AWS Cloud
    15:55 – 16:30 Afternoon Tea
    16:30 – 17:15   Build A Hybrid Cloud Architecture Using AWS Landing Zone
    Krishna Indukuri, Security Consultant, Amazon
    Saurabh Raje, Chief Architect, Network18 Media and Investments Ltd.

    Application modernization projects with AWS starts with the creation of an AWS Landing Zone. Based on AWS best practices, AWS Landing Zone helps ensure a secure, performant, highly available and cost-efficient AWS environment. Common hybrid cloud use cases such as cloud migration, data center extension, disaster recovery, cloud bursting and edge computing require data integration, operations management and monitoring, security and networking as the foundational components of a hybrid cloud architecture. In this session, we will dive deep on the networking, security, account management structure, operation management and monitoring best practices to build your own AWS Landing Zone that can be extended into your data center.

    Products and Services: AWS Landing Zone
  • Track 7: Media
  • 11:30 – 12:15 State of Union - Media and What’s New from AWS
    Bhavik Vyas, Global Segment Leader -M&E, AWS
    Rajneel Kumar, Chief Product Officer, Zee5

    Media and Entertainment companies are increasingly taking advantage of the scalability, elasticity and security of the AWS Cloud to enable their businesses in new ways. This session will cover key trends shaping the Media and Entertainment industry both in India and globally. We will share examples of media industry customers who are using AWS Services to drive transformational change. We will also highlight recent announcements from AWS that influence the Media and Entertainment space.

    Products and Services: AWS Elemental Media Services, AWS Edge Services
    12:15 – 12:45 Integrating HERE Location Services with Amazon Lex ChatBot & Slack
    Rahul Shetty, Senior Software Engineer, HERE  Technologies

    In this session, learn the basics of integrating HERE Location Services within an Amazon Lex chatbot, and how to implement location-aware chatbot into a collaboration hub.
    12:45 – 13:45 Lunch
    13:45 – 14:30 Driving Innovation at the Edge
    Anil Nair, Solution Architect M&E, Amazon
    Manish Verma, CTO, Sony Liv

    We will cover how AWS is driving innovation at the Edge to enable media industry to deliver scalable and secure customer experience. Customers can now accelerate delivery of content, get more control over traffic and avail higher level of detection, protection and mitigation against large and sophisticated attacks.

    Products and Services: Amazon CloudFront, AWS WAF - Web Application Firewall, AWS Shield, Lambda@Edge
    14:30 – 14:50 Building a Scalable SaaS-based Monitoring Solution Using AWS
    Ananthkumar K S, Engineering Head, AWS Solutions & CloudSpend Site24x7, Zoho Corporation

    Gain insights into how we use AWS in providing real user behavior for our end customers, and learn how AWS helps us in building a logging solution using serverless solutions. Our presentation also revolves around highlighting the multi-region reliability that AWS offers us for our synthetic probes.
    14:50 – 15:35 Enabling the Most Advanced Media Workflows
    Shweta Jain, BDM – Media & Entertainment, APAC, AWS
    Sudipta Banerjee, CTO, Airtel Wynk

    In this session, we will speak about how AWS is enabling video providers to bring engaging content to their customers. Content distributors can simplify and streamline their video workflows, build AI/ML powered intelligent systems and asset management solutions, without spending a lot of time and money to procure and integrate technology.

    Products and Services: AWS Elemental services, AWS Storage services, AWS Big Data services, AWS AI/ML services, Amazon CloudFront
    15:35 – 15:55

    Varghese Cherian, Managing Director & SVP,

    What will you build?

    15:55 – 16:30 Afternoon Tea
    16:30 – 17:15   Transforming the Broadcast Supply Chain
    Andrew Thornton, General Manager, APAC, AWS Elemental
    Vijaya Sagar, Head of Cloud Engineering, Amagi

    AWS helps broadcasters to automate their entire media supply chain. We will talk about enhancements over content acquisition, monetization, ways to easily create live, linear and on-demand content for broadcast and multiscreen delivery at scale, and create outputs for playout and distribution. We will speak about how customers can deploy next generation broadcast workflows and channel origination on AWS in the near future.

