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Driving growth through digital transformation

AWS C-Suite: Cloud-Enabled Growth Report

How organizations can begin their own transformation

AWS conducted a comprehensive study of 1,500 executives in 15 markets, 10 industries, and 14 C-level roles. A common thread that emerged was that these leaders believe their organization’s success depends upon digital transformation. The study explores how organizations can break the inertia to begin their own transformation. 

Leaders play a crucial role in business transformation

Digital transformation isn’t just about implementing new technology, it’s about using technology to drive growth. Leaders who envision reinvention for their business begin by taking steps to invest in their strategy, process, people, and culture. 

Executives share how they drive growth in their organizations with cloud.

Driving Transformation and Customer Trust


A conversation with Julia Houston, Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer at Equifax

Rapidly Scaling Business Transformation

Reynolds Consumer Products

A conversation with Rita Fisher, CIO and EVP of Supply Chain at Reynolds Consumer Products

Positive Cloud Transformation

IHS Markit

A conversation with Frank Tarsillo, SVP and Chief Architect at IHS Markit

Agility to improve customer experience

Meliá Hotels International

A conversation with Christian Palomino, Global IT Vice President at Meliá Hotels International


98% of executives view the cloud as essential to digital transformation."

Implementing change

A sweeping survey of more than 500 leaders at companies in nearly every industry and size category by Chief Executive Group and AWS reveals a sizable shortfall in the organizational behaviors needed to drive business growth in the digital age—as well as huge opportunities to learn and leapfrog the competition. 

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Accelerating innovation

In eight short years (between 2010 and 2018) a total of 151 companies disappeared from the Fortune 500—more turnover than in the previous 50 years combined. Why? Because technology redefined the potential for customer experience, and only a small number of companies redefined their approach to customers. Understanding how to digitally disrupt business models is perhaps the easiest part of the journey. Being ready and able to disrupt is quite another matter. The patterns of readiness, however, are beginning to look familiar. They combine operational speed, distributed capacity, and smart cloud strategy.

Day 1 Culture

How Amazon defines and operationalizes a day 1 culture

Article | 5 min read

Amazon's "Day 1" mentality is a culture and an operating model that puts customers at the center of everything Amazon does. Putting "Day 1" into practice relies on maintaining a long-term focus, obsessing over customers, and bold innovation.

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Glass hourglass with glowing sand

Cloud for CEOs: Measuring innovation with one metric

Article | 3 min read

Digitally transforming an enterprise requires connecting with customers, understanding their needs, and responding faster than ever. The most successful organizations of today are disrupting their competitors and entering new markets by innovating more quickly and efficiently. 

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Cloud the secret sauce

Cloud: The secret sauce for growth, differentiation, and productivity

Article | 2 min read

As the role and influence of cloud technologies expand, we are entering a new wave of change where cloud adoption is having a greater business impact, and transforming how people live and work. 

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Cloud strategy: Scaling adoption

Scaling cloud adoption

What’s next for your organization once you’re operating in the cloud? How do you maximize the benefits of the cloud and what does that mean for your business.

The very nature of growth and operating a business at scale breeds additional complexity, and with it, a natural tendency to slow down. It is critical for the business to adapt quickly to rapidly changing external environments and to the ever-evolving needs of their customers.

Charles Chu Managing Director, Digital Native Business Segment, AWS

Charles Chu
Managing Director, Digital Native Business Segment, AWS

You’re On the Cloud, But Are You Really Leveraging the Cloud?

How does the cloud help speed innovation? What’s the difference between being on the cloud and leveraging the cloud? Is it possible to lower development costs and decrease time to market? To answer these questions, it’s helpful to turn to digital native businesses (DNBs) as a reference. 


Mark Schwartz
AWS Enterprise Strategist

I’m a Mature Cloud Adopter. Now What?

Many enterprises have already become proficient with the cloud. They’ve migrated a substantial portion of their workloads, learned the necessary cloud skills, established an aggressive security posture, and developed at least an initial workable operating model. What’s next? Here are some suggestions.


Conversations with Leaders Podcast

Listen to executive leaders and AWS Enterprise Strategists, all former C-Suite, discuss their digital transformation journeys.

 Leading Motivating, and Communicating
With Scott Reese, SVP, Manufacturing, Cloud & Production Product, Autodesk
 Rapidly Scaling Business Transformation
With Rita Fisher, CIO & EVP of Supply Chain, Reynolds Consumer Products 
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Using the Cloud to Become a Security Leader
Using the Cloud to Become a Security Leader

A conversation with Mark Begor, Chief Executive Officer at Equifax

CFOs Leading Transformation

A conversation with Louise Higgins, Chief Financial Officer for Technology at ANZ Bank

The power of partnership
The Power of Partnership

A conversation with Brandon Pulsipher, Vice President of Cloud Operations at Adobe

Executives as Pilots

by Gregor Hohpe, AWS Enterprise Strategist


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Business Value of Cloud

Business Value of Cloud

The AWS Cloud Value Framework was developed to help organizations quantify the business value of moving to the cloud. 

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Conversation with Leaders Podcast

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Listen to executive leaders and AWS Enterprise Strategists, all former C-Suite, discuss their digital transformation journeys.

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