Leaders of successful security organizations recognize that security leadership is a collective pursuit. Here, CISOs offer their approaches to establishing a culture of security within their organizations, and how they're positioning security as an enabler to the business.

Video | AWS Security Leaders Reframing Security as a Strategic Advantage
While some may see security as a stumbling block to digital transformation, Merritt Baer sees it as a business enabler. As a Principal in the AWS Office of the CISO, Merritt knows security isn’t just about how an organization secures itself, but also how it delivers secure products and services for customers.
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Traits of Highly Successful Security Organizations
Traits of Highly Successful Security Organizations
Some companies can improve their risk posture more efficiently than others
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Security and Compliance Quick Reference Guide
Quick Reference Guide
Security and Compliance Quick Reference Guide
Strategies for maintaining robust security and regulatory compliance
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Creating a Culture of Security
Creating a Culture of Security
Norms and practices can help establish awareness of risks
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AWS security leaders

Raising the Bar for Security at AWS and Beyond
Eric Brandwine, Vice President and Distinguished Engineer at AWS discuss building a culture of security within an organization and how his team integrates across the entire company to establish and implement operating standards to ensure that security is paramount to the customer experience.
Scaling Compliance and Security Assurance at AWS
Hear from Chad Woolf, VP of AWS Security, on how AWS partners with customers to provide truly scalable and unique solutions that meet the regulatory requirements across virtually every industry, geography and business model.
Extending Security Ownership Across Your Organization
Extending security ownership beyond the security department has many benefits. Here at AWS every employee is empowered and expected to report potential security issues. Learn more from Megan O'Neil, Principal Solutions Architect specializing in security, identity, and compliance.
Developing and Measuring a Modern Security Operations
AWS enterprise strategist Clarke Rodgers spoke to Hart Rossman about how organizations can find and develop talent to help them achieve their security objectives, including modernizing and measuring security operations in a way that matters to customers.

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