2022 AWS C-Suite Report:

Cloud-Enabled Growth

The C-Suite insights in this report come from a comprehensive Amazon Web Services 2021 study of 1,500 executives in 15 markets across 10 industries, and 14 C-level roles, and AWS work with executive customers. It explores the common thread to their success and how organizations can break the inertia to begin their own digital transformation.

In this 2022 AWS Executive Insights report

  • The results of a 2021 survey on cloud and digital transformation distributed to over 1,500 C-level executives who were not in technical roles and who oversee business decisions at their organizations.
  • How non-technical business executives (i.e. CEO, CFO, board) intend to make use of cloud to enable their growth.
  • Insights on how executives across industries and geographies perceive digital transformation as an overall business objective.
  • Key steps — such as building mental models and alignment strategies — companies can take to make progress on digital transformation, based on our internal experience and client engagements.
2022 AWS C-suite report
2022 AWS C-Suite report
Download the 2022 AWS C-Suite report to learn more about using cloud to drive growth through digital transformation suited to your organization.

Why are business leaders looking to take on digital transformation?

Because digital transformation isn’t just about implementing new technology, it is about using technology to drive growth. Leaders who envision reinvention for their business begin taking steps to invest in their strategy, process, people, and culture. These changes are not about scope size, but instead, impact. By making incremental changes, leaders begin to lay the foundation for transformation. As we’ll find in this report, it is the shared vision between the CIO or CTO and their C-Suite counterparts that can provide the cornerstone for long-term success.

A cloud and digital transformation paradox: the desire to grow, yet reluctance to change

While growth is a top priority, when asked what factors sparked their company’s start in using the cloud through the cloud, almost two-thirds of C-Suite leaders revealed a high level of resistance to change. Many said action came because of disruptive developments, such as the pandemic or M&A. Why the inertia?

Although executives understand the importance of cloud as an enabler of change such as digital transformation, the barriers cited are numerous: Legacy systems, operating under heavy regulatory scrutiny, change-resistant culture, lack of strategic digital expertise and talent, and unfamiliarity with the potential of digital to deliver on business objectives to name a few. When faced with one or more of these hurdles, a lot of organizations become stuck.

These barriers affect companies and organizations of all size, industry and geography. And we understand that overcoming these barriers is no small task. Working with our customers we also know these hurdles are surmountable. Leaders who’ve taken steps toward cloud- enabled change have equipped their companies to take on the challenges of today and the next 20 years.

Driving growth through digital transformation

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