Amazon Fraud Detector

Detect online fraud faster with machine learning

Up to 30,000 fraud predictions

per month free with the AWS Free Tier

Build, deploy, and manage fraud detection models without previous machine learning (ML) experience.

Gain insights from your historical data, plus 20+ years of Amazon experience, to construct an accurate, customized fraud detection model.

Start detecting fraud immediately, easily enhance models with customized business rules, and deploy results to generate critical predictions.

How it works

Amazon Fraud Detector is a fully managed service enabling customers to identify potentially fraudulent activities and catch more online fraud faster.

Use cases

Identify suspicious online payments

Reduce online payment fraud by flagging suspicious online payment transactions before processing payments and fulfilling orders.

Detect new account fraud

Accurately distinguish between legitimate and high-risk account registrations so you can selectively introduce additional checks—such as phone or email verification.

Prevent trial and loyalty program abuse

Spot accounts likely to abuse online services and set appropriate limits on the value of offers to minimize risk.

How to get started

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Get up to 30,000 Online Fraud Insights, Transaction Fraud Insights, and rules-based predictions per month free for two months.

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