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Get started with Amazon Fraud Detector for free today. For the first two months after sign-up, you are offered:

Model training
Up to 50 compute hours for model training per month.

Model hosting
Up to 500 compute hours for model hosting per month.

Fraud predictions
Up to 30,000 real-time Online Fraud Insight predictions and 30,000 real-time rules-based fraud predictions per month.

Pricing at a glance

Model training

You are charged for the compute hours consumed to train a custom model with your data. A compute hour represents one hour of compute capacity using 8v CPUs and 32 GiB memory. Amazon Fraud Detector automatically chooses the most efficient instance types to train your data, which may be an instance that exceeds the baseline specifications in order to complete your job more quickly. Therefore, the number of compute hours billed may be greater than the number of elapsed training hours.

Model hosting

You are charged for compute capacity by the hour for on-demand hosting of your deployed models so they are available for real-time predictions.

Fraud predictions

You are charged per real-time fraud prediction by Amazon Fraud Detector. The price you are charged varies based on whether you are using machine learning or evaluate fraud using only rules. Your fraud predictions are aggregated for each month's usage and billed according to the pricing tiers.

Pricing details

Example 1: Real-time online fraud detection for an ecommerce merchant

Using Amazon Fraud Detector, an ecommerce merchant can protect themselves against high risk guest checkout orders and chargebacks. They train a single model twice per month, with each training consuming 10 compute hours to complete. Further, the customer deploys one of the models for the entire months and uses it to generate 1,000 real-time fraud predictions per day.

The bill for the month for using Amazon Amazon Fraud Detector will be:

Training charge = 10 compute hours x 2 trainings x $0.39 per compute hour = $7.80

Hosting charge = 30 days x 24 hours x 1 model x $0.06 per compute hour = $43.20

Fraud prediction charge (real-time) = 1,000 predictions / day x 30 days x $0.03 per Online Fraud Insights prediction = $900

Total cost = $7.80 + $43.20 + $900 = $951

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