Date Announcement
Nov 17 AWS Config Adds Support for Classic Load Balancers
Nov 15 AWS Config Adds Support for AWS WAF and Amazon CloudFront
Oct 20 AWS Config Adds Support for AWS CodeBuild
Sep 18 AWS Config Adds Support for Auto Scaling Groups
Sep 08 AWS Config Adds Support for Amazon DynamoDB Tables
Aug 14 AWS Config Supports New Managed Rules for Securing Amazon S3 Buckets
Jul 26 Introducing AWS Config Dashboard
Jul 06 AWS Config Tracks Changes to AWS CloudFormation Stacks
Jul 05 AWS Config Supports Rules in South America (Sao Paulo) and Canada (Central) regions
Jun 08 AWS Config Rules Available in AWS GovCloud (US)
Jun 01 AWS Config Supports Amazon CloudWatch Alarms and Additional Rules
Apr 27 AWS Config Supports Rules in Asia Pacific (Mumbai) Region
Apr 11 AWS Config Improves Discovery of Managed Rules
Feb 21 AWS Config Rules Available in Europe (London) Region
Feb 21 AWS Config Rules Supports New Managed Rules
Feb 16 AWS Config Rules Adds AWS CloudFormation Templates and a Test Mode for Rule Authoring
Dec 21 AWS Config Rules Available in US West (N. California) and Asia Pacific (Seoul)
Dec 07 Record and govern Amazon Redshift configurations with AWS Config
Dec 07 AWS Config now enables you to create 50 or more Config Rules in your AWS account
Dec 01 AWS Config now integrates with Amazon EC2 Systems Manager to provide continuous monitoring and governance of software on your EC2 instances and on-premises systems
Oct 24 AWS Config launches in China (Beijing)
Oct 18 Record and govern S3 bucket configurations with AWS Config
Oct 04 8 new Config Rules to govern the configuration of critical AWS resources
Sep 06 AWS Config console now displays API events associated with configuration changes
Aug 31 AWS Config adds support for Application Load Balancers
Aug 18 AWS Config Rules is now available in Asia Pacific (Singapore) and Asia Pacific (Sydney)
Jul 25 Now evaluate AWS Config Rules on demand, trigger rules on both configuration changes and periodic frequency, delete evaluation results, and assess a broad set of resources
Jul 21 Now use AWS Config to record changes to RDS and ACM resources and write Config Rules to evaluate their state
Jul 07 AWS Config now supports Deletion of Configuration Recorder
Jun 14 AWS Config offers a new rule for assessing license compliance and a console in Simplified Chinese
May 26 AWS Config launches in AWS GovCloud (US)
May 13 AWS Config provides faster recording of tag changes, new managed rule and other usability improvements
Apr 06 AWS Config Rules now available in 4 new regions: US West (Oregon), EU (Ireland), EU (Frankfurt) and Asia Pacific (Tokyo)
Mar 31 AWS Config launches in Asia Pacific (Seoul)
Mar 08 Coming Soon: AWS Config will be available in AWS GovCloud (US) in the coming months
Mar 01 New AWS Config Rules Repository on GitHub with sample rules
Dec 18 AWS Config Rules - now broadly available to all customers Blog
Dec 10 Now record changes to IAM Users, Groups, Roles and Policies and write Config Rules to check their state
Dec 03 AWS CloudFormation Adds Support for AWS CodePipeline, AWS Config and more
Nov 23 Use AWS Config to track EC2 Instances on Dedicated Hosts and assess license compliance
Oct 14 AWS Config now integrated with Loggly to help analyze configuration changes
Oct 07 AWS Config Rules Preview Blog
Aug 27 Simplify Resource Discovery with Enhanced AWS Config Console
Jun 23 AWS Config: Record configuration changes for specific resources
Apr 06 AWS Config now integrated with Logstorage product in Japan
Apr 06 AWS Config is now available in all nine public regions Blog
Mar 27 AWS Config sends email friendly notifications about changes to your AWS resources.
Feb 10 AWS Config now available in US East (N.Virginia), US West (Oregon), EU (Ireland) and Asia Pacific (Sydney).
Feb 10 All API calls to AWS Config now available in AWS CloudTrail Blog
Nov 12 Introducing AWS Config