Mark Schwartz, AWS Enterprise Strategist

Mark Schwartz

AWS Enterprise Strategist

Mark Schwartz, AWS Enterprise Strategist
Former roles

CIO, US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS)
CIO, Intrax Cultural Exchange
CEO, Auctiva Corporation
Board Member, DigitalTown


MBA, Wharton
BS, Computer Science, Yale
MA, Philosophy, Yale


CIO Magazine CIO 100 award
Computerworld Premier 100 award
Computerworld Elite 100 award
Federal Computer Week Fed 100 award
Leadership in Technology Innovation award 


Overcoming the Business-IT divide
Understanding and delivering business value
Dealing with bureaucracy
Business risk and information security
Using DevOps and the cloud to transform organizations
Public sector, private sector, and nonprofits


Maintain a game-changing vision but move towards it in small increments."

Mark is a sought-after technology leader, prolific writer, and frequent speaker. He has held C-suite positions at several organizations, large and small, where over time he earned a reputation for challenging the status quo in business, processes, and technology. Mark is an outspoken advocate for Agile, Lean, and DevOps methodologies, and espouses a continuous improvement philosophy. Today he uses his powers for good by collaborating with enterprise leaders to create innovative, cloud-based strategies, and his experience is both wide-ranging and well-demonstrated. While the CIO of US Citizenship and Immigration Services, he brought Agile and DevOps practices to the federal government. As the CIO of Intrax Cultural Exchange, he was the first to use business intelligence and supply chain analytics to place au pairs with host families. As an Enterprise Strategist for AWS, Mark is on a never-ending quest to articulate and substantiate the critical role that cloud plays in today’s enterprises.

If we were compelled to choose a few words to describe Mark as an enterprise technology leader, you might hear such descriptors as “change agent,” “disruptor,” and “bar-raiser.” For Mark, change isn’t something to be managed—it needs to be continuously embraced and adopted. Curiosity must prevail in the face of a “we’ve-always-done-it-this-way” attitude. And change is always possible in his mind. Even when things feel the most constrained – in the face of deadening bureaucracy, organizational politics, rigid processes, communication vacuums – Mark has the hammer to smash his way through.

It’s not really a hammer, of course, but Mark’s voice, pen, and experience as a leader in several organizations over the years gets the job done. Like that time when he was a new CIO of US Citizenship and Immigration Services and boldly questioned the musty technology practices of the federal government (ask him about the infamous document known as the “MD102,” but proceed with caution).

Through his influential blog, chockfull of biz-tech wisdom, or his on-stage appearances (where he shines at anecdotal storytelling and often brings tired convention-goers to giggles), Mark’s passion for evangelizing the business value of IT and cloud is clear.


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The Delicate Art of Bureaucracy
The Delicate Art of Bureaucracy
Reveals a new (empowering) model for the often soul-shattering, frustrating, Kafkaesque nightmare we call bureaucracy.
War and Peace and IT
War and Peace and IT
Find out why and how executives and business leaders must create a shared strategy with their IT organizations to drive innovation, enhance their competitive positioning, increase revenue, and delight customers
A Seat at the Table
A Seat at the Table
Examines the role of IT leadership as it is now and as it should be―an integral part of the value creation engine.

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