    Products and Services: AWS Elemental MediaConnect, AWS Elemental MediaTailor
  • Track 8: FSI
  • 11:30 – 12:15 Enterprise Transformation at HDFC Life
    Thomson Thomas CIO, HDFC Life
    Narendra Ganpule, Head Digital Transformation, HDFC Life

    Journey from Innovation Project to Migration on AWS - HDFC Standard Life Insurance Company Limited leveraged AWS to create a new data platform, Atom, to analyze customer expectations and to engage meaningfully with customers on online platforms. The objective is to simplify the entire journey across multiple touch points – right from understanding a life insurance product to purchasing it. Tasting initial success from such Innovation Projects, HDFC is looking to migrate the TEBT (Technology Enabled Business Transformation) landscape; a collection of 50 odd apps to AWS.
    12:15 – 12:45 Hit the DevOps Pedal to the Metal with Built-in CFT Security and Compliance Support
    VenuGopal N , Director - Security Engineering, India & Saarc
    Michael Petit , Head of Sales, Cloud Guard, APAC  Checkpoint
    12:45 – 13:45 Lunch
    13:45 – 14:30 Building a Highly Scalable, Secure and Analytics Driven Digital Lending Platform on AWS
    Rohit Kilam, Head Technology, Digital, Aditya Birla Capital
    Anand Iyer, Principal Solutions Architect, Amazon

    While the NBFC sector in India is experiencing an explosive growth rate, it is also facing disruptive digital trends. Customers are seeking loan products on their preferred channels with faster processing and approval times. To cater to the needs of the emerging digital landscape, Aditya Birla Financial chose the AWS Cloud to digitalize its loan lending process both for—business and retail lending.  In this session, hear from Rohit Kilam, Head of Technology, Digital, ABFL on their journey to build a highly scalable, agile and analytics driven Digital Lending platform that has resulted in loans being processed within minutes.
    14:30 – 14:50 Building Digital-Native Businesses on Cloud
    Deepak Kagliwal, Director and Head Sales & Marketing, Blazeclan
    Anurag Jain, Chief Information Technology, Bajaj Housing Finance Limited

    Digital transformation is disrupting the business models extremely in financial industry today. To unlock its true potential, IT leaders are grappling with a massive transformation that is crucial to driving business growth, competitive advantage, and customer loyalty. In this session, we will showcase how cloud-native solutions help customers to build and then seamlessly manage next-generation, cloud-native applications, and modernize their existing applications to drive business success.
    14:50 – 15:35 Deciphering Cloud for the Financial Services Enterprise
    Rajeev Narayanan, Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer, Ingenico Payments

    Customer demands for higher levels of service and value, constantly evolving technology capabilities, and stringent regulatory requirements are all powerful forces reshaping the financial services industry. The need to replace legacy systems, address security concerns, all the while supporting a highly seasonal 24/7/365 operation present barriers to innovation. In this session, hear from Rajeev, Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer of Ingenico Payments, on the move to public cloud to overcome challenges and embrace them as opportunities. He will further delve into the strategic imperatives of agility and innovation, and how they are re-architecting and transforming the financial systems landscape at Ingenico to rapidly build scalable systems, leveraging AWS platform services across compute, database, analytics, and security.
    15:35 – 15:55 How Enterprises Are Modernizing Their Security, Risk Management, and Compliance Strategy
    Tarun Kaura, Partner, Deloitte

    Many organizations view security, risk and compliance functions as blockers to innovation. In this session, we will walk through an approach which can be used to address enterprise-level security, risk management, and compliance strategy. The session will highlight and identify the changes needed in executive engagement, budgeting, skills planning, and resource allocation to provide prescriptive guidance for customers in regulated industries such as Banking, Securities, Lending and Insurance to migrate material workloads to AWS.
    15:55 – 16:30 Afternoon Tea
    16:30 – 17:15  

    FSI ISV Leadership Panel: Evolving Technologies to Support Emerging Business Models at Banks and NBFCs

    Theme for Panel Discussion:

    • Challenges faced by Indian banks and NBFCs in the current competitive environment
    • Where the market is heading and new business models driving that
    • How cloud is enabling customers to keep up with evolving business needs
    Session Panel Speakers:
    Avnish Datt, EVP & Global Head, Marketing & Strategy, Nucleus Software
    Ram Chari, Global Business Head, FSS
    Venkat Gosavi, SVP and Global Head of Sales, Infosys Finacle

    Moderated by: Nilanshuk Haldar, Head of FSI Partnerships, APAC, AWS
17:15 – 17:45

Closing Key Note: Madhusudan Shekar, Head Digital Innovation, AISPL

Level 100


Sessions will cover an overview of services, features, and benefits with no prerequisites presumed.

Level 200


Sessions will focus on best practices, details of service features, and demos or code samples. Assumes introductory knowledge of topic.

Level 300


Sessions will dive deeper into service features, lessons learned, deployment, and architecture examples. Assumes in-depth understanding of service use cases and AWS platform.

Level 400


Sessions will focus on more complex topics such as advanced coding, architecture, infrastructure design, and solutions. Deep understanding of subject matter is presumed.