Digital Transformation Leadership Strategies for your Business

In the dynamic landscape of modern enterprises, leaders must evolve by adapting to the ever-changing technological and cultural paradigms of the digital age. Success depends on visionary, adaptive, and socially conscious leaders who can navigate the complexities of the digital era while promoting inclusivity and sustainability. Growth-minded organizations must redefine leadership models, emphasizing collaboration, innovation, and ethical decision-making.

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A Leader’s Guide to Generative AI: Using History to Shape the Future
AWS enterprise strategists share lessons learned from past major technological shifts, how leaders can apply them to generative AI, and the differentiated approach that AWS is taking to democratize generative AI.
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2023 re:Invent Sessions

How Not to Sabotage your Transformation
Assess your competitiveness and get insight into how forward-thinking companies manage their workforce to deliver exceptional results.
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Reskilling at the Speed of Cloud: Turning Employees into Entrepreneurs
Learn about patterns and approaches that can help you create the time and momentum to reskill your entire organization so that you can capitalize on the potential of the cloud.
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Completing a Large-scale Migration and Modernization with AWS
This session focuses on valuable lessons learned from the thousands of enterprises who have migrated and modernized their on-premises workloads with AWS.
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How to Find and Realize Real-world Business Value in the Cloud
Learn where to find and realize true business value from the cloud and how to build a strong case for the entire organization.
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Strategies for Navigating Multicloud Decisions and Difficulties
Get unique insights and guidance for navigating multicloud decisions based on real-world applications and research.
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Making Dollars and Sense Out of FinOps
Discover key FinOps concepts and methodologies, along with real-world examples of how organizations can save money and still achieve growth.
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Shipping Securely: How Strong Security can be your Strategic Advantage
Learn how high-performing organizations develop the culture, mechanisms and structure that allow for rapid growth while still keeping security and compliance at the forefront.
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Succeeding in Economies of Speed: Rethinking your Levers
Unlock new perspectives on growing your business through transformation by rethinking possibilities.
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While the technology is sophisticated, deploying the technology is arguably the lesser challenge compared with, how do you mold and shape the organization to best take advantage of all the benefits that the cloud is providing."

- Adam Selipsky, CEO, AWS

Conversations with leaders

Conversations with Leaders
Generative AI, Upskilling, and Mental Health: Leading in Cybersecurity with Marc van Zadelhoff, CEO of Devo
In this episode, Tanuja Randery, AWS EMEA Managing Director, is joined by Marc van Zadelhoff, CEO of Devo, as they explore how Devo is leveraging data, generative AI, and technology to enhance security operations, address the digital skills gap, and build a high-performing global team.

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Conversations with Leaders
How Technology Leaders Can Prepare for Generative AI
The potential of generative AI for every industry is huge. From upskilling workforce to getting data foundations right, hear tips from AWS Enterprise Strategist Phil Le-Brun about how technology leaders can best prepare their organizations for what generative AI will bring.

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Conversations with Leaders
Leading Your Enterprise in an Economic Downturn
Hear from three seasoned AWS Executives who have successfully built and led technology teams as they share their strategies for navigating a cloud transformation journey in rough economic headwinds and beyond.

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Thought leadership

Developing digital skills: a cornerstone of modern business
Developing Digital Skills: a Cornerstone of Modern Business
Investing in digital skills is a business imperative, but why are many organizations still struggling to get this right?
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How to build an environment that nurtures tech talent
How to Build an Environment that Nurtures Tech Talent
Be they technical wizzes or not, employees will need to acquire digital competencies to thrive in their work. How can leaders support the upskilling of their staff?
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Elevating talent in the age of generative AI
Elevating Talent in the Age of Generative AI
Organizations across all industries face a common challenge: the digital skills gap. The dawn of generative AI has only increased the urgency to equip employees with skills for the future.
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