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Generative AI at AWS: Insights for Executives

In this special behind-the-scenes episode, join AWS VP of Technology Mai-Lan Tomsen Bukovec and Director of AI Product Marketing Susanne Seitinger as they dive deep into AWS’s history with AI/ML, inspiring customer use cases, answers to executive's frequently asked questions, and more information about what makes our generative AI stack enterprise-ready by design.

AWS Conversations with Leaders video episodes

Watch video versions of some of our most popular leadership podcasts, where industry experts and AWS leaders share their digital transformation insights, innovation strategies, and more. Hear actionable perspectives, best practices, and the latest thought leadership relevant to executive decision-makers. Get a wide selection of business leadership podcasts for CEOs, CFOs, CTOs, and other leaders.

The State of Generative AI

Generative AI has a potential $2.6 to $4.4 trillion economic impact, but how do leaders unlock it? Join Tom Godden, Director, AWS Enterprise Strategy, and Aamer Baig, Senior Partner at McKinsey and Co., as they discuss the current state of generative AI, and where it can take us in the future.

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How Iridium Navigates Global Leadership Challenges

Join Manjula Sriram, Chief Information Officer at Iridium, in conversation with Tom Soderstrom, Enterprise Strategist at AWS, about embracing mistakes, fostering experimentation, and the evolving landscape of technology in the space industry, including AI and IoT.

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Generative AI is the Answer: What Was the Question?

Generative AI is not just a buzzword, but a game-changing technology on par with historical innovations like the printing press and electricity. Join AWS Enterprise Strategists Tom Godden, Phil Le-Brun, and Miriam McLemore, as they discuss how to harness the power of generative AI for value-driven outcomes.

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From Analog to Digital: Elevating Emotional Well-being with Cloud Innovation

How do you scale your business from an in-person analog model to potentially impacting millions of lives? Hear from Matt Kaplan, CEO, and Eric Rice, Chief Creative Officer of The PeaceLove Foundation, as they share how they made the leap to digital products in service of their mission to improve mental wellbeing through creativity and storytelling.

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Podcasts for cloud technology executives

The AWS Executive Insights Podcast features discussions with executive leaders who are transforming their teams and their organizations. Hosted by AWS Enterprise Strategists, the series explores topics such as leadership, culture, and managing change.

  • Podcasts for CEOs: Listen to your peers as they discuss their experiences managing their organizations through constant change. Get actionable insights and thought-provoking strategies to lead your business in innovation.
  • Podcasts for CFOs: Discover essential strategies with our podcast episodes tailored for CFOs. Hear first-hand from other CFOs on the critical part that you play in leading organizational change.
  • Podcasts for CTOs: Listen to topics like digital transformation, technology, and organizational culture on our podcast episodes featuring fellow CTOs.
  • Podcasts for CSOs: Get insights on today’s cloud technology and security considerations with AWS.

The Executive Insights library includes resources on talent identification and retention so you can cultivate the skill sets your organization needs to be a modern cloud-forward business. Find additional resources among our ebooks for executives.

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